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iGyaan Pick : Top Smart Phones For The Top Mobile OS platforms : UPDATED

We here at iGyaan are starting a new section, we call it iGyaan Pick. It works in a simple fashion.

We pick out what we think s the best, and we tell you. Simple, isn’t it?

We also hope these Top Guides , will be helpful in the never ending Shopping Season in India.

iGyaan Pick !

Android OS

While there might be tons of Phones available on the Android Platform. There are certainly underdogs and there are leaders. Because, today we are discussing leaders lets talk top notch.

Upcoming HTC Desire HD

There is no doubt, that when it comes to good quality and premium Windows and Android Devices, HTC takes the cake. The HD2 was the most sought after HTC device, while it was later hacked to run Android, it wasn’t built for it.

The Upcoming Desire HD is a marvel of technology, with pros and cons, as in with every device, the phone has a magnificent 4.3″ Multi touch Display.

A snappy processor excellent camera and upgradability to at least 3.0.



Current HTC Desire

Although, there are other phones in the market, The Galaxy S, the Nexus One. But the Desire still stands out, and with the release of the Desire HD Coming UP, this phone is bound to get cheaper.

The Desire currently offers 2.2 Froyo and will be upgradable to 2.3 at the least.

If you are currently in the market for an Android phone this is your best bet.

HTC sense outperforms Samsungs touch-wiz, also adds a whole bunch of new features like apps and widgets, Their new upgrade to HTC sense.com makes the phone highly user friendly, your data safe as your device. Specs are maked to the rim with good processor, ram , decent camera, and a brilliant screen.If you are lucky some vendors still have the Desires that came with the Amoled screens. The new ones sport only a S-LCD, ever since their fallout with Samsung.


Windows Phone 7

Next up we have Windows Phone 7, a relatively new platform. But, a promising one none the less. Since, Microsoft waited and watched both the iOS and the Android grow, they managed to capture the best of both worlds in this device. The clean looking interface with closed structure from the iOS, and the open source marketplace, and customizations from Android.

Currently there are only a few Windows phone devices available in the market, But, none are officially available in India. The HD7 , Samsung Focus, HTC surround, LG Optimus 7, But our Pick:

Dell Venue Pro

Not to be mistaken as dell phones which are usually launched in China, their popularity also dies in China.

The Venue pro sports a 4.1-inch WVGA AMOLED capacitive, multitouch display, a 1GHz processor, 5MP, Auto-focus camera with HD movie recording.G-sensor, e-compass, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, FM radio, GPS, micro USB I/O. Not the mention the fact that it has a brilliant slide out full qwerty keyboard, which slides out the bottom of this megaton of a phone.


Blackberry OS 6

Blackberry Bold 9780

While we have yet to fully release the review of the 9780, The device is a flagship for the Blackberry Devices. Not including the Blackberry Torch (BB OS still lacks the lime, for a touchscreen experience).  The device is a quick performer, with the latest OS onboard the device has mammoth specs considering BB were never ones to pump up hardware on their super secure devices.

A refreshed version of the existing Bold, with a better camera, more RAM and most importantly, BlackBerry OS 6, so you’ll be able to run all of the new apps coming out written for it. This Device screams BUY ME ! , for all those looking for a BB go for the BOLD 3 – BB 9780.

P.S. : If you want just OS 6 the 9700 can be updated to OS 6.



iOS 4.2  (Apple’s Mammoth Invention)

iPhone 4

Well not like we have many options in this OS, the most closed, yet the best OS in the market for simple sense of Usability, the iPhone 4 is the best device currently available for the OS. Not officially available in India, But, all those who wanted to buy it have bought it or have one coming. The most luxurious mix of materials for a device of the value. Possibly the best in range resolution and a mix of the top spec-sheet to be found on devices today. The iPhone 4 like its predecessors was and will remain an eye-candy till Mr. Jobs drops the iPhone 5 next year. Most men just buy it, so that, every girl will ask them “is that the iPhone 4?”. Most women buy it because “its so sexy”. 1 GHZ A4, Ram, Camera, Facetime, iOS4.2 Enough said.

Want an alternative device get the iPod touch which is about the same as the iPhone 4 (sans the phone ).

Palm OS


The Palm Pre never made it to India. But, ever since HP took over the Company (Palm), You can most definitely expect the device – IND-side in the coming months. The device is a beast in terms of multitasking and we believe that it was the first OS to understand the need of fast switching in multitasking. The most powerful device in terms of a smartphone, it is truly underrated. Web-OS as a platform will begin to excel and make its appearance, As HP plans to put this in every device they can build, from Tablets, printers to Home controllers. The Pre 2 has a 1GHZ processor (which like its little brother can be over clocked to run at upto 1.6GHZ, Thats just WOW).

