Ubuntu Edge Smartphone Up for Funding, Comes May 14 for US $ 830

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Ubuntu Edge Smartphone Up for Funding, Comes May 14 for US $ 830

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Canonical’s big pans on how the mobile world and the computing world would merge in the future has started to take shape. The new Ubuntu Edge smartphone aims to deliver the benchmark on what future mobile devices could be based on. The Ubuntu Edge will hit the markets in May 2014 for a price of US $ 830, a first day promotion of US $600 has already sold out.

[youtube id=”fFN4k-AFEbw” width=”100%” height=”300px”]

The Ubuntu Edge is a very ambitious smartphone that’ll be capable of running a full-fledged Ubuntu desktop operating system alongside Android. While the specs have not been finalize the company talks of a 4.5 inch 720p display made of sapphire crystal glass on the Edge with a quad-core CPU, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. For optics and sound an 8MP rear with a 2MP front-facing camera and stereo speakers. The Ubuntu Edge will come with globally unlocked LTE, dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC, along with MHL support.

The Ubuntu Edge will only see the light of day if the expected US $ 32 million funding comes through, because the company claims: 

none of the phone manufacturers are yet ambitious enough to try to put both things in one package.

The Ubuntu Edge will dual-boot both the Ubuntu phone OS and Android, and convert into a fully integrated Ubuntu desktop PC. 


Get the full details on the project at the funding site in the link below.

[youtube id=”eQLe3iIMN7k” width=”100%” height=”300px”]

[youtube id=”EtNhlVn3ETQ” width=”100%” height=”300px”]


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  • AashutoshChaudhari


  • Jayesh Patil

    limited edition…:(

  • Angaddeep Singh

    830$? are they REALLY serious?

  • Utkarsh K. Xavier

    At least something new in the Smartphone market. I am fckin tired of seeing those Android tablets and smartphones all around me, without even knowing the difference in each one of them. They all look exactly the same!!
    At least this will have something new and different. :)

  • Shamsher Singh


  • Manish Giri Goswami

    bring a windows phone with these specs and it will sell like hot cake.

  • Shreyas Padhye

    Technologically speaking, it’s just awesome!! But I think they should try this in the tablets arena instead of the smartphone category.. I don’t think any consumer is OK with the idea of using his/her PC in a 5 inch screen or less!

  • Paswan Tarak

    Saala ye mobile wale jine nahi dega

  • Suraj Bala Jr.

    4 GB RAM,128 GB internal memory :O

  • Kashyap Yogesh


    • ammar1

      @Kashyap Yogesh This phone is matches the specifications of your conventional computing systems, the reason being on connecting it to a monitor and hooking up a keyboard, you can take advantage of the full blown Ubuntu OS embedded into the phone that runs alongside Android.
      Summing it up in a few words- This phone will show the world the true meaning of mobile computing.

  • Prince Deepak

    why don’t u active more in fb??