Android May Get Banned In India Says Government

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Android May Get Banned In India Says Government

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According to DNA and PTI, Google’s Android platform, on which many smartphones are built and sold in India, reportedly hosts many adult applications that are considered unsuitable for viewing by children. Amid rising instances of adult content freely available on applications supported by Android phones, Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal sought suggestions from the media to deal with the issue.

“I want you people to suggest how can we close it. If we want to close it, you will attack us. I want all the media to come together and tell the minister how to deal with it so that if I do something about it, you don’t attack me,” Sibal told reporters in response to a query on the government’s action to adult applications on Android platform.

When contacted, a Google spokesperson said the company builds tools and controls into products that help people manage their online experience.

“Google Play developer programme policy does not allow content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material. Google has a zero-tolerance policy against child pornography,” the Google spokesperson said in a statement.

It added that if Google becomes aware of content with child pornography, it will report it to the appropriate authorities and delete the Google accounts of those involved with the distribution. “Similarly for Android, we offer content filtering. Google Play requires developers to label their applications according to the Google Play ratings system, which consists of four levels,” the statement said. The government had recently come in for sharp criticism for ordering certain websites and web pages blocked for carrying obscene content.

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Hitesh Arora
Hitesh Arora
  • Anand

    Cant help it people cant see good things happen they have to do something to bother, there are much more worse things to ban in india rather than banning an mobile operating platform.

  • Sudhir

    First we have to ban this congress party from our country.

  • Sakthi

    Ban Internet and computer also.. Our country will be developed soon..

  • limepie

    hahahahahaha….u r soooo correct dude

  • limepie


  • Thiru

    Then why this page has Android phone ads??????

  • Dee J Nishant

    Jaldi kro in ch**tiyo ka android band! Saale free me chala rhe hai

    • UmangPlus

      @Dee J Nishant  sarkar ke gan*d me itna dam nahi, aur tu apna bakcho*i band kar.

  • Mohit Mahi

    Tu hi karke dekh le ban bwli gnd…gvt to na kar sakegi…

  • Mohit Mahi

    Tu hi karde ban bwli gnd.
    gvt to na kar sake hai..

  • SekharPrudhivi

    With all due Respect,  He should be banned from being minister.

  • Dilipkumar

    It should not be banned in India bcz it’s very popular and cheapest smart phone in the world.Gov should banned adult app if they want but not android.

  • ArnavGupta

    so Kapil Sibal thinks “Android” should be banned in India now. Oh and
    why ? Because some Android apps contain adult content, and Android is
    increasingly becoming popular among underage teenagers.
    Mr. Sibal, few suggestions : –
    a) I believe more “underage teenagers” have internet access than the
    number who have android phones. How about search “porn” on Google,
    ponder over the results that you find out, and then ban Google, the
    internet, and computer, and maybe electricity too.

    b) How about stopping the batshit insanity that is prevailing over the
    academic institutions and college admission procedures (thanks to you)
    which makes someone score 300 Marks in JEE and 85 in boards get lower
    rank than someone getting 200 marks in JEE and 92 marks in boards. That
    might stop engineering aspirants from getting demotivated from studies
    and getting motivated to “adult content”
    c) The best suggestion
    of all is how about I show you _|__ and you take your assorted
    collection of colleagues (especially that mute blue turban, that
    disgusting italian and her equally worthless son, and that spokesperson
    whose apparent eloquent english has more grammatical mistakes per second
    than my screen refresh rate)
    And though you do not deserve my
    time that I am wasting, I thought I might give you a serious answer too.
    Dear Naughty boy, first it is commendable that you “searched” and
    actually found adult content in Android, because in the list of most
    download popular apps I can only see social media apps, photography apps
    and music players and games. I don’t know what you were doing with your
    android phone, but since I know some of your colleagues watch porn on
    their mobiles inside the parliament, I can understand the urges. Though I
    suggest you humbly to use a porn website instead because Google does
    not allow uploading such apps to Google Play. Google Play developer
    programme policy does not allow content that contains nudity, graphic
    sex acts, or sexually explicit material.

  • RaghuKSoman

    Knife is dangerous ,, so ban supermarkets!

  • rjsvp7

    Its like “Burn your house, its full of rats!” ideology.
    But banning most corrupted political coalition for 10years in India would be a far batter idea

  • ratul29

    “it” in the above statement from Kapil Sibal means the “adult apps”, and not the whole Android platform!! Very irresponsible article and header from igyaan. Do not use your online reach to misguide people. I trusted igyaan as a reliable source of information, but after this, I will not. Bharat, I hope you are watching this.

