Report : Micromax Canvas 4 A210 to launch for Rs. 16,900

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Report : Micromax Canvas 4 A210 to launch for Rs. 16,900

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Although many websites are reporting that the Micromax Canvas 4 A210 will launch for upwards of 24 thousand Rupees, the truth is far from the rumors. Micromax is all set to officially announce and launch the Canvas 4 at an event being held on 8th of July. The event will showcase the product and will also announce official pricing. According to sources close to iGyaan, the Micromax Canvas 4 A210 will launch at a price under Rs. 20,000/-. While the market price will be Rs. 16,999/- at the beginning.

Micromax has also initiated this phone, with its key feature being a blow to unlock software, and a 5 MP camera in the front ensuring that the users have nothing to complain about lack of basic features. The main camera is a 13 MP autofocus camera and the back panel is glazed just like on Samsung Galaxy phones. 

canvas 4 sides

Micromax is also planning to launch the Canvas 4 A210 in White and Black colors, with a graphic texture back panel. The Micromax Canvas 4 A210 is expected to be under 9 mm in thickness, where the 8.9mm standard may come into play. The 5 inch 1280 x 720 p  display indicates that the phone will be at-least 144 mm high (5.67 inches ) and 76 mm wide (2.87 inches).

We will get you more details when available, and you can expect iGyaan style videos to follow suit. 

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  • AnkitKumar1

    MIcromax- nothing but hype

  • AnkitKumar1

    I have canceled my preorder

  • eminemfan

    over price re branded of Blue Life One/wiko heaven stairway

  • RangellFernandes

    What a piece of crap has this canvas 4 turned out to be…. where is the turbo version of mt6589. MMX has fallen back in competetion this tym. 1gb ram pathetic

    • eminemfan

      .l.. mmx

  • SandeepKumar5

    dont anyone say blue one life again again again at canvas 4 blogs……buy that one only if u don’t like canvas then

  • Vandana Gupta

    Its cool

  • KaintLubana

    canvas 4 dont have quad core processor it has octa processor the information is not correct

  • KaintLubana

    hey any one dere

  • harishchengaiah

    no ones wants these specs from canvas 4, then where is the difference between canvas HD and canvas 4, micromax knows the fact that if disappointed the customers they have to pack up, so let’s just wait for 4 more days to know the official and true specs and features which can compete with  other highest end mobile handsets

  • HemantUttwani

    Its creating a nonsense if these specs are true its better to go for a change now ….i would prefer nokia lumia 720 cz now there are so much of chaos in android field …and now its a hard job for micromax now to end up the excitements of the people that’s only created by them… and a stupidity again done by offering only white color rather showing off with the black one

    • HemantUttwani … well 720 is a joke .. 512mb ram for 18k? except lumia 520 all the other lumia phones are not worthy of anything.

  • TerranceVeigas

    Yep its launching for Rs. 16,990 woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhBharat Nagpal

  • sweetchoco5253

    The Information given over here is wrong . It will be unreavelling at 8th JULY .

  • dcanurag

    I i would rather prefer to go for galaxy quattro …and no matter how much is the megapixel … the image quality wont be good if they dont dtop using cheap lenses

  • unknwngh0st

    Hey iGyaan, It seems that Canvas 4 design (and specs) is quite similar to that of Blu Life One ( Can you make a comparison of both the phones in the unboxing video of Canvas 4? That would be much helpful.

  • sebypp

    Anything above 18k would be disaster.. People are already frustrated with the strange way of pre-booking done by MMX. Anyone can pre-book Apple products without knowing the specs as they are trusted and well established brand. Unfortunately Micromax is nowhere near to Apple. Mainly people go for MMX since they are budget friendly phones. Though I have pre-booked Canvas 4, if the specs displayed here is true, then better I would go for Canvas HD!

  • calvin458

    Leaked information about specs are found promising and expected to be made available at 15990 INR(un-official pricing). It include.Sport a 5.5-inch 1080p displayPowered by a quad-core Cortex A7 processor clocked at 2GHzPowerVR Series 5XT graphics2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage13-megapixel rear camera with LED flash and add-ons like autofocus, face and smile detection and image stabilization3.2-megapixel secondary cameraA microSD card slot3,000mAh batteryConnectivity options like dual-SIM card slots, 3G, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-FiOn the software front, the device is said to run on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
    above specs are not signed officially yet they come from trusted sources.

  • shshnkkmr000

    Its Indian version of BLU life one.

  • pranavv

    Micromax is Losing customer due to not opened price & Spec If they open Spec at the time of prebooking with above mentioned spec, It might be they lost the market. I think they are looking how many peoples booked this phone.

  • Sarojmaharana23

    If this is the specs then I will never buy it

  • JindoosNair

    dis specs are of canvas hd..

