Update 2 : Motorola Defy India Launch!

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Update 2 : Motorola Defy India Launch!

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As much as we would like to give you information, Motorola has told us to hold the news. The company is unable to Launch the device as the handsets have not yet reached distributers and therefore launch has been continually postponed. As, in the case of the Desire HD, This is information provided to us by Motorola, and as always we  do not hold responsibility for the launch of the device, but, for providing information to our viewers.

We will release the Unboxing video as soon as we get a go ahead from Moto. In the meantime read what MOTO said to us.

Dear Bharat,

While we appreciate the constant updates on the release of the device on iGyaan. We would like to inform you that the device will not launching as promised and would be delayed by a few days. Our stock has not yet reached the distribution points and thus we would be delaying the launch.

Please hold further news till the time we can issue you a go-ahead. Information and videos of the test device may also be released then.


We will withhold the name of the sender for privacy sake. Rest assured, the first information on the release of the Device will be provided by us.

Update 2: Mr. Kapil Gupta (sales head for Delhi – Salora Int.) says:

The unit will be launched in the first few days of the next week, latest by Wednesday. Motorola is following a conduct with this device- and is not willing to release it before all units have been billed by the dealers and stocked.

The price of the unit will be upwards of 19,000 Rupees, thats all i can comment right now.

We will continue to provide all the relevant information as we get it. We will upload the video one we get a go ahead from Moto.

iGyaan Team

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  • Sachin8984

    No update for motoraola Defy
    can you tell me how to udate it

  • Liked this review and definitely made my mind to purchase defy until I read this forum –


    Its the big issue? There are almost 500 cases so looks like a genuine issue..moreover this is hardware problem so I am waiting to see if some of us buying this fone hits such bug??

  • Kamaspi

    just heard on your defy unboxing video as 2.2 is it really?

  • Saud Shk

    India is biggest mobile market but mobiles launch when it become old in Europe and US…Motorola Defy is very good phone on paper but i heard of earpiece problem which is very much serious..It really sad for me I hold my budget to buy Huawei ideos x6 but after looking this mobile on internet i was very much excited but phone companies look like cheated me…I really very much confused there is no news of Huawei Ideos X6..

  • Asad

    purchased it yesterday via a dealer in Hyd. !!! Warning !!! There is a major defect. Hold your purchases. Here is what happened to me. Unboxed and switched on to configure and copy my contacts etc .. After some time the phone stuck with no alternative but to do a hardware reset. I pulled out the battery and plugged it in… It has so far never switched on ! I charged it for 4-5 hrs thinking that battery might be dry but did not help. Tried few forums to find out and tried all the remedies mentioned to do a hard reset and … I am going to return the handset or get it replaced today. I think its a genuine problem and all Indian handsets (made in Chennai) are going to face this issue. Please hold your purchases.

    • Niteshneela

      d u know anyone facing the same problem???

    • Vivek

      hi, did not believe you at first when i was here, but after a month’s use now my defy too died on me, was working fine, battery low warning was there but i kept using it so ultimately it got switched off never to get powered up again, no charging indication when plugged in to charger, externally charging battery also did not help, now dead as brick with factory reset key combination also did not work. given it to moto service center n waiting now. don’t know whether it was assembled in india or not but had purchased it through flipcart.

    • Vivek

      Ok got my Defy back from moto service after 12 days and they have changed its motherboard so now i have new IMEI, so as i think the fault was at hardware level and was unrepairable so they replaced the main board. for my luck it was under warranty so i pay nothing. but this Defy from outside is quite vulnerable from inside at-least in my case. working fine now

  • Kumar

    Hello igyaan team,

    Nice piece of info.I am waiting for Milestone2 from Motorola here in India.
    Do you guys have any info whether the handset will arrive here….if not planning for HTC desire hd…
    Any info pls post it to the world….i am on Igyaan 24X7….thank you…..

  • Sharadgoyal24

    hey guys its available now..u can get this from univercell stores

  • Kshitij

    Was it launched today or …?

  • Aks

    The fault entirely lies with Motorola. Its their procastnation approach that is hurting them and if they keep this attitude then it might erase them as well. The classic example is Defy getting launched after a lag of almost 6 months(if they launch it ) in India. The other example is Motorola Driod 2(Global) still is awaited launc in other markets except US & UK. In UK it was launched almost 3-4 months back and yet no official confirmation when it will be launced in other markets. Now the excuse that they are launch model only for CDMA and later GSM doesnt hold true in this case as they already have a GSM compatible handset. As per the marketing gyaan goes it is well known to them that it is quite a successful model and it has been taken by both hands by the customers. What is the purpose a creating a great product when it can not reach the customer on time ? If Motorola will be launching Driod 2(Global) in India by say 1-2 months the other competitors will be launching Nexus S(Samsung) , Optimus 2X(LG) etc. around the same time. So it will not go off the block when compared to these mobiles. If they would have launched now then it might have sell like “Hot Cakes” but alas it is not to be true.

