Breaking: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is heading to India Early July forRs 24,990

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Breaking: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is heading to India Early July forRs 24,990

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Yesterday Samsung announced a “Mini” version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, while it may be mini in comparison to the original Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S4 Mini is still a pretty big phone. Defining the large handsets making Korean company’s dream for the future. The specs include a 1.7GHz dual-core processor, Android 4.2.2, GPS, GLONASS, WiFi, 8GB internal memory (expandable up to 64), and 1.5GB of RAM.

The display is a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED qHD display which will horribly disappoint onlookers, all juiced up by a 1,900mAh battery. But this news is old!, Our tipster within Samsung has confirmed that the plans for the launch of this phone have already been penned down and the Hardware will arrive as soon as early July and will also be kept in the under Rs. 25,000 price bracket. 

The Galaxy S4 Mini from Samsung India, will be offered up in two variants a dual sim version and a single sim version, with a possibility of LTE enabled Single Sim variant. However, our source made it clear that he was unaware if both dual sim and single sim variants will be launched together. 

The Galaxy S4 Mini will be offered up in the same two colors as the big brother White Frost and Black Mist. More details when available. 



[toggle title=”Press Release”]SAMSUNG INTRODUCES THE GALAXY S4 MINI
A powerful, compact smartphone designed to fit busy lifestyles

London, UK – May 30, 2013 – Samsung Electronics today announced the Galaxy S4 Mini, a powerful, compact version of its bestselling smartphone, the Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 Mini delivers the superior performance, intuitive ease-of-use and sleek design of the Galaxy S4 in a portable chic and compact design.

Simon Stanford, Vice President of IT & Mobile Division, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland said: “Demand for the Galaxy S4 has been phenomenal since it launched in April and we hope to build on this success with the Galaxy S4 Mini. This new handset is the ideal smartphone companion for anyone who wants a compact device packed with innovation.”

With a 4.3″ qHD Super AMOLED display, the Galaxy S4 Mini offers stunning images and content. At just 107g, the lightweight and compact design enables you to carry and use the device easily with one hand. The Galaxy S4 Mini also boasts powerful performance, equipped with a 1.7GHz dual core processor and supports many of the same intuitive features as the Galaxy S4, designed to enhance different aspects of life.

Capturing Memories
The Galaxy S4 Mini allows you to capture important moments in life with an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera as well as a 1.9-megapixel HD front-facing camera. Special features include Sound&Shot, which stores sounds and images together, Panorama Shot which allows you to take a full view of what you are seeing, and Story Album, which automatically arranges photos in a smart format – photos taken by Galaxy S4 Mini are automatically gathered and saved according to your timeline, geo-tagging information or specific event, to create a photo album. You can also receive travel assistance and information services through the S Travel preloaded app which can even recommend a new trip and provide destination guides.

Sharing and Connecting
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini means you can share content with others around you easily. Simultaneously listen to the same music and play the same games as your friends with Group Play, and chat with multiple friends with animations, video and voice recording added to messages using ChatON.

Environment Features
The Galaxy S4 Mini features S Translator, for instant translation using text or voice on applications including email, text message and ChatON. You can also control your environment through WatchON’s IR remote which transforms the device into a remote to control your home entertainment systems including TV, set-top box and DVD player. Content available includes live TV, cable TV and VOD based on the information provided EPG (Electronic Program Guide). In addition, Samsung Link* will help you share content across multiple Samsung digital devices. *Available in select countries. Previously called AllShare Play.

Wellbeing Features
The Galaxy S4 Mini keeps you up to date with health and wellbeing information. Downloadable from Samsung Apps, S Health enables you to monitor your calorie balance. It can calculate each step taken daily, monitor sleeping patterns, calculate weight and share real time heart rate information**. Adapt Display provides an optimal viewing experience, customised for each type of application, and Adapt Sound offers an optimal level and type of sound, personalised for each user. ** Functionality such as monitoring weight, heart rate and sleeping patterns is possible through the use of fitness accessories which are sold separately.

The Galaxy S4 Mini will be available in two colours – White Frost and Black Mist. There will be a 4G LTE version, 3G version, and 3G Dual Sim version. Details on which variants will be ranged in the UK and the UK shipping date will be announced in due course.[/toggle]

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  • AnujKapur

    s4 mini is now for 17,300 approx, will it be worth buying s4 mini over moto g, i personally like its screen, camera, and light weight body and it looks more premium than moto g. some people say it hangs a lot… is it true??? pls guys help me

  • ganpat_shinde

    how they managed to put 1.5 GB of ram … well buying the S4 mini is a surely a good deal rather then buying S4 and pay that price ..   BTW its available on snapdeal for 27200 rs …   if we compare at this price this phone is surely a win

  • arnab96

    I bought a Samsung
    Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500) paying a whooping amount of INR 41,500/- on 08th
    July 2013. Within a week I suffered Mobile Network Signal Drop (NO
    replacing my SIM card and trying other network provider’s SIM too. But
    the problem persisted. I also researched the internet and came to know
    that many of the users have the same problem! It’s definitely a handset
    fault. I contacted Samsung Customer Care on 16th July 2013 and they said
    that as a policy they could not replace my Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500
    as it has crossed 7 days period after purchase (NOT TO
    CUSTOMER CARE CENTERS ARE CLOSED!!) Failing to solve the issue even
    after updating my software, now they have provided me with the option of
    replacing the motherboard of Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500). My charm of
    buying such an high-end phone has been completely lost and left me
    shattered fearing any more loss after motherboard replacement! I feel
    cheated buying a Toy of INR 41,500/-, when Samsung cannot even provide a
    stable BASIC necessity. It’s even more sad for me since I have still
    not started paying my monthly installments! (
    At great loss here buying this phone. I DO NOT recommend Samsung Galaxy
    S4 to anyone, unless you want to waste your hard earned money.
    Can anyone provide me with a solution to this?

  • Samsung s4mini when purchage

  • AnandM

    Well, this sucks….

  • AdilHusain

    all these damn samsung phone”s have same old look, got bored of this look…samsung seriously needs to rethink its design, from 11000 mobile to 40000 mobile all have same old look.. irritating its no use of seeing photos of new phone’s of samsung , just reading the specs will be enough , all have that cheap plasticky body even after  paying 40000 for a phone, we get only plastic whereas htc gives premium look and unibody alluminium , that looks like a costly phone not this one,.what is the design department doing sitting idle, samsung must fire them…

  • BharatSrinivasaraghavan

    Isn’t it too early to launch the S4 mini? They are simply killing the market share for their hurry to keep launching newer products. This is one idea Samsung could have done without.

    • AdilHusain

      BharatSrinivasaraghavan no its not early. as its no competition to s4 as s4 has 2 quad core processor and 2gb ram, this 0ne just has dual core and 1.5gb ram…..

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  • jrart1856

    this is soo cool for buyers looking for a smaller screen as compared to phablet sizes.yes dual core is a disappointment in new era of phone culture.still this will make a mark like the s2.
    s3 still wins over it.fortunately/
    for jR aRt, (art gallery)

  • MaazSurti

    sorry its s4 mini

  • MaazSurti

    why will anyone buy s3 mini if nexus 4 is available, which is much better and available at the same price??

    • jrart1856

      MaazSurti  because people have deep trust in samsung rather than asus or lg powered is the same trust we had in nokia in 2000s decade.
      make a visit to my art gallery,

  • Aditya Magdum

    only 8 GB internal and out of that 5 is for apps very bad :((

  • RishabhTank

    S4 mini is equipped with snapdragon 400 and with krait 300 and not 200! but hey yeah SP will kill s4 mini in graphics performance. Processing wise its the same. resolution and screen size is also great in SP 4.6in 720p vs. 4.3in 540p. so yeah it will be stupidity for them tho price it 25k when a much better SP is already in the market at the same price.

    • AnasSalvatoreSeraj

      RishabhTank  bt samsung ui is superb its no match

    • AshishKamat

      samsung has better camera algorithms and good developer community to bank upon.
      but true this pricey,the price is close to xperia sp and dangerously close to last years flagships
      galaxy S3 and one X.

  • Amartya Baidya

    Why would someone buy this and not the s3?same price now both

  • AshishKamat

    xperia sp is better at this price as it comes with dual core krait 300 and adreno 320,while s4 mini comes with krait 200 with adreno 305.also sp has Bravia hd display.Samsung should have placed it at rs 18000,competing with Xperia L rather than Xperia SP.
    Also Xperia SP has beaten likes of Galaxy S3,HTC One X,etc in performance.
    only place where s4 mini is better is amoled screen,camera and some touchwiz tricks.

  • mailnitinkapoornow

    wow new design phone it looks awsme
    samsung fire ur designing team what the hell they doing sitting ideal……
    All korean and japanese looks the same that doesn’t mean ur phones should also look the same

    • jrart1856

      mailnitinkapoornow hah..your comment is absolutely true :) sorry i am gonna copy it as my new status:)
      make a visit to my art gallery,

    • AdilHusain

      mailnitinkapoornow ha ha dude gud 1

  • Sameer Dash

    Galaxy S3 still looks promising in its price bracket now…except version 4.1…

  • Abrar Syed

    it’s basically targeting the Google Nexus 4 market!

  • Amit Pandey

    Good one…price is also fine.

  • Manoj Yadav

    That’s real mini version of flagship model, rather than s3 mini which was just a midrange phone