    • AkashBajpai

      I agree with you my friend.

  • RamaKrishnaChunduri

    I guess the post says “Android Market” will be banned not the android platform completely. 
    posting application in “Android Market/PlayStore” will not have any
    verification from google and app will be live in 1/2 hr. (But Apple and
    Microsoft verifies the apps before getting them live… and it tooks 10
    man days to get the app live in itunes store).
    When Google itself
    isn’t verifying applications people(developers) are allowed to post
    adult/explicit contents on store which would be an issue in india …
    leaving porn aside, PlayStore has lots of spams. for example when u try
    searching for a game NFS,Race etc. The results includes lots of
    applications which are merely containing wallpaper applications in it
    instead of actual game.
    The only solution for it is to ask google to include verification process before approving apps to be live on store.

  • Alamgir Zulqarnain

    Good Joke!

  • shawvivs

    useless govt. of UPA totally anti people and why don’t they ban broadband and internet services everything will be over no issue of porn ban everything and pass only reservation bills , food security bills , minority biils , secularism bills,that’s why i have taken on Oath to never vote for congress in my life.

  • MilanrajDhanale

    If android is banned then i will make sure that i will never vote Congress in my entire life.

    • austere88

      MilanrajDhanale So you were planing to vote for them before that ban? Tch Tch…pity your thought!

  • VishnuVasu

    99% of Politicians are corrupted, which is a serious problem in india, in that case will they ban politicians in India :P

  • Mustaq Ahmed

    is apple owning the government..

  • Shrey Jaiswal

    WTF government is mad!!!

  • YugShende

    Seriously, why is porn an issue in India? to the point that it has to ban a complete OS. Porn Industry isn’t going to stop. There are porn websites specifically designed for the iPad. 
    If India really wants to ban porn, the best way is to ban GUI and only allow assembly and machine language coding . Bunch of losers

  • Praveen Narayana

    why so…

  • Rifais Nightfury

    Symptoms of aging lol

  • Kaushal Sahu

    ja ja jis din ban hoga uss din baat karenge

  • Mashuk Ali Khan


  • Mashuk Ali Khan

    salo ko karna hai toh indian all porn site ko banned karai na salai android ko nisana bana rahai hai.

  • rdkumthekar

    They do have a fair point, just check the list of top 50 apps in the Play Store, there are 3 adult apps in the list, and they are Most Downloaded!!!

    • AbhiBhat

      rdkumthekar Porn Is available for Free even On PC !

  • Manjinder Singh

    ye india h BOSS! :)

  • AJ Menon

    Ban the Government someone.

  • TruelyPawan

    if a person suffers with disease, do we kill that disease? Or kill the person

    • SapnaMulani

      TruelyPawan Our govt would surely kill the person and NOT the disease.. :D .. Difference in Indians and Politicians lies here..

  • Alexander Hemingway Baron

    Saale bina paani k batashe….Android ko ban kar bhi denge tab bhi phone thodi cheen lenge. ;)

  • PrajeeshNellikattil

    If pornography is banned in India..why not ban porn applications from google play store. Do you honestly believe that porns dont run on cheap china,nokia,samsung and other phones?Braindead people for life.

  • PrajeeshNellikattil

    India : In next 20 years we will be as rich as America and other leading rich and developed countries.
    Indians : Hopefully in next 100 decades Indian Government will change so that the changes and development could be applied.

  • SapnaMulani

    LOL..Someday we would hear..BAN the Internet….. Putting Ban on Android is such a clear sign of “Stupidity, Attention Seeking activity, Foolishness, Brainless….” and don’t know what all.

    • MilanrajDhanale

      i think you are right, we should ban the internet instead of banning the sites. This is will bring our government 25 years back and then they will know the importance of it. Every big city will turn into small towns.

      • SapnaMulani

        MilanrajDhanaleSapnaMulani They
        will never know the importance of any damn f*cking thing except MONEY
        .. Until they r getting paid for every SH*T they are laying on our
        country, they won’t change. (Which means…they won’t change ever) 
        MONEY is ALL they want..and nothing else.

  • Srikanth Jamadagni

    im gonna kill al d ministers..