    • KaintLubana

      JindoosNair u r right

  • ravindramegha

    If this gonna be true specs than definitely many people would disappoint.
    and yes company would also lose faith of customers.
    price around 20-26k is acceptable but the down performance is not.
    It doesn’t fulfill the slogan “CAN LIFE BE ENDLESS”………!!!!

    • RangellFernandes

      ravindramegha price of 25k-26k is acceptable for u maybe. Majority will demand refund. 18k is decent enough for a devive with mt6589T processor, 2gb RAM, 16gb internal memory. If the canvas 4 with these specs is priced 20k then it is best to chuck this 1 and wait for gionee E6 or karbonn S6.

      • ravindramegha

        RangellFernandes ravindramegha ya definitely u r right

  • PareshNWalavalkar

    thank god it is only blow to unlock and not blowj*b.

  • RangellFernandes

    With the tagline ‘Can life be endless’, i thought it must be housing atleast 3000 mah battery.
    Anyways, i hope that the specs mentioned on this site are false as im really considering buying the canvas 4
    My desired features (As everyone’s)-
    – Atleast 1.5ghz processor (mt6589t)
    – 2gb RAM
    – 8/16gb internal memory
    – 3000 mah battery
    – Full HD display
    – OTA support
    – Most importantly price 18k or below

  • RaviShah

    i gyaan you give a definitely wrong report.. canvas 4 will have a 2 GB ram confirm!!! just think if phone have 1 gb ram, no one want to bu this phone,canvas HD is better option.. this time igyaan report is 100% wrong….

  • Ryance D’souza

    Micromax pls change ur stupid name….its so lame:DD, im happier with the specs but when it comes to the brand name it sucks!!

  • DubKid

    All sources said dat canvas 4 wil hav 2gb RAM n 1.7 ghz processr
    If igyaan specs are right this ph wil not get a million sales as a116

  • Swapy

    OK now this is huge from MMX .. the only thing is i am concerned is RAM, if really 1GB on-board is there..then there is no use of buying it.. instead Canvas 3 will suffice.. but as the specs are not confirmed, i bet 2GB ram will be a market killer indeed. very..very essential upgrade. After sales services should also improve, it will be an icing on a cake! :) .. Over N Out.

  • PaulBMaliakel

    dissapointed! waiting for ma money to be refunded igyaan says canvas 4 has only  1 gb ram ,720 p display ..n all same as canvas hd! except 13 mp camera  n cost 17000..shud i pay 6000 more fr a  bettr camera???? n canvas hd is slimmer n less heavier i guess /… n no buttons in the bottom..looks awkward!

    • PaulBMaliakel … hey Paul, hw u doin mate :) … MMX has kept secret this time … i bet 2GB RAM will be on board. so dont think about refunds … Canvas 4 is gonna rock the boat of mobile market.

      • RaviShah

        Swapy PaulBMaliakel you r right.. i can bet also….

  • aQeelg

    Dear iGyaan,
    You have listed the phone’s specs in this article, what is ur source for this? MMX is prebooking it for Rs.5000 without even reveling the official  specs. Do u think its a good practice ?

    • kanishk

      aQeelg its horrible practice, iGyaan tweeted, that nobody should pre-order without confirming specs. What if they give you Nothing – Nothing like Anything haha, only morons will prebook without knowing the price or specs

  • Akhil Dara

    Wow Gr8 Mobile phone

  • DwayneRooneyFernandes

    These are just speculations.And Blow to Unlock is stupid.It definetly means gesture unlock.

    • kanishk

      DwayneRooneyFernandes no it means “blow to unlock” you press the power button and blow into the mic to unlock, its lame but Micromax put an image for it : check here :

      • DwayneRooneyFernandes

        I seen that before. It’s just that it doesn’t make sense. Some people open may spit on the phone lol.

  • OmprakashSahu

    is this device don’t have any hardware button ….

  • Yatish Shah

    its a good price

  • Abhresh Sugandhi

    Not so impressive as expected… compare it with HD… not bad in terms of money but features ok ok

  • exAnkit

    what the hell is this ; they will telll price on 8th of july

  • Aliasgar Barodawala

    Yasser Vw Mohammed Udaipurwala

  • Abhishek Kulkarni

    good phone! go for it :)

  • Sourabh Kulkarni

    yeah man……. . .em gonna buy this

  • Abhishek Kulkarni

    Sourabh Kulkarni U probably interested in this post!

  • Nitin Gupta

    Nalin Infografix Whiz Its not funny anymore :P

  • Yash Joshi

    I think i’m in love with micromax…. :p

  • Yash Joshi

    OMG….!!!!!!!! 16900/- ONLY..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nalin Infografix Whiz

    Nitin Gupta interested in buying.? :D :P

  • UTK

    i still believe that its an octa core processor becoz in the ad they show 8 phones tilted to each other………

    • raghukongokar

      UTK dude mediatek is still working on octa core, its not ready yet. currently only samsung is manufacturing octa core processors. u think micromax will buy chipsets from samsung to compete against samsung??

    • raghukongokar

      UTK did u not notice that they are revealing the price on “8th” july?? i just gave u one more reason to expect an octacore from mmx. lol!

    • JanaRaj

      UTK Did You belive That Octacore Processor’s Are Under the price of 20000rs

    • AzizThanawala

      UTK People Act So Stupid About This Octa Core Thing. Canvas 2 Had A Dual Core, Canvas HD had a Quad Core, So Canvas 4 Should Have A Octa Core ?! Dude It is not possible as the technology is in early stages! BTW Octa Core Is Just 2 Pair Of Quad Core SoC Working Alternately Just To Save Battery Life ! Also It Has Many Development Issues ! So Get Some Info And Then Comment !

  • Manual Joseph

    OMG just 16900!!

  • AshishKulthe

    Report : Micromax Canvas 4 A210 to launch for Rs. 16,900
    shouldn’t this be Micromax Canvas 4 A120 instead of A210

  • Aniket Khaire

    review please..

  • Ankit Arora

    Blu life one, search on google and get the canvas 4 details.

  • MayankPatel1

    Spelling mistake in chipset name, i think u forgot the ‘k’ in mediatek.

  • sandeepraj

    mmx is playing an very clever game, building market hype for the product by not reveling specs and price. this ensures users to await the phone and in sales of the phone to sky-rocket once it is released. this strategy  may also backfire on mmx if the phone do not reach market expectations(drawback of increasing hopes of users). company will lose it’s good name if that happens. Hope mmx calculated all this and the phone is a success.

  • AdityaWadeyar

    are those conformed spaces which are above mentioned or just expected ………

  • MayankPatel1

    Same chipset and higher resolution. Won’t that just decrease the performance? The only good part is 8GB onboard storage. I was so exited and wanted to buy it but now i don’t think so.

  • MayankPatel1

    Confirmed specs or expected ?

    • harishchengaiah

      MayankPatel1 of course without a doubt expected specs not real ones

      • MayankPatel1

        harishchengaiah MayankPatel1 I hope so ‘coz these specs are just not what i wanted from this phone.

  • Erin Viegas

    LOL !!! Special Features:-Blow to Unlock.

  • JanaRaj

    I Tought it was 2 GB with FHD screen , Is this Just A info or A Confirmed Announcement ??

    • RangellFernandes

      JanaRaj Even if the device has 2gb ram and FHD screen, how will the performance of the device be with only 1.2 ghz? Only dissapointing and so much hype is being created for this phone as if it has almost taken over the galaxy s4

  • RangellFernandes

    Same chipset of the A116 and 1gb RAM. Pathetic!!! Good i didn’t pre-order and waste my time waiting for the amount to be refunded.

  • SubhashSubbu

    wat abt 2gb ram and 2ghz processor?

  • Assad Khan


  • Ravi Rajput

    same ram and same processor df

  • Adil Husain

    that s gudd

  • KhoyeriMolat

    crazy MMX

  • Manoj Yadav

    Unlike At Least 2gb RAM and Mediatek 6589 Turbo GPU was expected..

  • raghukongokar

    it still sucks in terms of design. look at its bezel. they should have named it as micromax photo frame rather than micromax canvas. and they think they can compete  with samsung with 1gb ram phone and mk6589?? i was expecting 2gb of ram with mk6589T. Umi X2, TCL idol x are far better than this device in terms of looks and configuration.

    • DwayneRooneyFernandes

      raghukongokar also the gionee life e6.check that ou too

  • Vikas Rawat

    wait…… whaatt….
    i am disappoint :-(
    2GB RAM
    and 6589T Missing

  • OmprakashSahu

    but processor at least 1.5 GHz and ram also 1.5 GB usable

  • viki180194

    a 2gb ram and a mtk 6589t processor was xpected

  • Micromax is really going aggressive and will give tough competition to Samsung

  • HarshitSharma_1994

    It’s gonna be an AWESOME device !!

  • Bharu Ghaie

    When’s the review coming out?

  • NaniPhani

    dude change the specification of primary camera from 8 mp to 13 mp

    • NaniPhani fixed, sorry about that !

      • abhijeetnaohate

        Are you sure about 1080p display on the front?

      • Erin Viegas

        Bharat Nagpal I think there is a spelling mistake… shouldn’t it be Chipset Mediatek 6589??

  • kanishk

    YAY! Stupid Tech2 think its for 25,000 hahahah