Video : Samsung Reveals Galaxy S4 Design Philosophy

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Video : Samsung Reveals Galaxy S4 Design Philosophy

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The Galaxy S4. features heavily improved specs, a larger screen, the latest version of Android and a ton of new software features.

However, one area where the S4 disappoints is in the design department. Rather than showing off some brand new design or better build materials Samsung opted to reuse the Galaxy S III design with tons of plastic used.

Just like with the Galaxy S3 about a year ago, Samsung decided to release a Galaxy S4 design video, but this time around it posted it a lot closer to the handset’s launch. In it, you’ll hear Samsung designers talking about Galaxy S4 design lines, but also about some of the new software features part of Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface.

The Galaxy S4 is described as having “natural elements” at its heart, including the new reflective battery cover, said to resemble “precious stone glittering in the dark, or countless stars sparkling in the night sky.”

The design is “Not a radical difference, but more of an evolution” says product designer Hyoungshin Park in the first five seconds of the video.

JongBo Jung (another product designer) says that the Galaxy S4 is “Like nothing you’ve ever seen before”.

It’s a good primer for anyone thinking about buying the Galaxy S4 after it became available in India this week. Check out the video below, and tell us in the comments how you like it.

[youtube id=”cUiRThvCp8E” width=”100%” height=”300px”]


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Making an apple like video is such a cli ché. Quite contrary to the compaign there is nothing new in the design of the phone. No innovation in the phone at all!

Im a great follower of samsung technology & hardwares……But with the new S4 design they have really disappointed all its followers, who where expecting a revolutionary change from the creators of ‘Galaxy….What ever explanation you give doesnt mask the fact that you too took profit as the greater value over the customer….. Galaxy was such a huge hit because of the risk factor, samsung was ready to take know as – “something new” was always waiting inside…both hardware & software. Lets wait and see if they can win back the game because you missed the uniqueness…. The brilliantine job which… Read more »