    As far as iGyaan team is concerned for one more job well done. Thanks to Bharat for updating all of us.

  • I do not understand why so many readers are or were upset with iGyaan or Bharat for posting incorrect release date. Please understand that this information service is absolutely free nor does Bharat charge us for the same. It is not his fault if Motorola is changing their plans every minute. Many Indian mobile launches are being changed or delayed, for example Huwaei IDEOS has not been launched till date. The android mobile model launches are being well thought out because of poor dismal response to some Android models and frequent Android software releases. Does anyone realize it takes minimum 3 to 6 months for any mobile to conceptualize and finally release in the market. And guess what by the time mobile launches with Android 2.x another version 2.x has been released and people want the new version then. Customizing UI again and checking new bugs is not that easy and takes time. So, no one is to be blamed not iGyaan and not even Motorola. Mobile companies are confused with the current Android situation and they tread carefully. Motorola India is already in loss as mentioned. The only way out for all mobile companies would be to use plain vanilla Android OS in all the mobiles.

  • Oh man. 19k upwards is too much while around 22k you can get 1ghz Htc Desire. Hope its not more than 18k.

  • A big news for all guys.
    I’ve just finished to talk with the motorola customer care of my country, where motodefy is officially launched yesterday. The customer’s operator said me that the earpiece problem is given by a false contact on the earpiece to the motherboard. To solve the problem, new earpieces ar a bit bigger than the old ones.


    • Veeru

      “I’ve just finished to talk with the motorola customer care of my country” ,Are you not from India?

      • Arre…Maine quote kia tha…source bhi to hai…this is just to give some assurance on the earpiece issue.

        Check.. ” the earpiece problem is given by a false contact on the earpiece to the motherboard. To solve the problem, new earpieces ar a bit bigger than the old ones.”

  • Hmmm…even then if it costs 20K getting a 7% discount would be easy.
    And saying that it would still be a sweet deal at 18.6K or something.:)

    Just don’t disappoint anymore.

    • How are you getting 7% discount ?

      • Dude…Even a newly released mobile gets at least 7-10% discount.

        For eg. check flipkart …HD7 is getting 18% ,Desire Z gets 13%,Desire HD gets 18 off.

        MRP is always set way above. The street price is all that matters.

  • Vikrambharadwaj

    Oh.. 19k?? :-( I was hoping it will be around 15 or 16k.. Anywayz if the earpiece issue is fixed then I can think of buying it..

  • Faiz sk

    is defy getting froyo???

    • AS far as the company has defined it is supposed to get froyo in quarter 2 for Asia.

      • I’ve heard that china got (Froyo pre installed) DEFY .
        So, maybe, we may too get Froyo-love.:)

  • Oh my…This blog page is turning so ugly.
    People, stop being so aggressive.
    Saurabh :Don’t you want to take a leap of faith? Or become an old man, filled with regret, waiting to die alone!

  • Ash

    Motorola might be holding back because of the earpiece issue. What’s the point of having a rugged phone if you can’t hear anything from the caller?

  • Rawat

    Typical Indian mentality to put blame on others for your problems, Igyaan is the best tech news source in India they have the best news and information along with reviews,

    Instead of hating on them and cursing , try the positive approach, people at igyaan are proffesional and courteous, they were right about all HTC products , and about micromax launches,

    If you have an urgency, annoying igyaan will not solve it, they will give us information when they want to, you don’t own them

    Respect them for what they are bringing to you

    We loveyou iGyaan, best website in India

    • S N Maran

      “Typical Indian mentality to put blame on others for your problems” —- Who is blaming whom, and for what problems?

      “people at igyaan are proffesional” —- maybe that’s why they were reeling off one excuse after the other. Sample these if you will, and I quote igyaan directly —- 1. There has already been a soft Launch… (what the hell is a soft launch) 2. the Public launch has been delayed… (but don’t worry guys, there has already been a soft launch you see) 3. We got word that MOTO.. BUT… We have still yet to confirm this… (we got word, but it’s unconfirmed. For what it’s worth, it’s worth nothing) 4. We already have the device… (but we can’t show it to you, because, how do I say this, we don’t ACTUALLY have it!!!)

      “they will give us information when they want to, you don’t own them” —- No, they need to give out the right information at the right time, not when they want to. They are not running a public service, this is a business that earns them money. They have to do it the right way, and they owe it to their reader base. And yes, the reader base does own them.

      “Respect them for what they are bringing to you” —- it’s a consumerist culture. You don’t deliver what you say you will, the reader base will let you have it. Deal with it.

      “We loveyou iGyaan, best website in India” – say hello to your uncles Bharat et al.

