Bajaj Auto Plans To Launch Super Sports Bikes In Next Few Months

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Bajaj Auto Plans To Launch Super Sports Bikes In Next Few Months

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Bajaj Auto seems set to get back on track after a long time with its Pulsar branding. The company is planning to launch two super sports motorcycles under its key brand Pulsar.

“Pulsar is number one sports bike in its category in India and we will launch two super sports bikes under this brand by the middle of this financial year,” Rajiv Bajaj, managing director at Bajaj Auto told shareholders at its annual general meeting at its corporate headquarters at Akurdi, near Pune.


He said these bikes will be faster than any other bikes in its segment at present in India. However, he did not give more details on the new products. These new Super Sports bikes, as opposed to simple ones, will have engines covered for better aerodynamics at high speed.

Bajaj Auto is the second largest motorcycle manufacturer by sales in India, and in order to do better, the company is looking to launch these bikes in next couple of months.

Bajaj Auto would also focus on its commuter bike Discover to boost sales. “Discover is the second largest selling commuter bike in India. And we will have a single minded focus on this segment and we have been working on two new platforms over the last two years. We plan to launch a range of six new Discover bikes this month and over the next six months,” said Rajiv Bajaj.

Bajaj also said these new products would increase volumes, market share and profitability in the commuter bike segment. “Discover will be the star of FY2014.”

Bajaj Auto plans to invest a total of Rs 400 crore this financial year. While Rs 100 crore will be spent on R&D, the balance on production of the new RE 60 quadricycle and capacity expansion at its production facilities. The company has set up a production facility for the RE 60 quadricycle at Waluj plant at Aurangabad in Maharashtra.

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Hitesh Arora
Hitesh Arora
  • RamKamalSK

    Another speculation kind of article which leads to confusion … pls clearly say wat super sport means… is it a proper sports bike like r15 or ninja or it is called simply because it has higher engine capacity. please confirm it.

    • Suman_Sam

      RamKamalSK Neither Yamaha YZF R-15 nor Kawasaki Ninja are Super sport bikes. They’re sport bikes. Engine capacity has got nothing to do with it, it’s categorized due to their riding posture. Super sports are ideal for track, and offers a more forward lean posture instead of an upright. Both the bikes mentioned above are kind of in-between. I hope this clears your confusion. 
      Yamaha R1, R6, Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R etc. are considered super sports. Another criteria is the amount of power it produces, generally super sport bikes produces over 100 BHP.

      • RamKamalSK

        Suman_Sam RamKamalSKYa dats wat i mentioned bro pls take a look at it again. i said both bike are sports bike. and one more thing is yamaha calls r15 as a super sport riding posture…. but my doubt is pulsar 375 is goin to be a proper track bike ??? as rajiv said y im so curious coz im in a dilemma between pulsar 375 and rc series frm ktm. if pulsar is havin abilities of a super sports riding posture and and proper clip on handel bars i will go for pulsar itself. if it is somewat lik a sports tourer means ill wait for rc series…..

      • RamKamalSK

        Suman_Sam RamKamalSK  Lol and i made a confusion in my first comment. i questioned dat “wat is super sport means”. i knw the criteria u mentioned in ur comment bro. but i questioned wat”super sport”meant by rajiv bajaj is.

        • Suman_Sam

          RamKamalSK Suman_Sam Well, as now Bajaj and KTM launching similar bikes. I’m pretty sure that Bajaj Pulsar XXX will be a cheaper version of KTM RC models, same as the 200 Duke and 200 Pulsar NS concept. 
          Yeah, they will have super sport posture and full fairing with bigger engine capacities.

  • Satnam Singh

    it would probably be a duke 390 ripoff like 200ns with like 6 spark plugs

  • Nagabhushan Rao

    I am waiting to buy

  • Shankar Raman

    I’m waiting!