Other Specs Include 3.1-inch multitouch screen with a vibrant 24-bit color, 320×480 resolution, 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, extended depth of field, geotagging, and video capture. Slide out Qwerty , Wifi, Bluetooth and Wifi Tethering.


Nokia N8

While a lot many people will argue that Nokia had/ has other phone devices which are far more popular than the N8 (the E-series devices). It is the iGyaan Pick for the top device in Symbian OS. Symbian has come a long way from when it was started. Nokia’s N8 is just the device to prove that. To rattle competition Nokia has packed this device with impressive hardware, A Capacitive OLED 640 x 360 px multitouch Screen , a 12 mp massive shooter and xenon flash. Just enough juice to get this baby on every Nokia/ Symbian lovers hand.

With exceptional Image and Video Quality, and an impressively vibrant display, The N8 is a MultiMedia powerhouse in your pocket. It also reads and writes data to external Hard Drives and USB thumb sticks. (USB media tethering) and has a front facing camera.

This is the First device to run Symbian 3.0, but, it isn’t hugely different than what we saw on the N97. With 3 home screens, it just is more lively and full of apps and widgets, bringing you the latest news and info to your hands. Comes in a range of eye candy colors, and with the Ovi Store growing, Symbian may actually catch up to the App systems operating systems (read Android, iOS). But, a UI refresh is not only required, it will be welcomed by all Nokia enthusiasts.

This device may be replaced in our lists soon with the upcoming E7.

Quick Run – Down

iG PICK SMART PHONE Operating System
iPhone 4 iOS 4.2

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M Alamdar9
M Alamdar9

SYMBIAN belly or anna ..for nokia 5230?


voice clarity microphone problem u faced is it cleared?? i like u r review very much sir


hello sir i am ravi i want to purchase a basic android mobile my choices is micro max a60 vs spice mi310 QUAD BAND,talktime (2.5 hours} i am worrying abt dis issues please clarify abt them please as soon as possible


Sir i have an idea of purchasing Samsung Galaxy3. I want to confirm the battery life of Galaxy 3 is good or 551 is good.Please provide the pratical talk time and standby time of these phones.


Dear Sir, I want to purcahse a anroid phone. and i select dell xcd28 and galaxy 5 and galaxy 551. please give me the avdvice which is best.


i want to buy smartphone my budget is up to 13,000. plz suggest me best phone.


Hi ! sir please help to find out the best and cheap price phone... i m looking 2 phone, 1 is samsung galaxy 3 and samsung galaxy 5... so plz u help me which phone is better.. coz samsung galaxy 3 has 3.2 megapixel camra and 3.2" screen ... but allfeature are same as samsung galaxy 5.. so u please suggest me is which phone is better... my one important question is is which phone support video calling and which phone support skype video calling or normal calling. does this phone support multitasking ???? thanks ashwani kumar


My list would have been similar. However, I would have opted for the SGS over the Desire. Bharat, the Desire has an AMOLED screen and not SAMOLED. Like you mentioned, the newer ones have SLCDs because of the shortage in SAMOLED supplies. What stands out for the SGS is the SAMOLED screen over the AMOLED/ SLCD on the Desire. Also, the 1Ghz Hummingbird processor on the Samsung is more capable than the 1Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon on the Desire. The GPU performance goes in favour of the SGS too. Coming to the UI, we all know how well Android can be customized!

Nitesh Badave
Nitesh Badave

galaxy 551 is better.. comes with QWERTY +touch and android 2.2 loaded.. :)


@ashwnai, please note that as of now so called great android os doesnt support video calling natively. you need to have fring to do that, but most android phones dont have front cam. Samsung 3 and 5 both dont have front cam. But you want Android go for LG Optimus One. Else go for Nokia, X6, C-5 , C6-00 all have front cams. and are smartphones.

Bharat Nagpal
Bharat Nagpal

Thanks for the brilliant input Vaibhav, will fix the SAmoled Bit. Although for us Build quality is also a key factor in deciding best out of the lot, and frankly the Samsung Galaxy S is just poorly designed with use of plastics and the general design an feel of the phone , does not put it in the class. Also the brilliant thing about the Snapdragon is Overclock Jelly. 1.4GHZ anyone? :D


Just cant understand how you forgot to mention smartphones with OS which has biggest market share and you are talking about palm. are you kidding? no one knows palm in india. please get your facts right, dont copy amrikan blogs.