      • soft launch is when public media is not called and the device is announced – there is a launch for the corporates and special guests.

        No we don’t do this to earn money, we do it for the love of it, its not my job.

        Let us “have” what you may, hating on us wont get you anything faster, we will give information when we are allowed to, we have to keep our ties, and are not willing to ruin them to provide one piece of information.

        Well unfortunately @rawat is not my uncle, but i do get his point.

      • quote : We got word that MOTO.. BUT… We have still yet to confirm this… (we got word, but it’s unconfirmed. For what it’s worth, it’s worth nothing)) : unquote

        we got word from “not motorola” so we have to confirm it from Motorola : till we do its unconfirmed

  • Jimjam

    18 is also passed , i unnecessarily trusted your news and didnt buy this mobile in abroad,
    now i know it is just a pure rumor………look at htc how fast they are in launching mobile , there website is showing thunderbolt
    even moto india website is silence about defy how can they be thinking of launching it
    now i have to settle for some of the htc product

  • sajj

    what is so unique in this phone that people are waiting for it, waiting for desire hd was fair bcoz its one of the most powerful android device till date,,,but why for a motorola guys ?

    and to ppl who say igyaan news are false, I must say for desire hd all the news which they reported was true, just by 1-2 days inaccurate but me along with many others who bought desire hd in india have been following igyaan news and I must say I am happy with their coverage…

  • S N Maran

    no need to blame motorola. igyaan faltered on this piece of information. the whole sequence of events as reported by igyaan seems to be fishy. nothing but a bunch of lies from igyaan. i bet they don’t even have the “device” that they claim to have.

  • aks

    As expected….Bye Defy..its HTD HD for me now…….

    • just hold on till friday :D

      • That’s the problem Bharat.. you don’t tell us anything solid yet you ask to wait! If you indeed have any information, at least give us a reason to wait!

        • well, you need to have some faith

        • Aks

          @ Bharat,

          Thanks for this info. I have no issues with Igyaan and its authors. I am looking at a bigger picture.

          Why Moto takes this much time to launch the models in Indian markets when compared to other manufacturers like HTC, Nokia, Samsung etc. Is they dont understand the potential of this market or they underestimate the buying capacity of Indian consumers ? They really need to come out of this attitude of their if they want to achieve their Glory Days back. If they can’t do better as compared with their competitors then atleast don’t lag behind them.

          Moreover its not Defy which I was waiting for, it was Motorola Droid 2(Global) which I was looking forward to.

      • Sa_1

        Hey, About the similey in the end , are you laughing on us for trusting you and wasting our time??

        • Rawat

          What are you trying to prove by writing this , just that you are an idiot for irritating everyone with your hate,

    • Unfortunately for Motorola, the Indian CDMA market does not contain a segment of the crowd that likes to buy smartphones. The Motorola handsets that in the recent years brought about the interest in the company are all CDMA, including variois DROIDs over the past year or two , with a few exceptions.

      From what we know MOTO INDIA is in a huge loss and are looking to recuperate with Defy and D Global.

      They are quite consevative in nature and tend to slowly penetrate the indian market. Unless the Cdma segment gets a huge makeover, or if motorola can bring about some very interesting handsets that would interest the Indian Community. They will continue to act in the current manner.

      • Veeru

        “looking to recuperate with Defy and D Global”

        Bharat, does this mean that moto is going to launch D global as well in india?
        Any tentative date of launch and expected price ?

  • aks

    I always have the doubt on this piece of information. My doubts are proved correct. Poor Motorola loosing its cutomers only. Droid might have pulled Motorola Mobile division from death bed but the lead time to hit the markets will for sure make this organization soul RIP. It seems Mr. Jha is only interested in tapping US markets.

  • Faiz sk

    hey it didnt mentioned DEFY r u sure they r going tl launch DEFY??????
    In the review plzzz tell u about the speaker/ear peice problems??????

  • Disssssssssapppointingggg. Atleast tell the expected launch dates.

    • you can expect some interesting things by friday

      • Lak2004mi

        Sure… i will wait till Friday..and i am having faith on u..but did they addressed speaker problem???

        • Hi, even I am very much worried about this issue. If u get any info please update it on this page.

      • @Bharat: I am counting on you to clarify the Defy Earpiece issue. As the company officials seem to have contacted You, definitely You could ask them if they have solved the Defy’s earpiece issue. Its quite an expensive mobile and if it develops earpiece problems then a mass hatred would develop against Motorola who already frustrate milestone customers by delaying Froyo Update. I are very much dependent on You. You have earned a lot of trust. Please do not disappoint Us. All i want is one piece of info

        • Pradeepsriram

          Earpiece problem has been fixed. I read it in XDA developer site.

  • Kyaaaa yaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr