Micromax Teases Next Canvas : is this the Canvas 4?

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Micromax Teases Next Canvas : is this the Canvas 4?

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Micromax is clearly working on the next version of their popular Canvas series and has already started teasing it on TV. A small teaser caught between morning sessions of cricket tells us that another version of the Canvas is headed our way.

While there is no real news on the “Micromax Canvas 4” (expected name) we expect the following specs :

  • 5 inch Full HD 1920 x 1080p Display
  • The Mediatek 6589 chipset (Quad core)
  • 8 – 16 GB inbuilt storage
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 13 MP camera
  • 2-5 MP front camera
  • Dual Sim capability 
  • Android 4.2.2

But these seem to be only speculations until we get real word from the Indian mobile giant on what they are working on next. Stay tuned for more, till then see an exclusive picture of what the design of the Canvas 4 may be. The phone will be aggressively priced as the company will expect to do large numbers in terms of sale. Micromax presently moves out over 300,000 units of their canvas series on a monthly basis, a device like this priced around the 15,000 Rupee price mark could easily increase that by 50%.

micromax canvas 4 prom 0



Update : it is now confirmed that the phone will be called Micromax Canvas 4 and will be available June 28th. See below image from Micromax Canvas 4 Facebook Page

canvas 4 teaser

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  • yashchauhan306

    Which one is good ?
    1)canvas 4
    2)canvas HD
    3)gionee e3
    4)gionee e6

  • SuryaAkella

    Hi IGyaan. I just wanted to make a request to you. Would you do a review for Celkon a119q Signature HD smartphone. I’ve not been able to find a decent and unbiased review for that phone anywhere else. It would be great if you do that. Thanks in advance.

  • ShubhamJain2

    what is the expected price of canvas 4?

  • IliyasMansons

    Very Good Battery Back-Up

  • KiranFernandes

    no point in buying this one…. better go for thl w8 beyond, it has a faster processor……. search for mtk6589T(turbo)

  • eminemfan

    just anoher re branded phone of BLU Life One aka BLU L120

  • AnkurThakur

    Micromax is really providing best hardware as much as possible. I think that it can really bang the market, if it can customize its OS to something very new, as well as some more H/W features… The LG’s OS Optimus is really nice modded by them…

    • AchalSaraiya

      AnkurThakur some of hardware are good but its integration are having too many flaw, i had headache out of repairing of Canvas HD

      • danielmt32

        AchalSaraiya AnkurThakur  trust me the customer service is very bad,. If your phone is not working dont waste your time in the service center might as well get a new phone..

  • Rahul_13

    i am looking forward to a buy a smart phone can you suggest me between lumia , s3 or should i wait for canvas 4

    • AchalSaraiya

      Rahul_13 if want to compare price of lumia see for S3

  • Droidfreak

    WTH still stock 4.2.2 rom. I Think micromax should customize their user interface like sense, timescape, touchwiz etc. to make their products more standard. No doubt about quatity but the stock look sucks.

  • honeysingh3215

    which 1 is better 1)canavas 2
    2)canavas 3d

    • nirmik379kale

      O freak!! U r bloody right!! :o it looks same!!!

    • AnuvindTp

      honeysingh3215 canvas 2 plus

  • RishabGupta

    it’s a copy of this phone —>> BLU life one ,,,,and the specifications are right here .

    • nirmik379kale

      Oh freek u r right!! It looks the same!!

  • VaibhavBhatt


    • AchalSaraiya

      VaibhavBhatt to compare price of Canvas 2 see  price of Canvas 4 is 15999 its available for pre booking at 5000 explore more on

  • RaviKumar2

    Plz Mr. Bharat Nagpal. Reviwe of a Ubunto Mobile  Software . I think it would be a next genration Software for mobile

    • nirmik379kale

      Unfortunately noone in India is interestedin new tech like ubuntu!! I feel really bad that almost None of the tech shows n channels in India have done ny video n review on Ubuntu os!!

