Microsoft Unveils The Xbox One!

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Microsoft Unveils The Xbox One!

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Microsoft’s next-generation console is finally here, the Xbox One.

The Xbox One is all black and features a two-tone finish with both matte and gloss in equal measure; a slot-loading Blu-ray optical drive sits out front on the left face, while a power button with the traditional incomplete circle symbol is emblazoned on the right side (which looks to be touch-based). A new Kinect was also unveiled, and it powers the console — “Xbox On” is being trumpeted as the most important feature.

“Team Xbox is on a new mission,” Don Mattrick, president of the interactive entertainment business, said.”And that mission is focused on making this an entertainment console.”

He said the goal is to build a system that lines up games, television and software and that the most important part is that it must be “simple, instant and complete.”

“It is time for technology to step behind the curtain and you and your entertainment to take the stage,” Mattrick said. 

Yusuf Medhi, senior vice president of Microsoft’s interactive entertainment business, unveiled how voice input can be used to control Xbox One. It will also respond to gesture controls. 

“Xbox On” turns on the hardware to power up an instant-on system with a new Home dashboard that is near-identical to Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.

xbox one

There’s instant switching from the Xbox One dashboard to live television (which seems to confirm that HDMI-in rumor). People using Skype on Xbox One will be able to do group chats now.

Mark Whitten, corporate vice president of Xbox LIVE, said the console can detect your heartbeat when you are exercising, using the Kinect sensor.


The Xbox One’s controller was created with game players, Whitten said. It will have improved ergonomics and a new d-pad. “This is your controller,” he said. The triggers now have a built-in rumble system, which Microsoft’s calling “Impulse Triggers,” and there’s now also a redesigned D-pad. The battery compartment, meanwhile, is much smaller than the previous version.

Whitten said the Xbox One will use more power than the entire world did in 1999.

EA said that it is developing four games for Xbox One: FIFA, Madden NFL, NBA Live, and UFC, which will release within the next 12 months.

EA Sports Ignite has been unveiled: “to blur the line between real and virtual.” It will utilize the Xbox One’s exclusive updates for enhanced game play.

“Sports are as much about your head as your feet or your hands,” Microsoft said.

Forza Motorsport 5 announced for Xbox One and will be available at launch. Microsoft Studios plans to launch 15 new games in the first year of Xbox One, including 8 brand new franchises.

More developing…

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  • rk_ftw

    PS4 beats it any day -_-

    • JSBreeder

      rk_ftwYou can say that with 100% surety even though the PS4 has not yet been revealed, let alone released? Have you heard of an apples-to-oranges comparison? Do you know the target audience is different for both consoles?

      • rk_ftw

        JSBreeder rk_ftw Have you ever heard of the term “personal opinion?” PS4 has not yet been revealed, let alone released? So you’re saying you live underground? Sure it has not been released yet, but revealed? And both consoles target pretty much the same audience :)

        • JSBreeder

          rk_ftw Only the PS4 controller has been revealed. The PS4 console as a whole has not been revealed. Sure, the specs are known for both consoles, but you cannot compare performance of both on the basis of their specifications which are not even that detailed. The only significant difference between both is that the PS4 uses a faster GDDR5 memory compared to the DDR3 on the Xbox One. But only solid performance stats will tell how big the gap is between the two. That’ll happen only after both are released to the market. The PS4 is due to be revealed on 10 June, 2013. Coming to the targeted audience, both don’t target the same. Microsoft chose to expand its user base from just the core gamer to about everyone who uses a TV. The Xbox One, is an all-in-one entertainment box which does have serious specifications to do gaming. Sony has said that their console will be directed ONLY towards the gamer community. Though it could just as well have all the extra features the Xbox One has. There has been a gradual change in how and why people use the Television. Google and Apple tried their hand a creating a box to engage the average TV user and combine all the various features people have started using on their TV like streaming movies over Netflix, or surfing the internet, in vain. This is Microsoft’s reply to Google, Apple, Roku, etc. A fast device which switches between TV, Music, Movies, Internet, Skype, and other things with just a flick. The Playstation on the other hand will be predominantly a gaming console which will do what it was supposed to, that is, gaming. We’ll get to know if it has the extra features which amalgamate the functions of the varied devices we use for entertainment on the day it is revealed. This is the difference in target audience I was talking about.