UPDATED : How To Install 2.2 Froyo on your Samsung Galaxy 5 I5500 /i5503

Today we are going to show you how to Install FROYO 2.2 on your SAMSUNG GALAXY 5 mobile PHONE.

What you will NEED!

1. A Samsung Galaxy 5 (DUH!).

2. The 2.2 Firmware i5500( click here to download password =

2.2 for i5503 is now available (click here to download pass =

UPDATE : WE HAVE REPORTS that the i5503 is not working properly with the above rom. So try it at your own discretion.

3. ODIN downloader (click here to  download).

4. OPS files (click here to download).

5. A windows PC + samsung data cable.

Important NOTES:

If you get errors after upgrade : i.e. error: phone application has stopped working or get constant crashes,do the following:

To fix phone not working, initiate restore phone to factory settings command from Settings – Privacy


  • ASIA : I5508ZCJH2  : ANDROID 2.1 : DOWNLOAD (pass:
  • Europe:I5500XWJK3 :ANDROID 2.1:DOWNLOAD (pass:
  • USA :I5500LUYJI1:ANDROID 2.1:DOWNLOAD (pass:


Make sure your device is fully charged!

BE sure to backup all your data!

You are doing this at your own risk, Although, This will NOT void your warranty!

Your phone does not need to be rooted to get this working.





Download all the files above, and make sure you have the latest version of KIES software installed.


Extract the RAR to get a .tar file.


Open ODIN Downloader.

MAKE SURE you select One Package, Auto Reboot and Protect Ops checkboxes.

Select the Ops file (the file we downloaded earlier).

And finally select the tar package we extracted from the RAR earlier.



Backup you phone and data with the KIES software (after you are done exit KIES)

Turn OFF the Galaxy 5 and remove the Battery

Reinsert The Battery and Press the following buttons together


Hold the buttons together till you see the downloading screen

Step 5

Now Connect your Phone with your PC using the ORIGINAL DATA cable and wait for windows to finish installing the hardware

Once you get a prompt – “the device is ready to use”

Fire up ODIN DOWNLOADER (make sure the settings are same as before) Your phone will now show up connected in Com Port

STEP 6 (Final Step)

CLICK START and wait for process to finish, once done your device will automatically reboot and will have Android 2.2 running on it.


Few features that are in the 2.2 update -

A very colorful menu interface

The ability to Install apps to the SD CARD

And the ability to play FLASH content Natively (websites, online videos etc.)

Apart from general Performance boost in processor, better battery and ram management.

We will have a full video showcasing the few updated features soon.

Thanks to the members of the iGyaan Forums for linking us to the information.


  • DavidBrown8

    the files no longer exist its taking me to ilivid video download.

  • naveen

    hi all,
    iam using galaxy I5503,after upgrading android 2.2 it will shows the message for every 10 second   “sorry ! the process phone has stopped unexpectedly.please try again.”

    factoy reset is also not working…plz give me the solution..


  • Guest

    waste of time. he not even mentioned which file to be specified

  • PRO aayush

    i have updated my galaxy about a month ago now its cameras not working showing camera failed plz tell wat to do …………

  • supreet singh

     hey when i put my samsung galaxy 5 i5503 in downloading mode odin do not show that device is ready to use how to solve it out pls reply me

  • derick

    how to extract the file

  • SBMT

    Thank you so much you’re amazing :) 

  • Nitish102

    I cant touch the screen is there any thing i can do

    • supreet

      use 15500 update

  • Faizalbhakti

    please help me my touch screen it doesn’t work after i install it

  • Faizalbhakti

    my phone does’nt work

  • Thomasforall23

    thankkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the best!!!!!!!!!!sorry for not telling you how much y apreciated your time for this post

  • Pilankaraditya605

    how much time it takes

  • Felix Bartelt

    Where in Odin do I select the .tar file? 

  • Ilovish

    Can u tell the update for optimus one? ??

  • Karthik

    i updated my samsung gt-i5503 to 2.2 using it works great …no problem at all..
    i did tat usin asian firmare I5503DXJP8 ##…works great guys try this……….

    • Makhdum

      pls give me the link for i5503

  • Andresl983

    Thank you, everything works!!

  • Shakeel

    I have a Samsung 5503 and upgraded using the method above. ODIN showed the below but the phone did not reboot. After removing battery, and starting up, it just stays at the Samsung screen and won’t boot up. Help please..

    Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    setup connection…
    odin mode.. check plcatform verification.
    VerifyPlatform:V0, P0,R0
    set download environment.
    big partition size!!
    big partition size!!
    big partition size!!
    amss download..
    1/4 Finished.
    boot.img download..
    2/4 Finished.
    recovery.img download..
    3/4 Finished.
    system.rfs download..
    4/4 Finished.
    reset pda..
    Started Timer
    Close serial port and wait until rebooting.
    Destroy instant..
    Killed timer

  • uday

    hey i upgraded ma g5 for 2.2 nd i cant access inernet pls hlp me :(

    • thompsonk

      Same here, only can access the internet threw wifi, nothing else

  • Nipun_gothwal

    please please please post a video for this process………………… please please…………  i will be glad if you do so…..please………

  • Amitappu321

    whats the password for extract of rar lile for the update of froyo in galaxy 5 15503

  • Dev_s222

    i have downloaded all required files pls give me the passwords for extracting the both files send me the passwords as soon as possible.

  • Sajad Ali

    Can you please do it for Xperia X10 mini pro…???

  • Prasham Trivedi

    To both…. ask your service provider for settings… and then restart the phone if needed….

  • Prasham Trivedi

    Don’t worry about regions… take care of versions, and avoid 5508 if you have 5500 or 5503… I am living in India and I upgraded with a europian firmware… and it’s almost working fine…

  • Halkiopoulos

    Could you please tell me how can i uninstall Froyo from my phone?

  • Halkiopoulos

    unfortunately during starting ODIN MULTI DOWNLOAD does not recognize phone unit.
    Any suggestions?

  • Ezrha12

    touchscreen not working with (2.2 for i5503). even after data wiping my galaxy 5. just use the The 2.2 Firmware i5500.

  • Shri_ruc_20287

    how much long i need to wait after downloading screen????

    • Bharat Nagpal

      not more than a couple of seconds

      • Jokerjoker875

        guys its been about an hour onon the downloading screen wat should i do??

  • Karanu93

    GUYS!! I WAS experiencing the same TOUCHSCREEN NOT  WORKING PROBLEM..  i restored to the stock original eclair version FROM THIS LINK, HERE.. THE ABOVE 2.1 ECLAIR IS BUGGY, EVEN FCKIN 2.2 IS BUGGY.. FLASH IT BY SAME METHOD AND SOFTWARE.. the diff. is that DON’T SELECT “ONE PACKAGE” in this file and just ASSIGN the extracted FILES TO CORRESPONDING TABS.. SIMPLE!!

    • Prabhu Marappan

      hi thanks for the Official G5 I5503 ROM i have looking for it … and whats the version and all … pls reply 

    • Nitish102

      Can u pls tell in detail 

  • Karanu93


  • Bharath

    hey anyone pls help i finished the process of installing froyo on my galaxy5 but after it rebooted it showed an error saying is not running and it always vibrates pls help me wat to do now

    • Muthu

      Try to hard Reset your phone. Google search it.

  • dhruv shah

    my touch screen is not working please help me

  • dhruv shah

    my touch screen is not working please help me

    • Muthusoundar2008

      Try another Rom. It is available in this website itself.

      • Karanu93


  • dan


  • Awan

    cool !!! but I need help with the language. is there any firmware that has Indonesian language? sorry my english language is very bad.

  • Mark

    Thanks a lot…It really works…

  • Muthu

     everything is working fine except 3G. please help me

  • Hareeshkp06

    after installin to froyo my battery life is too bad its hardly stayin for a day..even if i dont use the phne der any solution for this…

  • Arjun921

    thanks a trillion it just worked!!!!!

  • Ahabadong

    odin would not detect my phone

    but my kies software does

    is it because of the data cable

    the one im using is not the original

    anyone with the same problem

    • Prasham Trivedi

      kies and odin uses same port to work with device… and Kies gets priority, shutdown kies…  not only exit, but end process from task manager.. and then re-open odin.. you can see the phone is detected in odin.

  • David6111

    i dont knw y you all r still stuck with froyo pls try the gingerbread cyanogen ported rom by MAD….

    i’m currently using 2.3.4 gingerbread on my galaxy5,,, do visit the link and enjoy tasty gingerbread !!!

    Freedom from froyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ajesh

    can anyone tell me how to rollback to 2.1 eclair

    • David6111

      @yahoo-F3QI2RZJI64GXAFZ5NGSHG3DW4:disqus relax download any of the the 2.1 files frm the above links simple extract the files frm the downloaded folder open odin and follow the same procedure as u used for 2.2 ……..

  • Ajesh

    my galaxy 5 hangs a lot after the update, can anyone suggest me a solution

  • dharmesh

    All you dumb ass out there,
    never do thing which you don’t know or are not sure about!
    Now people who converted their phone from eclair to froyo r suffering!

    I am happy with my eclair,
    dnt wana convert till its officially available!

  • FeLIx_LIx

    I have upgrade my gt5500L…it works!!!!greats!!! but I have still have a problems for play flash videos and I can’t download flashplayer…who can answer this???

  • ParmeetB

    Can I have this update on my dell xcd28 ?

  • Navneet

    i m using galaxy 5 (i5503) and reading the below comments i dont feel like updating my phone myself to 2.2 froyo. So do You have any idea that the when will be the official update for 2.2 froyo available……..plz reply as soon as possible………………thnx…………..,.

    • Prasham Trivedi

      Are you living in India? If yes than forget it… I am constantly e-mailing Samsung… at least for four month started almost six months after Romanian update and 5508 (resistive screen version of Europa) is about to roll out in china…. but till date they have same reply: We don’t know about update or something… tonight I am updating with UK version… let whatever happen…

  • AzzaR4

    Hi =)
    i updated to froyo a little while back and ive only just noticed that when i download music my galaxy 5 is putting it on mu sd card but the music player isnt reading or playing the music, could you help me please…thanks very much

    • Manaf 666

      format the sd card, then use it 

  • Hemant Prajapat

    Sir , I installed it successfully but i want to add hindi language for messages…
    bcz i m from INDIA….
    Any solution or any other compatible .tar file for galaxy 5…..

    Another problem in my phone is when I use Task Manager and boost ram with level2 it will occur some other applications as background and when i exit from tsk mngr, it will appears
    these applications are opened 2 or 3….

    Plz give right step to solve the problem…

  • Lmy01

    same thing happened to me. touch screen not working idk why ?

  • Kartikeyasharma97

    my touch screen is not working

    • David_117

      if u used the i5508 rom the touch wont work,,,,switch off ur phone and flash it again this time using 2.2 for i5500,,,,everything should b ok…. however if ur interested in cool custom rom’s visit i prefer their custom rom coz it improves overall performance and looks brilliant

  • Advin

    the touch screen is not working,someone help me

  • Advin

    whats EFS for

  • Ganeshanimated

    i updated ny galxy 5 !!after tht the mobile jus blinks :(:( its not working!!>>>!

  • Jatin Rajyaguru

    Try, motafoca 2.0.8
    All my friends please upgrade your phone with motafoca

    I also try in my i5503 and working great

    If any question contact me

  • B Gann21

    i dont get what u do with the tar file plz help

  • Vridealong

    For people like me who had problem with GPRS/Packet data with 1st firmware, you can download latest Europe 2.2 firmware of Jan 2011 from
    I5500XWJP9 ##

    I tried it and phone works fine with Packet data now. No data was lost if I backed up the addressbook to my SD card. Make sure you remove Sim and SD card before you start the upgrade. And also since there are 4 packages in the above tar, the one package option is not needed. Follow the procedure on above page.

  • Sayan Daw

    The Flash File does not work for Samsung GT-5503I Phone 2.1 Andriod and the touch screen stops working … Naaaahhiiiiii

    But the Flash at works and got me the new 2.2 on the phone Yippeee

    Use the I5500LUYJP2 Android 2.2 – Froyo (USA) and the same steps .. and u r done .. works like a charm …

  • tarlok

    how can i install 2.2 update for samsung spica i5700 and will i b able 2 use all the features.or any known issues???.. thx in advance

  • Bsnl Ritesh

    After installing battery backup of my Samsung Galaxy 5503 reduced

  • Alexp63

    dont work

  • Steven

    Got to the connect with your PC using the ORIGINAL DATA cable bit.
    but never get to the “the device is ready to use” part
    Is there some step I’m missing

  • Aakash

    my galaxy 5 doesnt work after doing this.
    i tried factory reset still it doesn’t work
    i cant receive calls
    phone hangs again and again.Serious problems

    • Bharat Nagpal

      just remove the sim card and restore to factory settings

  • Jet

    ok, ive been using 2.2 for more than a week now. i upgraded few days after i got the phone.
    Everything works great but my phone often crash when multitasking.

    For example, if im listening to music and get a call it jams up and i cant answer it, or i answer it but cant stop he call and the phone jams up and reboots after half a minute or so. sometimes, im just scrolling to find my contacts while listening to music and it crashes. The worst is when im not doing anything and it reboots.

    Do i need to go back to 2.1? or something i can do.

    Ive already gotten avg and rearranged my files and folders.


    • Manjunath426jc

      have u done hard reset to your phone?
      If not do that first (back up your contacts and other things)

      • vlad

        hi man can u please give me a hand or some sort of link on how to hard reset my samsung europa i5500 please ….i cant find it anywhere …thanks

  • Ab_dagia

    What do you do when u open the ODIN Downloader

  • bharat

    i hve updated with 2.2 froyo it worked but only problem is i cant view my msgs plsss help..

  • bharat


  • Sam 0000

    i need to switch back to 2.1 how it is not the same as switching to froyo plz help ?????

  • Sam 0000

    how do you switch back to 2.1?

  • refanj™

    I have download this one FW I5508ZCKP2, is it okay to use Europa OPS file?? Coz I can’t find the asia OPS files.

  • Yask123

    There are other updated firmwares available for galaxy 5 at we update from those firmware or still use the one given in this website?

  • Varad

    whenever i connect my device an installation wizard occurs what should i do

  • sam

    And finally select the tar package we extracted from the RAR earlier.

    Where do i place this in odin?

    • Bharat Nagpal

      on the bottom right

      there is box for single file package select that

  • Varungoel2007

    hey friends who are facing app lost after moving on sd card on froyo i have solution simply follow this steps and you dont need to install any app. go to settings then application then manage application then go go running tab and search for tw launcher open this then press clear data button and now you can all your application has appeared without restart and without moving application on phone.

    • raym0nd03

      will try this! I am encountering this problem whenever i turn off the phone and turn it on a lot of my apps are missing. Will the apps get lost again even after doing this when I turn off the phone again? Or is it for good that once will work forever?

    • raym0nd03

      done this. my desktop rolled back to the default froyo set-up though applications in the menu appeared again. Does clearing TWlauncher basically reset the desktop or what?

    • Gourm3t

      Clear data also will help those who have problem with crashing Samsung keypad, vibrating when crashing and displaying annoying message with Force close button. It happened after upgrading from Eclair to Froyo.
      Open Settings-Applications-Managae applications. Now select All category. Find there Samsung keypad. Open it and boldly press the Clear data button.
      If that Force close button crash the whole menu, temporart change the Input method by long pressing at any text input field and selecting Input method to any other but the Samsung keypad.
      That’s all. Works like a charm! :)

  • Grenzenlos

    Tried and works on my asian gakaxy 5 problem us the battery life sucks so I just switched back to 2.1

    • Manjunath426jc

      hey wer did u download 2.1(eclair)?

    • Chintan Vithlani

      Grenzenlos : please tell me how did you switch back to 2.1?
      i need to do that tooo… thanks

  • Parkosans

    cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5.

    in download mode i stuck on this error on odin message, please somebody help me..

    • Jet_4eva

      try taking out the sim card

  • YS OLI

    Is it possible to return i5503 original 2.1 software? In future if official Froyo is available Is it possible to upgrade? after update 2.2 my Hindi Language has gone. only box are display pease hep me Bharat sir. can i return i5503 2.1 with hindi fonts?

    • Mail2ys Olee

      Returned to Old 2.1 Firmware. Because Hindi, Nepali fonts does not support on 2.2 also Gif format Images are not animated….. it is not for i5503 don’t update

  • Ankit Mavchi

    installed !
    2.2 for I5500 is the one which works for I5503.
    2,2 for I5503 stops working of touch screen as its only for capacitive touch screen.

    wifi/gprs works great.
    most applications were able to moved to SD card.

    Battery life seems to be improved and processing speed too.

    Only thing i couldn’t figure out is changing notification tones. I am stuck with only one tone which keeps only playing on other tone names too.

    I pasted many other tones in “notifications” folder on SD card (tired both MP# and M4A format) still I’ve got only that one notification tone.

    Anyone figured out solution for this ?

    i also tried restarting cell several times after installing new tones in the folder. It still didnt work.

    – Ankit Mavchi.

    • Ankit

      got solution to that too.
      hard resetting was left.

    • Vridealong

      How did GPRS work? For many of us the enable packet data option does bot show!

      • Ankit Mavchi

        go to
        1. Settings
        2. Wireless & networks
        3. Mobile network settings
        4. Access point names

        make one according to your network.
        for vodafone india i did

        Name : anything
        APN : www
        APN type : type default

        MCC and MNC will come on their own as per the state you are living in.

        • inder

          hey brother i updated my i5503 to 2.2….every thing works fine bt now i can use internet only in browser no other application is working…even my gmail account is unable to connet…hlp me plz

    • Jet

      How long did it take?

      • Ankit Mavchi

        it was done within 5 mins.

  • L3Nurd

    Did it on I5500 Works great

  • avengerf

    i tried this bt threer were 4 thr files in the folder so which one should i open

  • Vridealong

    Another firmware for I5503 is available – I5508ZNKP1 — anyone tried it?

    • Varungoel2007

      yes i have tried all three versions of firmware starting i5508 this are not working because this firmware for resistive touch screen.

  • Phitoz

    I have upgrade Samsung Galaxy GT-I5503 with I5500LUYJP2 Firmware I5500 USA. Everything are work well except my Bluetooth and WiFi. It could not scan the WiFi signal and Bluetooth from other device. Have you any solution for my problem?Thanks

    • Lado Lomidze

      Are you sure that when you turn on Bluetooth, your phone is “discoverable” ? Can you send files from your phone to other device with turned on Bluetooth?
      And what’s problem with Wi-fi? Can’t access to internet with wifi?

  • Lado Lomidze

    Hi, I have Samsung Galaxy GT-I5503 …
    When i connected my phone to PC first time, in Kies it showed me a message, that I could upgrade my firmware to new version.
    Than I Upgraded it with Kies by this tutorial but it hadn’t changed anything… in my phone there still were that my firmware was 2.1, not 2.2, but in Kies there was a message, that i had latest version of firmware. same probelm was with other users (read comments) ..

    so this means that i haven’t upgraded my firmware right? so what sould i do? install new firmware, like its described in yours post? i’ve read comments here.. there was said that, there are some problems with this model, but on which firwmare? I5508ZNJP3 or I5500LUYJP2 ?

    can i upgrade it to I5500LUYJP2 ? is that safe?

  • Anigma 55

    I intsalled froyo some days back..It works fine..but d
    1) applications,when moved to SD card,are not visible..I hav to move
    thm back to phone and restart it to see thm again
    2)’Enable mobile data connection’ option is grey and can’t be
    ticked/unticked.As a result,despite entering the correct APN
    settings..i’m unable to use GPRS..I did phone info (*#*#4636#*#*) once
    and tried enabling it from there..but tht too did nt work out
    Upon contacting samsung service centre,I was told to revert back to
    2.1, or wait till official 2.2 comes along and install tht
    directly..Anyone has encounterd these probs, and any solutions?

    • Vridealong

      When I contacted customer support of Samsung – they wrote to me that Samsung wont release Android 2.2 in India for Galaxy 5.
      I face the same issue of Packet Data not working, I have not been able to solve it yet.

  • Anigma 55

    I intsalled froyo some days back..It works fine..but d
    1) applications,when moved to SD card,are not visible..I hav to move thm back to phone and restart it to see thm again
    2)’Enable mobile data connection’ option is grey and can’t be ticked/unticked.As a result,despite entering the correct APN settings..i’m unable to use GPRS..I did phone info (*#*#4636#*#*) once and tried enabling it from there..but tht too did nt work out
    Upon contacting samsung service centre,I was told to revert back to 2.1, or wait till official 2.2 comes along and install tht directly..Anyone has encounterd these probs, and any solutions?

  • Džiugas Gr?bli?nas

    If i’ll update it, will there be Lithuanian language?

  • Hotasfireph

    Hi! I stall 2.2 on my i5503.. it work fine.. but then I notice that when I move some of my application on the SD Card, the icon or the widget is missing when I restart my phone.. But the application is still installed.. have to move again the application to phone and restart my phone to see the icon again.

  • Jatin Rajyaguru

    I am from india and i upgrade my i5503 to froyo with i5500 firmware. It is fine and working goog, thanks for this
    I have one issue noted that, in menubar some application icone missing, application installed but icone disapeare
    Please sir any suggetion

    • Hotasfireph

      Hi.. I have the same problem.. When I move my application on the SD and restart my phone, the icon or widget are gone but he application is still installed.. any idea to solve this problem?? help please!!

      • H_a_r_s_h_a

        use some other launcher like adw or launcher pro
        now u can see the icons even after moving apps to sd card

  • Arvind Tna

    thanks….but its slow compared to 2.1…help me

    • face

      After finally getting the firmware, which was really slow and inconvenient, since i’m in china and multi upload is blocked, i extract it to find there are no .tar files, only amss, csc.rfs, system.rfs boot.img & recovery.img. What do I do now?

  • Prabhu Marappan

    Hello My name is Prabhu and i have a Galaxy I5503 would it be better to upgrade the phone with the I5503 2.2 update or the I5500 2.2 update

  • Riazyaser

    hey friends plz do NOT update ur os as u will find urself in trouble,and ur phone is not doing all functions properly so i recommend u to plz update the phone os after few days when all the troubleshooting has done.

  • Edselm05

    Hi, for galaxy 5 i5503 do not update your firmware to i5508. Touchscreen will be disabled and samsung startup animation will also be replaced. If you happen updated your galaxy 5 to i5508, just download here d i5500 version and update your phone using the procedures here posted by our great guys here.
    Thank you for the updates and more power. Mag_mags..philippines.

    • Jedvolante10

      thanks for the heads up mags. so, to be clear, you are still using a 2.1 os? because i checked out and all 2.2 updates are fir i5508. thanks

  • Sujith

    does froyo comes with multi gesture?

    • Dev17995

      touch doesnt work

  • Able Cajetan

    after updating there is no internet connection please help i am using aircel previously it worked very well

    • Mufassir husain

      just give ur handset to ur srvice center it will be all right.. i was also facing same problem

      • jatinroxxx

        my net only works in wifi! not in the packet data….before it worked fine!

        • Nitesh Badave

          check the APN!! and make it as ur service provider’s setting is!!

        • jatinroxxx

          done! :) just needed manual setting’s from the provider…

  • jatinroxxx

    hey when i upgraded my galaxy 5 to android2.2 it worked perfectly fine…but now my internet is not working!
    i am on aircel network, n when i send an sms for internet settings,they reply OTA not supported!!
    plz help me.

  • khairul

    tar package we extracted from the RAR earlier…..i get the 1 file only..where item i can put to odin.odin have 5 item..rar file extract make 1 file odin only

  • Mufassir husain

    can we revert back to original firmware for 2.1..if its possible plese tell me how itss..

    • H_a_r_s_h_a

      ya !!
      u can go to and download the firmware
      and flash with it .

  • Mufassir husain

    can reviert into my 2.1 android…????? any idea pleazzzz

  • Rohan

    android 2.2 is in diffenrent language i want in english version.Please tell how to download and install android 2.2 froyo in english

    • Nitesh Badave

      noob! go to language and change it to english..!! Simple!!

  • Mark

    This was very easy thank you soooooo much. oh btw using a samsung galaxy 550,from toronto ontario.

  • Aie Gizzo

    hey guys. i’m from malaysia.
    this stuff cool man. i’ve already done it and it works. GREAT…

    a credit for u man :~

  • Sweekar C

    hello friends pls do not update to firmware version I5508ZNJP3. beacause this firmware is made for 15508 which is for china. it ll not support galaxy 5 in India. previously i upgraded this version and my phones touch pad wasn’t working also its not allowing to downgrade to previous version. BHARAT NAGPAL SIR PLS TEST BEFORE ANNOUNCING SUCH THINGS…

    • Bharat Nagpal

      we have tested it and posted, Read the warning, you have to try it at your own risk, it has worked for a lot of people , maybe not for your device. 2.2 runs just fine on our devices using the two roms mentioned in the post

      • jatinroxxx

        hey when i upgraded my galaxy 5 to android2.2 it worked perfectly fine…but now my internet is not working!
        i am on aircel network, n when i send an sms for internet settings,they reply OTA not supported!!
        plz help me.

      • LaoWai

        I have a question. Firstly, following the instructions you provided I was able to flash my firmware with no problems, everything works fine apart from my gps/compass, which now thinks east is north. I’m a foreigner in China, and bought the i5508 here, the whole reason I flashed was because it doesn’t come with any of the google suite apps, which means NO MARKET. I’ve tried many alternative markets, but would prefer the original one, which i know isn’t blocked, as it’s shipped with other phones on sale here. Could I use the GT-I5500 firmware with the GT-I5508?

    • Ramakanth

      Hey,which firmware are you talking about.In the review the firmware give was I5500LUYJP2.It is not I5508ZNJP3

  • pramod

    Hi, i’m from india . I bought a galaxy 5 few days ago and updated to 2.2 . But the internet is not working . It worked before updating. Please help !!! And where can i get the original firmware for my phone. On the instruction manual it says GT-I5503..
    Thanks in advance

    • jatinroxxx

      the same case with me also!!

  • Kails

    I downloaded the .rar file but when I give the password as it says wrong password. Is the password changed?

  • Mufassir husain

    yaar please help me how i can upgrade foryo on galxy5 …please help me…

  • Mufassir husain

    Hey Bharat sir..plese tell me ho i can update my gt-15503 in to foryo…please tell me step by step…..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • @@David

    mr bharat i tried the new firmware u updated for gt-i5503,, it started with some chinese stuff wen the phone rebooted the touch screen became unresponsive hence i had to use the buttons,,so reverted back to GT-I5500L the old one works just fine…. some problem i assume wid the new firmwre pls check and let me know ……THNX

  • Nitesh Badave

    the 2.2 Asia does not work on i5503 buddy!! why u posted it??

    • Anigma 55

      hey..does upgrading to froyo render d warranty void?

  • Sujithpadar

    can i get multi touch support in galaxy 5 with froyo??

  • Dhanushgowda10

    how to enable data connection on galaxy 5 after installing froyo

    • Saip92

      I have the same problem … please help!!!!

      Thanks in advance

  • Viscomaj

    I hav installed froyo its workin…thanks
    but only onr probs, i m not able to use my gprs!
    solution pls….

    • @@David

      you will have to manually input the settings, contact ur service provider and ask for manual settings,, works fine for me.

  • Prabhu Marappan

    Bharat i have a samsung galaxy I5503 will i void my warranty if i upgrade to 2.2 through this method

  • Agarwal Dave20

    Please help me sir!
    My model number is i5503!
    I followed all the steps correctly but the when i came in step4 an problem occur in my phone. The error was! it is showing something like this ” Emergency Dload Mode
    (ARM9 mode) ”
    Please help me!
    I will be very great full to you! Please help soon! Waiting for your feedback!
    Devendra Agarwal.

  • Saurabh

    Hi Guys,

    I am from Indore, I did it 1st week of December, Till now everything works fine for me GPRS, WiFi hotspot the only concern is battery life, If I put GPRS on the battery discharged with in 12 hour, Please if some body helps, I already uninstalled several apps.

  • Haniz

    i hav installed this froyo on my i5503~
    it’s kept vibrating n kinda stuck~

    • Ganeshanimated

      restore thephone!!!

  • Haniz

    can i5503 install this froyo~?

  • Anand

    hey guys im from india too ……… i mistakenly downloaded d asia thing and my phone is now GT-i5508
    please help even my touch screen isnt functioning and i cant get through d lock to do hard resest please help!!!!

    • Vishy1618

      You’ve installed the i5508 firmware…that is for resistive touch screens only! So the screen will not work for your i5503. You have to use the earlier i5500L firmware and reflash.

    • Sweekar C

      I was facing same problem … dude just give ur handset to samsung service centre. it ll be alright. nothing we can do ourselves

      • Mufassir husain

        same problem here pleaase help me….other wise i have to go service center..

        • Mark

          i had the same thing.. call the service provider they’ll fix it there’s no apn network he or she will walk you through it,samsung galaxy 550 running nice and smooth 32gb micro sd card works great :)

        • Mufassir husain

          actully problem is not only apn…also my network can not captured 3g or hsdpa…..

        • Mufassir husain

          actully problem is not only apn…also my network can not captured 3g or hsdpa…..

  • Vridealong

    I upgraded my Galaxy 3 using the procedure and did a Factory reset after upgrade. Phone works fine. Thanks! But I do not get the option to enable packet data and hence unable to use Airtel GPRS. I tried reboot, googled but no solution. I have airtelgprs APN added and activated on my SIM but after upgrading to Froyo, unable to use it. Thanks – Could you please help?

    • Arun

      Same problem here. Any solution?

    • Arun

      Ok, got the solution totally by chance…

      Create new APN and put these settings in (don’t change anything else, no matter what other forums say, because they didn’t work for me)

      Access Point:
      Proxy Address:
      202 . 056 . 231 . 117
      Proxy Port:

    • Manjnath426jc

      Hey these are the settings you have to enter

      leave the other fields blank.
      Note: the settings are case sensitive (suffered a lot because of that):D

  • Utada_aguilera

    Thanks bharat for the tutorial..this is the only DIY that really worked..much thanks from Philippines!

    • Jedvolante10

      i’m from PH too. just wanted to ask what update you used? because the i5508 update is clearly not working. thanks.

  • Utkarsh121

    Installed Froyo on my galaxy i5503. Works fine..but battery is drained up in 12-14 hours even if kept idle. Kindly guide how to install Eclair back onto my phone.

    -Utkarsh Choudhary

  • Sam 0000

    yes yes yes love froyo :D thanks soooo much guys

  • Sunnydevil73

    Sir…After i upgraded my phone a few days ago i did not use the internet with mobile nerwork…….but i just noticed that the mobile network is not working…….i tried to start it from the network option in the setting but it wont start……i cheched the sim in another handset and the internet is working fine there…please advice me what to do….

    • abiola

      create an access point manually and select it. Thats how i solved mine

      • Arun

        In Wireless & network settings -> Mobile network (Enable data access over Mobile network) option is inactive and can’t be ticked.

        Tried defining my APN for Airtel but didn’t seem to work at all. Any ideas?

  • Magc1986

    Is the samsung galaxy europa gti5500 the same as the galaxy 5 gt i5500

  • poop101

    Hi everyone, I was having trouble installing this froyo (2.2 firmware) on my galaxy 5 anyways I managed to figure out a way of properly doing it with the files available here but not necessarily in the steps provided. Here is what I did: Do step 1 and 2 as shown and make sure you do have the latest kies software. Now all you need to do is install kies and after that you’re good to go. Fire up Odin and uncheck one package (yes trust me) and check Auto reboot and protect ops.Now click ops tab and and put in ops file you downloaded earlier wherever you saved it on your pc. After that click PDA tab and attach tar file you got after extracting the initial rar file downloaded from link provide here ie (I5500XWJK3 file). Now turn off phone and remove battery and memory card for about 5 sec and never mind closing Odin it works still. Now put your battery back in and press down volume (-), centre button and power button at once, there you will get the downloading screen. Once you get that plug in your usb into phone then Odin will automatically pick up on it as com something and all you have to do is press start on Ordin and ENJOY THE POWER OF FROYO. All i can tell you now is it only takes at most 2 and a half minutes and you’ll be sorted. Tested and it surely works.

    • Nitesh Badave

      why u attached the whole package to PDA? can u explain? everything else is given in procedure!!

  • abiola

    thanks guys, working perfectly

  • Deepak

    Hi frds for factory reset type *#2767*3855#….

  • Deepak

    thanks it works…………

  • Vijaya Prakash

    Thanks Bharat for simplistic help. It worked for me nicely in upgrading from eclair(android 2.1) to froyo(android 2.2). I especially did this to get the tethering feature working on my samsung galaxy I5503.

  • poop101

    when i go to press start Odin says check image files??

  • Muks93

    do you have a upgrade version for samsung galaxy gt-15700? 2.2 or above, i really need it.

  • abiola

    i’m from Nigeria and my current firmware’s region is Africa. Hope the region has no effect if i upgrade to froyo.

    If i perform this manual upgrade will i be able to get the official upgrade when it becomes available?

    Thanks in advance.

  • H_a_r_s_h_a

    i just followed the instructions and i got the update
    but my phone restarts for every 2 hrs or so…..
    do any one know how to fix this
    plz help me

    • Deepak

      Hi frds do factory reset by typing *#2767*3855#….

  • Rishi Arora

    Query: will this add the Flash support(as promised by Samsung for the Official update)
    EDIT: Oops.. sorry.. Didn’t notice it was mentioned.

  • Rishi Arora

    Any Idea will Galaxy 5 get a 2.3 Upgrade?
    I love the Keyboard :)

    • Bharat Nagpal

      it won’t

      • Rishi Arora

        Ohh Thanks :)
        I’ll check that out..

    • Bharat Nagpal

      there is an app to get the keyboard in the marketplace

      • Thmas321alex

        Sir…after updating my phone, it keeps vibrating and says

        The process has stopped unexpectedly.pls try again
        (theres a option force close)
        i click on it and again it pops out

        pls pls pls reply or i am doomed by my parents

  • Sam 0000

    it turned on and says gt-i5500l is this normal

    • Bharat Nagpal

      yes its very normal

      • Sam 0000

        ok thanks is it easy to get the official firmware if it becomes available

  • paska;

    can someone tell me about this i dont understand

    Select the Ops file (the file we downloaded earlier).

    And finally select the tar package we extracted from the RAR earlier. (where to put this)

    • Sunnydevil73

      in the last text box

  • Niraj

    @Bharat –

    Can u make a tutorial to install Froyo on LG Optimus GT540?

  • Sunnydevil73

    Dear sir,
    This update is awesome….Thanks alot for it. I really liked it.
    Can we expect a 2.3 update for galaxy 5.
    Thanks and Regards

  • Zven

    After 2 Days of Android 2.2 I noticed, that the battery life time totally sucks on froyo. Can hardly get 12 hours of battery life in “normal” usage – on 2.1 i got 2-3 days of batter life with the same usage pattern. Anyone any suggestions on how this could be? I already deinstalled ATM and Facebook…

    • eerick

      i experienced almost the same thing. only thing is that i updated to froyo the first few hours i got the phone so i cant compare the difference :S

      • Nasir86khan

        eerick mate

        does your battery life now last 24 hours with medium – heavy usage?

  • Nitesh Badave


    • Bharat Nagpal

      does not work avoid tryig

      • Nitesh Badave

        yes that one is for galaxy i5508 which has resistive screen! tested..! not working! when i5503 gonna get it? @bharat any Idea?

  • Sikumar06

    Those who suffer from the error “”.. do this.. its simple..
    1. Put the mobile in airplane mode. now the error wont come, only vibration
    2. then do factory reset in settings.

    Later it works fine.. :)


  • Ajaiharidas

    Hey Bharat sir, I want to know one thing .I am from India and i have samsung i5503.Can i update to froyo because the update file shows i5500.If yes will that make any future problems for me.I am also fearing that it may VOID MY WARRANTY….SO PLS MAKE SURE THAT IT WILL NOT VOID MY WARRANTY.,because i know that my phone’s name will change to gti5500….
    Another question is: Do i get problems in updating to the official froyo whenever it is given by SAMSUNG?

    • Sunnydevil73

      hey there….i upgraded my samsung I5503….it works great….just follow the steps and if u have any probs…..go through the comments below… helps alot

      • Ajaiharidas

        hey mann, is the battery problem true that it wont even last for 24 hours?

    • Edselm05

      YEs you can update your i5503 to i5500. Before you do this make sure you backup your APN using APN backup software from android market. Install this first to your i5503 and backup your APN to your sdcard. You will then restore your APN after firmware update. For the warranty..don’t worry just follow carefully the procedures here and it wont give you problems.
      I don’t think so there will be a problem updating to official samsung firmware once you apdated to i5500. Goodluck and cheers.

  • H_a_r_s_h_a

    i installed it its woking quite good for me
    except it getting restarted for every 2 hrs…
    and also if i move any apps to sd , that disappears frm my applications list….

    • H_a_r_s_h_a

      now its showning the apps intalled on sd card also
      but only in adw launcher not in tw launcher
      but the auto restarting thing is persistent
      can some one help me

  • Dan Isac

    Is there an European version of the 2.2 Firmware?

    • Bharat Nagpal

      hi only Latin as of now. Samsung promises 2.2 for g5 sometime q1 2011

      • Dan Isac


  • Abhinkv

    hi nitesh how can i convert back to 2.1 eclair from froyobecause The upgrade worked for me, but I keep on getting this error message: “Sorry! The process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.”

    My phone vibrates every time that pops up. Help please , thanks.

    • Nitesh Badave

      do factory reset you don’t need fly back to Eclair 2.1!! froyo 2.2 really rocks..!! i m using it again.. magnetometer still giving me problem though..!!

  • Zven

    brilliant! but how do i download the german localisations to android 2.2? thanks for helping!

  • Naveenpurohit2003

    hi bharat does this update gives adobe flash player to galaxy 5

    • Sam 0000

      you will have to download it separately but i have looked over the internet and on market and i cant find it

  • eerick

    hey guys, i’ve been visiting here quite a number of days and have upgraded from 2.1 to 2,2 and everything has been working fine :) my only concern now is, is it possible to use custom tones for messaging/notification?

  • Nitesh Badave

    this is translate from samsung brazil.. that says in 5th question thta galaxy 5 is goin to get update 2.2 in early 2011!

  • Drea

    The upgrade worked for me, but I keep on getting this error message: “Sorry! The process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.”

    My phone vibrates every time that pops up. Help please, thanks.

    • Nitesh Badave

      just do hard reset!

      • Drea

        Thank you. I did that, and the phone still didn’t work. But I restored it to factory settings and only then did I lose the error message. Problem is, now my mobile connection has been greyed out. I can only connect via wifi. I’m going to Samsung tomorrow to get more help for this. But so far, I’m loving Froyo!

  • Anand Manmathan pls post a video on this….
    how to update to 2.2…

  • Gdking Mbm

    Hey After Connecting it to Pc ma cell iz not showing Connected to only shows downloading..ODin too iz nt working

    • Bharat Nagpal

      have you installed the latest version of KIES? and is it up to date?

  • Aakash Tyagi

    update is awesome!
    but only one doubt……..battery is draining up more faster than ever without even using it…… eclair, it was fine…..pls help

    • Bharat Nagpal

      try a factory reset, a full battery drain, if the battery still goes out faster than expected, roll back to 2.1

  • Rvteja50

    which is best among galaxy5 and galaxy3 i can spend money for both mobiles phones please help me

  • Naman


    I have upgraded 2.2 few days back, and it seems my compass it not working. Initially it showed me correct direction, but it was under magnetic field. When I go to my terrace where there is no magnetic field I don’t get correct direction. I have also recalibrate it many times.


    • Nitesh Badave

      see i told you!! it f**ks up then compass… i knew this.. hope you people find to fix it soon!!

      • Bharat Nagpal

        This is interesting, What i see is that different people have different issues @Naman what was your original firmware?

        • Rvteja50

          which is best among galaxy3 and galaxy5 plz help me i can spend money on both

        • Naman

          Not sure what was it, i bought it in India and I never upgraded it before froyo 2.2

  • Prabhu Marappan

    hi can anyone tell me how its working are there any problems i am considering for a upgrade

  • Ray

    i am not able to adjust media volume when screen locks!!
    when i am playing a song in default music player and i press the end call button to lock screen and the screen goes off the volume keys dont work….if i press some other keys and screen turns on asking for pattern to unlock even then it works but not when screen is off..never had this problem in 2.1….
    is anybody else having this problem??PLEASE HELP

  • Ranjith Siji

    I Downloaded And installed the Froyo on my Galaxy 5. Working Fine. On reboot My language settings are other than english. I just goen to settings and changed to English. Thanks for the detailed Guide with screenshots. Great ….

  • Abhinkv

    i have a doubt that is it necessary to back up my files before doing this conversion from 2.1 to froyo?

  • Hirentrivedi09

    I had bought samsung Galaxy 5 model no GT I5503YKAINU 5 days before, I have some problem with it like it (1) hangs up annoyingly ,(2) it show sim refreshing screen and then went blank (3) battery suddenly dried up (4) It sometime heat so much like I had put handset on stove and it is without using any thing even in standby mode and than battery went very low, (5) any time lost network connection I have pre installed android 2.1 eclair so I update it to 2.2 foryo as mentioned here but my problem remain same so I am plan to visit samsung service center does updated firmware which show my model no GTI5500L (which is actually GT I5503YKAINU) does it affect to my warranty? or any other solution for my problem please reply me soon my mail id is

    • Nitesh Badave

      do hard reset.. all problems will be solved!!

      • Hirentrivedi09

        I did it and today it works much better but I have another problem is that I have sync it with my google account and not all previous contacts which I had added to my Gtalk in pc are now not showing in pc and mobile both where all contact gone? do u have any idea to get back my contacts

  • akash deep

    man o man today only upgraded to froyo and my devices rocks :)
    it working fine on my galaxy 5 no issues running smooth,faster,stable and even using the device as wifi atenna . Loving it

  • DSM_

    hi bharat
    could u plz do it in a video
    and plz show a review of updated Galaxy 5 to 2.2

    • Nitesh Badave

      yes brother we really need it how to!! please make video on how to update to 2.2!! clean update!

      • Mufassir husain

        I just received my phone not more than 4 hour ago. Everything seems to work just fine with the phone (phone calls, text messaging, Google Talk, Facebook, Youtube, , etc.), however I cannot download ANY applications from the Android Market. Everytime I go to download an app, almost immediately I receive a notification saying “Download was unsuccessful, please try again.” ..please help me

        • Bharat Nagpal

          hi, try doing a factory reset : enter the following code into the dialer

  • narrendran a.p

    Hey guys,
    I’ve to choose b/w galaxy 5 and a 60.. if there are some problems on updating with only few improvements means, i ‘ll take a 60
    Improvements with 2.2 are worth means, i ‘ll go with samsung
    your suggestions

    • Nitesh Badave

      A60 has resistive screen galaxy 5 has capacitive touch!
      A60 is not upgradable to 2.2 galaxy 5 has update to 2.2 then we surely goona get it!
      A60 has 3.2MP autofocus cam galaxy 5 has only 2 MP cam!
      Micromax A60 costs 6990 only galaxy 5 cost 9000!
      choice is yours!

  • Dan Isac

    Is there a way of reverting to 2.1 after this? I upgraded but I preferred the old one better…

    • Bharat Nagpal

      use the same method , i am updating the post to add the links to 2.1 files

  • Naman

    Hi Bharat,

    I can see swype in settings. also able to open tutorial. But dont know from where I can change input method.

    On settings on keyboard, I dont have swype option.

    Please help I use 2.2 without swype.


    • Naman

      Got solution…

      Select your messaging app…. then hold down the central navi-key (the big black button at bottom of phone) until a window appears… this should let you exit the annoying swype function :)

      bad option to keep selection of swype

      • Bharat Nagpal

        KUDOS – for discovery and sharing

  • Naman

    Hi I don’t see swype Keyboard, may be because I reset it after upgrade.

    Please let me know how to get swype keyboard?

    • Nitesh Badave

      i switched 2.1 again so can’t say anything about it.. but it must be there!! oops restore ur backups try that..!

      • Naman

        I just backed up my contacts and calendar. Is there any option in swype to take complete backup??

        • Nitesh Badave

          i don’t think so… install it from android market buddy.. if not found..!!

        • Bharat Nagpal

          you have to select swype as the text input option, whereever you are typing in the empty space long tap and then select input method —> Swype..

          then swype keyboards back

      • Bharat Nagpal

        does compass work now?

        • Nitesh Badave

          yes it work totally fine!!

    • Nitesh Badave

      how are the other things?? your compass is working??

      • Naman

        My Compass is working..

        I can see swype in settings. also able to open tutorial. But dont know from where I can change input method.

        On settings on keyboard, I dont have swype option.


  • narrendran a.p

    hello sir, does this froyo version able to play flash videos from youtube? just like s60v5
    n what is picture quality in micromax a60? as they have mentioned it as 64k colors.. does it look decent enough when compared to std 262k colors..

    • Nitesh Badave

      galaxy has 600MHz processor so it won’t be able to play flash 10.1.. tried it.. but application not installed..!! it’ll always play youtube videos though!!

      • narrendran a.p

        I guess that default player is using 3gp format just like all non smartphones. is that right?

  • Naman


    I have just installed 2.2 and see spanish or some non english language.

    What to do next???


    • Prabhu Marappan

      hi is it working fine i also want to do it if any problems pls reply

      • Naman

        go to settings .. config> select icon with “A” and change language to English.

    • iGyaan

      Go into the settings app and change the language

    • Nitesh Badave

      just go to Settings (the round cog) then 5 from the bottom is langurage (it has an A in the logo then the first option is to select the language – select english and you’re done!! just check compass 1st then maps then wifi then GPRS then market!

  • Manumangal1

    hey guyz can anyone tell that in what field i have to select the tar file??

    • Bharat Nagpal

      on the righ hand side bottom there is select single package. in that

      • Nitesh Badave

        @bharat see my last tweet mentioning iGyaan!! helpful for you!

        • Bharat Nagpal

          thanks, i will be uploading a video soon :D beter look + customizations

        • Nitesh Badave

          if possible make a video on how to make a clean upgrade it’ll help me too..!! everywhr only text is available.. not the video.. please if possible make it!

        • iGyaan

          Will try to make one

  • Nitesh Badave

    hey bharat please help me!! how do i fix the compass thing? :((

    • Bharat Nagpal

      try a software restore, our compass works fine, no issues, you could be around a magnetic feild, try changing you location or items around the phone, PCs and TVs and electronics wont allow a good compass detection try moving away from those, if all fails try restoring to the original 2.1 and trying if it still doesnt work call up SAMSUNG!

      • Nitesh Badave

        i m not on north pole!! :D it shows north when i point to west!! anywhere!! can u provide a single tar file for 2.1 like you gave for froyo..!! i m not around magnetic field..!!

        • Bharat Nagpal

          that could also mean a fault with the gps MAps integration in the software update. perhaps the AGPS cannot pinpoint your location just using the networks … Interesting.. Also got your other mail. rahul will get back to you :D

  • Nitesh Badave

    hey something went wrong i think!! i installed froyo.. but magnetic compass is off by 90 degree!!! after 5-6 time calibrating nothing happened!!

    • Naman

      Humm .. I am planning to flash my phone today. Any other issue you are facing? Just checked on xda-developers many people complain about battery drain, are you facing battery issue.

      • Nitesh Badave

        no battery drain just feeling bad about compass… :( it would’ve helped me using google sky and google earth and GPS also!!

        • Naman

          Hey Nitesh,

          Can you please tell me file sizes for all the files. I see OPS files are around some bytes, wanted to make sure I have complete and correct download..


        • Nitesh Badave

          EUROPA_v1.0.ops = 1KB
          I5500LUYJP2 (after extraction as i deleted the rar) = 174 MB
          im using ODIN v4.28 which is of 436KB

    • Naman

      Thanks buddy.

  • Nitesh Badave

    what happened 2 iGyaan?? any hack or smthing??

    • Bharat Nagpal

      seems like it , we are still backtracking !

      • Tirtha_biswas

        Hi Bharar sir, i have update my galaxy 5 to 2.2 ..the battery drain sucks i want to revert back 2 my original firmware for 2.1 but can’t find anywhere,should i take it to customer care?coz i called them up n they said that samsung may not give warranty for the software upgradation

  • Naman


    It seems all old comments are deleted.

    I wanted to know if this works on i5503 Indian version.


    • Bharat Nagpal

      hi yes we had some server trouble,

      if its a galaxy 5 it will work irrespective of model. Also it will change the startup boot logo to I5500L

      • Naman

        Also if you mention file size for all the download, people can be sure that they have correct download.