  • Mohammad Faisal Baqar Mohiuddin

    That’s why canvas hd’s price was lowered

  • Mohammad Faisal Baqar Mohiuddin


  • Sankalp Thakkar

    canvass HD is canvass3

  • Reeju Rk

    they have mentioned pre order date at twitter

  • danielmt32

    when is the 4.2 update on a116 coming ?? is it already here?

    • KhoyeriMolat

      danielmt32 yes… its there… go to ur near by service center n ask for the same

  • AmanBanka
  • NavaneetVSreesomson

    Mediatek 6589 is a disappointment! Would have been really nice if it was MTK 6589T (1.5 Ghz Quad Core )

    • yan4

      NavaneetVSreesomson The CPU may be octa core. If you see the official teaser video 2, it shows the canvas 4 splitting into 8 and then merging. It may be true as the first video confirmed the 13 MP camera.

      • NavaneetVSreesomson

        yan4 Appreciate your sense of deductive reasoning! But I think they ought to use a Mediatek chipset just like other local or Chinese manufacturers to deliver high performance at low prices. And the 8 Core MT6599 is rumored to arrive in Q4 2103. So, I doubt if they would be using an octa core processor in a phone expecetd to launch soon @ INR 15k. What do you say?

        • yan4

          NavaneetVSreesomson yan4 Yes, they may use the quad core processor, the phone actually splits into 10 if carefully observed.

        • abhiamitra

          yan4 NavaneetVSreesomsonIf u carefully observe then u will notice that when the last phone is seen the previous phone hides out. so at a time u will see only 8 phones so it might be octacore

      • DwayneRooneyFernandes

        Haha hadn’t thought about it like that.excellent sense of deducction

  • Abhishek Raj Rana

    why not canvas 3 ? :/

    • Wayne Dsouza

      @Abhishek Raj Rana  The Canvas HD is actually Canvas 3

  • danielmt32

    this is might look good on paper but when it comes to customer service i would request you not to buy any micromax phones.. its suck

    • RanjithKumar1

      but not in tamilnadu. i already had some experience nothing bad.

      • danielmt32

        RanjithKumar1 oh i wish i was in tamil nadu. i spend all my sal to but this phone it was such hard month cause i got this phone but i dont know what went wrong i didnt do anything to it and stopped working it didnt turn on at all. gave it to them, they said 3 days then 7 days then 15 days its been a month now and i still didnt get it. i miss the phone though.

  • Saifuddin Adnan

    not at all…canvas hd do not has canvas 3 written on it anywhere… not even on the box aur offcial website!

  • Sanchit Sharma

    canvas HD a116 is canvas 3 :P

  • UTK

    canvas hd is the canvas 3

  • jayakhani

    plz review micromax canvas 2 plus a110q i m awaiting for it for a long tym plzzz…..

  • SamiqRawa
  • Samiq Rawa
  • KanishqArora

    Which one is the canvas 3?????

    • SameerKar

      canvas hd a116 was canvas 3

  • Rupesh Salgaonkar

    are they working on intel based phone?

    • Bala77

      @Rupesh Salgaonkar No…………..

  • Saifuddin Adnan

    it should be canvas 3….how could they release 4 before 3??

    • SamiqRawa

      @Saifuddin Adnan Canvas 3D justifies the place!

    • Bala77

      @Saifuddin Adnan Canvas HD is “Canvas 3”

  • Vamsi Krishna Mandavilli

    if internal memory is 8gb is also not sufficent it will let down so they should make upto 16 gb

    • PranavNigam

      @Vamsi Krishna Mandavilli not anymore. with the recent 4.2 update on a116 we cn now move apps to external sd card… so now there is no limitation of memory :D

      • GangadharHuddar

        PranavNigam  from where I can upgrade my A116 for 4.2 version

  • Ameya Kulkarni

    Vighnesh Kadam

  • Jeetendra Mehra

    Bhavin Parmar – :D (Y)