  • Shashi Shekhar

    What government ?? see you in 2014 Congress :p

    • MilanrajDhanale

      @Shashi Shekhar 
      Very true

  • Saurabh Singh

    Alexander Hemingway Baron, hehehe. :D

  • sahanitesh

    People watch more in windows (laptop / desktop).

  • UdayaNapa

    If there are pollutants in the air, you should stop breathing. Why dont we ban air?

  • sunnyson548

    These Fellows never understand the technology for the coming generation. More over we can enhance the application but we don’t have any right to ban the entire system..

  • HarpreetSinghPurba

    sale microsoft ne kharid liya hai inko
    itne saal tak kya soo rahe the?

  • Alexander Hemingway Baron

    Ye ky bakchodi hai? :-/

  • Akshay Purohit

    apni gov. pagal hogyi hai ….

  • Yogesh Gupta


  • Ratnadeep Gaikwad

    And everyone starts using windows phones ….
    It does’nt look all that bad especially with Nokia doing good things with the lumia line up

  • Hemant Sharma

    they cant ban kanimozhi from 2g case to enter Rajya Sabha again….losers…pathetic from govt..they suck ..

  • Yasser Vw

    iijst hack proxy and add us servers and den u r good to go…get a device frm usa anyways

  • Yasser Vw

    no prob

  • Vinay Kunchurkar

    Errr if they fail to control they BAN it n wat if they not controlling basic commodities price for living like food petrol etc then even we must BAN this Govt also,fair rules isn’t it wat do u say ppl…

  • Viswam

    To be accompanied with a fine drink of this:

  • Dheeraj Kumar


  • As an IT Minister, you are asking us? Ask Modi, he will take not more than a day to take action against such things. Modi doesn’t wait for anyone, he just do it.

  • Rahul Ghosh

    the proposal is absolutely rubbish,it’s impossible to ban android.

  • Amit Kumar Padal

    “125 Lumia users shared this post”

  • Amit Kumar Padal

    “94 iPhone users like this post”

  • Guru Raj


  • Joseph Daniel

    Is Microsoft paying them again…..

  • bala_gamer

    wow i love this government!!! they dont care about the inflated money rates, they dont care about economy, they dont care about petrol price hikes, they dont care about border threats from china, but they are serious about porn on internet!!!! LOL…. shame to call them a government

  • tarundham

    i think politicians should ban themselves  first they are the people do watch porn in parliament

  • Rishi Kambil

    Give each of us an iphone 5.

    • googleindia2005

      @Rishi Kambil How many votes do politians get in return ??

  • Rishi Kambil


  • Fahad Ansari

    Stupid brainless government

  • Qwwq

    Not only most of the apps in the PlayStore are of those types that are mentioned in the article, but also they are notoriously insecure. Some apps can detect root, and steal user’s personal information without the user’s notice. Facebook is one such application, says Symantec. Let alone malicious apps, even the legitimate apps lack quality, and are far from delivering the level of experience that iOS Apps does. Recent survey has found, iOS users spend more time using their devices than Andorid users. iOS users also benefit from closed nature of the OS, as apps running malicious code are barred from even showing up on the AppStore. I am not sure about whether Android will be banned or not, but it does not matter. I do net banking in my phone. I make purchases, withdrawls, transactions etc. Even if I hadn’t done all of those, keeping my personal data safe is my first priority, and for that reason alone, I will never switch to Android. BlackBerry might be more secure, but then I would have sacrifice all those extremely useful apps.

    • AyushGoyal

      Qwwq so you are saying that your information is secure with apple but not with facebook. Interesting how blockheaded people are when it comes to apple products. You have no clue what runs behind the apples secure OS. on the other hand most of the code in android is open. Any vulnerability is quickly exposed and dealt with. If someone finds a vulnerability in iOS you won’t even notice. Apple won’t even notify you that you were having such a vulnerability in your system.

      • AyushGoyal

        Someone has rightly said ignorance is bliss. Just cause you don’t know the backend details of how apple operates you feel secure. Even if they are feeding all your data to NSA.

      • Qwwq

        AyushGoyal I said that by virtue of the open nature of the android os, many potentially malicious apps can grab your data, upload them to a server and show you the middle finger.  Facebook for android is one of the MANY apps that has been found to do it. Facebook might not harm you by stealing your data, but other apps might, who knows how they will misuse it. But Facebook for ios will not be able to do that. Its not easy to do that with ios or blackberry because they are built on secure unix foundation. The entire study was found by the security giant, Symantec. Here is the source:
        Zuckerberg was questioned about whether they misuse the data or not and he denied.
        You may call me “blockheaded” because I’m trying to tell you the truth, but ask yourself. Are you not blockheaded to blindly hate ios users, simply because you are in the android camp? You also gave some comments comparing android and ios. Where is the proof? Or were they YOUR opinions?

        • experot

          Qwwq As you shared in the link. There is no sign of having root access on such applications like FB. They ask for permission for reading contact and we usually grant that permission. So they can only misuse  our contacts and they cannot steal credit information because it can be only stolen by keyboard application because we only grant such permission to custom keyboard we install. And Ayush was correct you are just IOS fanboy. Because if Apple is stealing your info under the hood then you will never know. And android is open so if there is any such kind of possibility then it’ll come out asap because each n every developer wants to be famous and it’ll be great opportunity to come with flaw and show middle finger to google..

        • Qwwq

          Read the article carefully. Here is a quote.”Unfortunately, the Facebook application is not the only application leaking private data or even the worst” – Symantec.Here is another…”The firm stated, “the first time you launch the Facebook application, even before logging in, your phone number will be sent over the Internet to Facebook servers. You do not need to provide your phone number, log in, initiate a specific action, or even need a Facebook account for this to happen.”Who knows what else is there under the hood. If you say that the same thing is being done by Apple too, then you need to prove it. I have proved my words everytime. As fanboyism goes, I am more than happy to be a fan of iOS because of its walled garden approach. Here, let me cite some quotes from the article.”Apple’s “walled garden” approach to its mobile platform has long erected barriers for app developers, forcing them to request permission before collecting the user’s location data, well before anyone anticipated that developers would broadly harvest location data.”

        • AyushGoyal

          Qwwq AyushGoyal first of all I want to clear the fact the security is in the hand of the users, its never in the hands of developer. by trusting your developer you are leaving control of your system. how sure are you that giants like symantec scanning each and every bit of your system do not do the same thing as facebook (and you are trusting advise of such a company, there is a very popular belief that all the malware/virus are produced by these companies directly/indirectly to keep their business running although its just a theory. ). You can be fully secure only if you know the inside out of your system . that is only possible in case of open source/ free (please read abt freedom of software/right of users on fsf website) software systems. My comment was never about ios vs android. just to make it clear i was targeting at your belief that closed systems are more secure. If they had been microsoft would still have been the most secure system coz its even more closed than apples system. ( apple’s kernel is based on mach kernel now called darwin. its open)

        • AyushGoyal

          Qwwq The only advantage of a closed system is monopoly. It has never been about security. If it had been 90% of the worlds supercomputer (doing much more classified work that you can ever accomplish on your phone and worth zillions of dollars and requiring much more sophisticated level of security you ever will) would have asked proprietry vendors like microsoft/apple to produce a cool looking closed environment for them. Instead most of them leverage the open source beast that is linux.

        • AyushGoyal

          Qwwq there is very less difference between the concepts on which linux/unix were built on, linux mainly being started as an attempt to clone functionality of unix .

          #read threats and security
          The development cycle of linux is far more superior than of any software with tens of thousands of devs contributing. in fact in a recent research, it was concluded that linux is the benchmark for code quality.  

  • mobcom

    government my ass..

  • Aniket Sen


  • Humaid Ahmad Kidwai

    rumour ! nothings gnna happen aakash itself runs on android

  • Koushik Dutta

    our government is suck

  • Heyman_guy

    Igyaan has reported “Android may get banned” The word “ban” doesn’t feature once in the entire article apart from the title

  • Debdip Bandyopadhyay

    nehi hopayega aab

  • Nyapathi Sunil Jayant

    Hmm it’s not banning android … but i think regulate the adult content in it :)… not sure though…

  • Salaah Qureshi

    Looks like someone didn’t get their kick back this month.

  • Debayan Samajpati

    go home government, u r drunk -_-

  • RoyalPrabhat

    ye pehle se hi chutiya tha or hamesha chutiya hi rahega……banning android isnt the solution…they watch porn in parliament and tell us not to use android…WTF? you are drunk kapil, GO HOME..

  • Abrar Syed

    Only the Indian government can come up with such jokes…! :@

  • Akshay Gupta

    Indian government supports NOKIA XD XP :P bahahahahahahaha!!!!

  • Varun Jain

    Kapil sibal pe Pran saab ke jaane ka bahut asar pada hai…tabhi woh aise villainous baate kar rah hai. :D

  • Varun Jain

    Okayy so that means, Kapil Sibal wants to become hero by becoming first person on earth to bring IOS to AKAASH tablets. OR may be poor ppl like Sibal himself havent checked out Appstore on an IPhone.

  • Deëpæk Küma?

    Fake news

  • Meeta Mathur


  • Jatin Budhiraja

    India govt.. ko ANDROID ka A bhe nahe ata ho ga or ANDROID go bann kare ge.

  • AnchitMittal

    Kapil Sibal… 
    1. Aakash tablets , no where to be found.
    2.People from their Govt. watch porn inside the assembly.
    3.Could not get content(hate pages) removed from social media sites.
    4.Could not get porn sites banned in India.
    5.We still have stone age broadband speeds in the country.
    6.2G spectrum “GHOTALAA” we all are aware about.
    One fine day this “EPIC FAILURE” wakes up and says “BAN ANDROID”.
    Seriously do u even think in ur head b4 u speak or is it just to keep reminding us of ur presence in our country cuz it simply boils our blood.

  • Go home people they are drunk! No one can BAN android! Just a hoax, because if this is the case then probably you will end up putting a ban on every piece of technology!
    People you need to teach your kids whats right and when it is right and not sit back and say yeah ban this and ban that!
    Mr. Sibal is at a age when he should be probably be playing with his grand children at home and not in the chair of a minister!

  • Shailendra Kamath

    If congress is not banned they can ban anything…

  • Anuj Rana

    No can dosville babydoll :p

  • BoopathiRajaa

    I don’t get the point . 
    Android is open source. I can as well clone the repo, use the same thing as Bandroid on my phone, and still all the apk files would still work. 
    The stupidest thing that can come up on the news.

  • MehulParmar


  • Satyajeet Patnaik

    India ki gov. Tobacco(paan masala)ko to ban ni kr payi aayi android ko ban krne saala gov. Khud to porn dekhti h pahle wolog khud ko roke phir bacho n logo ko rokne ki soche huh….SACH M MERA BHARAT MAHAN

  • Manjunath Manzoo

    Then wat abt porn sites?

  • Saurabh Khorwal

    Is kapil sibbal ki to…. kaha hai meri bandook!!

  • Lakhinandan Baruah

    govt. chutiya he…

  • Harsha Vardhan

    sab kuch band kardo kamino..bakvaas govt

  • Somnath Dutta

    Only way is to block such apps to access the INTERNET.

  • Abhishek59845

    It is India not Saudi Arabia.

  • Somnath Dutta

    @igyaan rework on your statements!!! Than they need to stop the root; mean Desktops of the developers, Microsoft, SUN’s Java SDK and lots of apps.

  • Siddhartha Kumar

    Why would ppl ‘like’ this news !! :(

  • Nishant Garg

    i wonder what they gona do with their own scheme of aakash tablets

  • Anel Kumar

    rofl. its not possible.Don’t worry guys, its just a news . To implement this it takes hell lot of years to Gov. :D

  • AnirbanBanerjee

    how freakin uneducated can our govt be??? technology ke naam pe to bilkul nallle hain….khud ka govt website bhi hack honay se bachaa nehi sakte…upar se android pe ban karne ki baat kar rahe hain…..why cant they just remove the pornographic materials insteaad??? we literally need to put a ban on this stupid govt…

  • AbhiBhat

    I hate This Govt. ! Please Give Me Suggestions To Ban them ! :P

    • Abhishek59845

      AbhiBhat Don’t vot upa ever..

  • Abhishek59845

    If Govt ban Ban Android UPA will be destroyed for ever.

  • Prathamesh Pandit

    what? but why?

  • RomeyMir

    Hahaha i was about to get a Smart Phone….:P

  • neoblack

    kapil doesn’t know that one can filter over rated apps by going into play store settings, stupid dumbheads ..
    P.S banning open source? :P are u kidding us or what :D

  • Kumarjit Saha

    indian govt sud get themselves wipe to the grave

  • venkyrockz316

    Great….just when i was saving money to buy a samrtphone

  • Mohammed Udaipurwala

    Firstly Indians are good at knowledge then y the F does the govt want to band android???

  • Oliver Fernandes

    The people in the parliament will commit suicide if they loose access to adult content >:O >:-O >:o >:-o

  • Pritam Chakraborty


  • ravi9

    first we have to find what Mr.Kapil Sibal is using at present…
    may be jave enabled phone !!

    • roseinfire91

      ravi9 bhai adult content toh us par bhi access hota hai

  • ravi9

    Seriously !! What the hell are they thinking ??
    it has to be discussed widely among many companies…people…organisations…and try to restrict those apps after all of this still the scenario is not in control then they have to take this type of drastic type !!
    I am not aware of reading any of these precautionary steps taken by govt.
    more over at present in mobile phones more than 60% based on Android … don’t understand what they thinking . .. …

  • Aryan Prince

    ummm good i dint buy android phone….

  • Jishnu Prakash

    mad govt

  • Kartik Sharma

    Igyaan ghuma phira ke mat bol… government clearly asked for SUGGESTIONS how to stop adult application .. nowhere ban was mentioned

  • Himanshu Khemani


  • Devang Desai

    The pornographic apps need to be banned and not the whole android software.

  • Natraj Pramod

    Good luck with that ;-) :-P

  • JanaRaj

    Well Kapil Could be One of the Partner of  Nokia & Apple 
    Better BAN kapil

  • roseinfire91

    and what about cd, dvd, movie (hollywood and bollywood), mobile clip which can be played on any multimedia phone, and internet.
    and why u directly blaming on android such kind of adult apps are also available on apple too.
    and they both provide the parental control option or  family filters

  • Subhrajit Roy

    khud use karta hai ‘SHYAM-SINGH'(SAMSUNG)..

  • Gaurav Darkflicker

    I am going to assassinate Sibal and going to jail happily if this happens!

  • Subhrajit Roy

    bhoraiya gaya hai..

  • Harikrishnan Ragothaman

    you kidding??

  • Prateek Oli

    same here bro

  • Anuj Balodi

    main bata ra maa chod dunga inki

  • Sonal Biswas

    Nokia & Apple are going to be so happy!

  • SandeepBasak

    uska bas chale to mera hacked cable modem ko bhi band karwa de :P

  • Swapnil Sinha

    instead on focusing about more serious problem the falling value of rupee … chutiyapa kar rahe hai .. :

  • SandeepBasak

    mujhe to lagta hai kapil sibbal porn dekh dekh k pagla gaya hai isiliye android ko band karne ki baat kar rah hai

  • Prateek Oli

    arre indian government se pirated sites to band ho nahi paati …android kya ghanta band karenge. :/

  • Vikalp Singh

    i think google netao ko paise nahi khela rahi…

  • AngadSingh

    Whats wrong in watching in watching porn, again?

  • Vikas Rajawat

    then whats about AKASH TEBLETS

    • SaifKazi

      @Vikas Rajawat i think they will make this shiit on ubuntu

      • AbhiBhat

        SaifKazi Bro they will use browsers to watch em… !!

  • Akshay Agarwal

    someone msg anonymous they will handle this :p

  • AbhiNew

    devlopers -they should come up with new innovations …  and develop a software in phones which can sense and estimate the age of a person from the front camera and doesn’t allow them to access any bad sites and applications from the market if they appear less than the appropriate age. ???

  • Aman Tiwari

    ftw? u mad ? u’re gonna ban something that’s a part of people’s life now.. now tell me how u wont end being screwed by the poeple..? -_-

  • SayanMukherjee

    WTF NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Prince Breeze

    Jason, you’re right bro :)

  • Sujith M Kalmady

    wat the hell yar firse nokia ka Symbian se marna padega kya hell ;(

  • Raul Meireles Singh

    Kya fudu government hai yr…

  • Jason Fernandèz

    @Saki. The way you speak show’s from where you’re come.

  • Shubham Roy Ghatak

    Google please launch an official “Right from Sibal’s heart” app fast if you dont want this !

    • SayanMukherjee

      @Shubham Roy Ghatak xD xD :p

  • Amit Vilwas

    mohit mahi ko bann kro

  • Anurag Borah

    I hate this government..

  • NikhilPandey

    pornography  can also be veiwed from java’s web-browser also or be it any platform there are wayouts for the child or may be adult to look out for pornography. my question is with kapil sibal is that when he is going to look out or what is going to do  for this situation?

  • Raj Patil

    what the hell…. nooooo jahan dhyan dena chahiye waha dedo govt…. abhi ye mat karoooo

  • Saki Rock

    bosdeke gandu ghud bana sakte hai aasa platform gand phat jayegi or tu mere ko zarur reply karega lekin jo android or apple karke gaya hai vo bhart nahi kar sakta kyuiki koyi bhi smartphone apps banae wali compney inko nahi bechega to idia ki gand phat jaye gi lekin ye bana nahi paye ge

  • Amit Pandey

    Better to Ban Kapil sibbal in india…idiot!

  • Mohit Mahi

    jaldi karo,ban .., i m waiting foe it

  • Aliasgar Barodawala

    Yasser Vw Mohammed Udaipurwala I wish it could b banned lol

  • Shreyas Appachu


  • Mohammed Saif Ali

    Prasun parhi we have ryt to talk about anything…

  • AbhiBhat

    If Children Are Viewing such material on an android mobile , then why give them one ??

    • AbiramReddy

      AbhiBhat Seriously!

  • Mohammed Saif Ali

    Indian delhi police a rape nahi rok sake android ka kya begadege…. s

  • Prasun Parihar

    Government …………………………. :D :D :D
    I can’t comment anything wrong about it……… nahin to mujhe IMPRISONMENT ho sakti hai……………

  • Prashanta Barman

    joke of the day…..

  • Himanshu Khemani

    i dont want tol live in this india anymore!

  • Prince Breeze

    Android porn apps or Android OS ? On which OS they’ll launch Akash then ?

    • AnkurMittal

      @Prince Breeze hehe nyc 1

  • Varun Singh

    Wtf? :p

  • Rey Alvin Dela Cruz


  • SaimaAthar

    must be banned i caught my 12 yrs old brother surfing material that are banned sights material but can be easily seen from android, at our own we have got a windows phone for him now

    • SaimaAthar

      i like this act from government, which saves our childrens involving in ad acts from early age, and not able to concentrate on their studies

      • AnanthuAnil

        Are you serious. Try controlling your family first. There are ratings ine

        • SaimaAthar

          AnanthuAnil what are you trying to say? ur msg is not clear, at least try to convey ur msg, what ratings are u talking abt?

      • AnanthuAnil

        There are ratings in the store. And there arent many apps like that either. If this is your view on the society then we should ban movies. There are worse things in movies than in the play store

      • DebarshiSarkar

        SaimaAthar dont blame it on ur kid u cant control him then stop complaining

      • Amartya Baidya

        SaimaAthar And does Internet explorer on wp8 not support ***tube??
        Are trying to act smart or are you just plain ignorant?

        • SaimaAthar

          Amartya Baidya SaimaAthar  what is problem with youtube?

        • Amartya Baidya

          SaimaAthar Amartya Baidya 
          replace the “you” in youtube with “red” or many other words and you will get the problems soon enough…..And thus you do not need an app for pornographic content the desire and a basic internet connection is enough.

    • DebarshiSarkar

      SaimaAthar seriously and u think in windows phone he cant watch porn…….

      • navaneet31

        DebarshiSarkar SaimaAthar  if children wants to watch porn they can watch no only by mobile many net centers there we have friends too.we dont now what they doing in backside of us.and govt concentrating on porn sites we have economic problems first concentrate on them .

      • SaimaAthar

        DebarshiSarkar SaimaAthar i talked about material that are with in the play store, a child has not to be smart  to search as for browsers, but for the android market, it will eventually come while he is looking for something new, and might get into it,  every one has his own wishes, and opinion, i do not want my child to be addicted to those things, and u decide better for urs

    • Pratik_3011

      SaimaAthar First of all why on earth are u giving such phone to ur so small brother and now u r complaining that ur brother is involved in such activities. Control them first. U r only giving them the resources.

    • JanaRaj

      SaimaAthar You Should Control your Kids .. Not the Whole World.. lol

  • Ankit Pradhan

    ab ye kya chutiyapa hai!

  • Sahil Suneja

    says the government who cant even ban porn sites :D :D

  • Dushyant Pandit

    not sibal again :/

  • Mohammed Saif Ali


  • Divyanshu Chandola

    dafaq !

  • SandeepBasak

    kapil sibbal chutia hai, saala poora internet to porn se bhara hua hai, uska bas chale to internet ko bhi india me ban kar de.

  • Amritpal Singh

    JOke of the day

  • Vishal Lingayat

    Haha…. :o :p

  • Mancunian__Red

    Google will filter it for sure .

  • Vinay Mehra

    needs update .. porn apps are going to ban -_-