Panasonic P51 Launched in India with 5 inch HD screen, Quad Core CPU, Magnetic Cover and Stylus

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Panasonic P51 Launched in India with 5 inch HD screen, Quad Core CPU, Magnetic Cover and Stylus

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Panasonic at a press conference here in New Delhi, India, Has launched a new Android 4.2 Jelly Bean based smartphone. Dubbed the Panasonic P51, the device is powered by a Quad Core 1.2 Ghz CPU of an unspecified make. The Panasonic P51 also has 4 GB of internal storage and 1 GB of RAM. 

The Exterior of the Panasonic P51 is designed mainly of plastic and the front consists of a 5 inch 1280 x720p HD IPS LCD display. For imaging the Panasonic P51 also has an 5 MP main camera and a 1.3 MP front facing camera capable of HD video. 

This 3G enabled phone from Panasonic also has Dual Sim Capabilities and included in the box is a magnetic flip cover, that just like Apple’s iPad smart cover will turn on or off the display when flipped open or close respectively. The Panasonic P51 also has a massive 2500 mAh battery, and despite that remains 8.5 mm slim and 135 gms in weight. 

This is Panasonic’s first foray into the “Budget Quad Core, Dual Sim” handsets and by the looks of the Phone is powered by the Mediatek 6589 Chipset as all the specifications align with the device.

UPDATE : The phone has been launched at a price of Rs. 26,900. A total of 10,000 more than expected. It has also been confirmed that the chipset on the inside is a Mediatek 6589 same as the one seen on the Canvas HD. 

Panasonic P51 Hands On

The Panasonic P51 is only 8.5 mm thick, its got nice curves and a raised bezel sort of design which makes it appear, as if, the display is floating above the body. The ID is unique but it is certainly not premium looking, as Panasonic claims it to be. 

The over all design of the phone seems ordinary, the front has a ASAHI made Dragon Trail glass, which Panasonic claims is better than Gorilla Glass. Panasonic also claims they have put in some camera features like smile shot and auto enhance, that seem to be just software implementations. Honestly the quality and the outlook does not seem justified for the price. 

The fact that Panasonic claims that performance is top notch when compared to competition, is worry-some especially because one manages to buy two of the other units be it Micromax, Karbonn or any other for the price of this one unit.

At first is it factually clear that someone somewhere screwed up. The Price seems to have been royally messed up even if Panasonic has really managed to offer up the experience they say they have, on the flip-side LG has launched the Nexus 4 in India, which comes at a price cheaper than the Panasonic P51.


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  • AnandM

    26.6 k?,  this really sucks, this didn’t deserve the price, another worthless phone in the market.

  • RohithRaveendran

    You read false reviews below, they are just false reviews by company persons. Dont trust them, phone is not worth for their large price better go for micromax or xolo.

    • aravindhreturns

      RohithRaveendran And look at the SPAMMERS standard way of reviewing. They always make the letter Panasonic P51 as BOLD which we can safely assume that its posted by the same person wityh different IDs. Such lame way of posting comments!!!!

      We all know that the failure of the decade is Pansaonic P51.  EPIC FAIL!!! They spammers can $uck each others for misguing.

  • sonia tiwari

    I recently heard that Panasonic is coming up
    with P51, the initial Smartphone manufactured by the company in India. When I
    saw the features like 5-inch, HD IPS display with scratch resistant glass ,
    power-driven by a 1.2 GHz quad-core and dual Sims facility , I was sure it is
    going to rock the market . With an amazing 8MP rear camera and LED Flash,
    beauty retouch, smile detection features, it will certainly drive the users
    crazy. Just feel like having this phone immediately.

    • RohithRaveendran

      sonia tiwari SPAMMER 1

  • gopalreddy

    When we think about buying a phone there
    are so many things which come in mind such as price, features, usability etc. On
    visiting the mobile shop in the mall I happened to see the recent launches done
    by Panasonic..This phone has some really nice features. The screen size of
    Panasonic P51 is 5 inches.The display
    resolution is 1280*720. So basically this device scores above so many other
    phones available in the market. This phone has latest Android operating system
    version. Just Samsung Galaxy S4 has it. So do not really think too much go
    ahead and buy this wonderful device.

    • RohithRaveendran

      gopalreddy SPAMMER 2

  • durgesh sahay

    I first saw the Panasonic P51 it looked very simple and plain but the unibody
    construction makes an incredible first impression when gazing at the overall
    design. The matte black finish at the back panel looks absolutely impeccable
    and the glossy white back is completely opposite. With 8 megapixel camera that sits
    spank in the center of the back along with the LED flash just under it, the
    Panasonic P51 has nearly all the features to entice the user. I am longing to
    see this phone in the shops now.

    • RohithRaveendran

      durgesh sahay SPAMMER 3

  • rajesh chauhan

    Last week when I went to buy a mobile
    handset for myself the mobile vendor told me about Panasonic P51. What I could gather from his conversation is that
    this phone will take the mobile market by storm. It has four GB of internal
    storage and one GB of RAM. This is a truly spectacular feature. With a huge
    display screen of almost 5 inches it produces really sharp images. The screen
    size is equivalent to Samsung Galaxy Grand. As far as Samsung Galaxy S2+ and
    Sony Xperia SP are concerned there screen sizes are smaller than this phone. It
    also has quad core processor, Dual Sims and twenty five mAh Battery.

    • RohithRaveendran

      rajesh chauhan SPAMMER 4

  • shiwadharsingh

    I personally feel that the Panasonic P51 is very stylish and
    loaded with the latest features and it has a made a grand entry in the field of
    Smart phones. Some prominent features of Panasonic p51 are 2500 mAh battery
    that offers 23 hours of continued talk time, 5 inch display the best in this
    segment and perhaps the best in class resolution. On the whole it’s an
    innovative entry Smartphone when compared to high range mobiles from Samsung,
    Sony and HTC. Panasonic P51 with its
    unique features will surely dominate this particular segment.

    • RohithRaveendran

      shiwadharsingh SPAMMER 5

  • kavita gupta

    Some people like to change their phones
    at the drop of the hat. They are ready to purchase any new phone which hits the
    market. Panasonic has come up with P51. This truly wonderful handset is better
    than Samsung Galaxy S 2 as far as display size and resolution is concerned. A
    lot of people buy a phone due to wonderful camera features. Panasonic P51 has
    very good features like Multi Angle view image, Video Capture Effects, face
    beautification and Auto Capture on Smile detection. This phone also has HSPA+
    with forty-two Mbps High Speed Download.

    • RohithRaveendran

      kavita gupta SPAMMER 6

  • sunia kumari

    I was amazed to hear that a very
    well respected and a trusted company such as Panasonic is making an entry into
    the Smartphone market. With incredible features like 5-inch display and 8 Mega
    Pixel rear cameras, it surely leaves behind even Samsung and Sony. It is
    thinnest phone in this segment and is just 8mm, just waiting for it most
    anxiously. Panasonic P51 is
    certainly going to rock the market and very soon makes its presence felt in the
    field of Smartphone’s.

    • RohithRaveendran

      sunia kumari SPAMMER 7

  • tarunsharma

    Every other day a new product hits the
    market which makes the old ones totally obsolete. Panasonic p51 newly launch in
    the market. This truly impressive device has magnetic flip cover. Its camera
    has some very nice features such as Auto Capture on Smile detection, Multi
    Angle view image, face beautification and Video Capture effects. As compared to
    Samsung Galaxy S2+ the screen size of Panasonic P51 is big. With talk time of
    twenty three hours this phone is truly a very handy device. So, go ahead and
    buy this wonderful device.

    • RohithRaveendran

      tarunsharma SPAMMER 8

  • sanjaymisra

    I have been long thinking of buying a
    phone with a superior camera and I think my search has ended with Panasonic P51 which has 8MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera
    which is about Panasonic P51 that has been launched in the market just a week
    ago. I was quite astonished and immediately wanted to buy it. With quad core processor and dual Sims it is simply
    amazing. The features offered in this phone are mind blowing especially the
    Jellybean (Android) OS and the battery life of almost 23 hours and the display
    size which is perhaps the best in this segment when compared to Samsung and
    Sony. I can’t wait any longer for this phone.

    • RohithRaveendran

      sanjaymisra SPAMMER 9

  • ravinderbhardwaj

    I was thinking of buying a brand new phone for
    myself. On doing the marker research I found out that Panasonic launch new
    mobile phone P51. This brand new offering by Panasonic has some really
    wonderful features such as 4 GB internal storage and 1GB RAM. This phone has a
    display screen of 5 inches. This is equivalent to screen of Samsung Galaxy
    Grand. The screen size is bigger than that of Samsung Galaxy S2+ and Sony
    Xperia SP. The most impressive feature is this phone is 2500 mAh battery.
    Because of this you get a talk time of approximately

    • RohithRaveendran

      ravinderbhardwaj SPAMMER 10

  • ashishJain

    I just came to know about Panasonic P51 that has been launched in
    the marketjust a week ago. With 4
    GB of internal storage and 1 GB of RAM it is certainly mesmerizing me. With a display
    screen of 5 inches just like the Samsung Galaxy Grand and bigger than Samsung
    Galaxy S2+, and Sony Xperia SP, it will certainly be a great buy. With quad
    core processor, Dual Sims, 25 mAh Battery and an extended talk time of 23 hours,
    this Panasonic P51 appears to be a
    great phone and I am longing to possess it.

    • RohithRaveendran

      ashishJain SPAMMER 11

  • RohithRaveendran

    Panasonic P51 = The best pricing joke of 2013

  • RohithRaveendran

    Panasonic pricing guy must be drunk, he put 26,900 instead of Rs. 2690 :P and that for a mediatek processor phone :D

  • Siddharth Deshpande

    looking forward for this

  • chirayu900

    As we all know panasonic is re entering into the telecom market .so it il be very hard for it to compete with the brans like samsung,HTC,,Sony etc      like 26500 is way too much for this phone and  for a brand like panasonic

  • SelvakumarAR

    Tooo Costly I can Buy Xperia SP or HTC One X+ for 25K 
    Phone will be a Epic failure

  • AnoojJagdaale

    Itsactually made by Alcatel ! has the same model named Alcatel idolx ! and how are they expecting from people to pay 26990 /- for a smartphone which has same config like the micromax canvas hd

  • adi27393

    4 GB ROM, 5 MP cam. Fail.!

    • rk_ftw

      adi27393 Did you read “Budget Quad Core, Dual Sim” (?) -_-

      • adi27393

        rk_ftw adi27393 lol. Who’s gonna buy that shit!

        • rk_ftw

          adi27393 rk_ftw True !! If the pricing is indeed INR 26,900, even I can’t think of people who will consider buying this phone.
          P.S. :- There are dumb people out there, so maybe !!

        • RasikHacker

          Panasonic . Idea for life …. epic fail …
           the phone will just get dust in the boxes …