MediaTek Reveals The World’s First True Octa-Core Mobile SoC

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MediaTek Reveals The World’s First True Octa-Core Mobile SoC

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Samsung and Qualcomm are often associated in making the markets leading processors that are found in numerous mobile devices, while MediaTek are often responsible for providing chips for more affordable hardware. Now though MediaTek beats Samsung with the first true Octa-Core MT6592 processor.

The supplier of cheap quad-core chipsets to Chinese Smartphone manufacturers has announced the world’s first true Octa-core processor, where all 8 cores work together in tandem, and will reportedly feature performance that matches or surpasses that of the most powerful mobile SoC (based on ARM) currently, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC. The True Octa Core SOC will run at speeds of 1.6GHz to 2GHz.


MediaTek said the product is a “true octo-core solution,” whereas other existing octo-core processors can only switch between using four cores at a time.

For example, Samsung’s previous octo-core chip, the Exynos 5410, is essentially two quad-core chips packed together and was used in some versions of its Galaxy S4 smartphone. One set of quad-core chips is designed for high-performance tasks such as gaming or video playback, while the other is made to handle less intensive processes like emailing or texting. But only four of the cores can be active at one time.

Do you think we will see many high end mobile devices using the MediaTek MT6592?


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  • Chetan Kotian

    8 cores active at a time ….next time micromax can introduce a new feature in canvas 5 as frying pan..

  • Chetan Kotian

    the mediatek dualcore are just crap they and the quadcore can’t match with the samsung dualcore devices

  • Mayur Ambre

    Mediatek 8 Cores = Samsung 4 cores (ARM 15)

  • Ashish Chandra

    Thats too clocked at 1.7Ghz and according to Mediatek its can to be clocked to 2 Ghz… a marathon is to follow up.
    Wish they could work something about batteries as well.

  • ArpitSinghi

    If Octa processor works at same time.  What about battery Life?

  • RaviHaria

    based on A7 or A9 or A15?

    • RamKamalSK

      RaviHaria A7 processor…. i think its the oly battery solution…… A9 or 15 will drain it….

  • venkyrockz316


  • Gagan Bagga

    amaziiing…look at my wall post right now…

  • Prîyàm Blàzíñg Rõy

    But it is better than exynos or snapdragon processprs it is prooved!!!!

  • Prinu John Philip

    Benchmarks don’t measure real world performance

  • Akshay Bhuruk

    it scores more than 30000 antutu benchmarks which beats snapdragons 800.

  • Prîyàm Blàzíñg Rõy

    nope it scores massive 29990 in antutu cpu test!!

  • Prinu John Philip

    Still the Eight core perform below than dualcore Krait..

  • Prîyàm Blàzíñg Rõy

    micromax canvas5 a240 coming with this cpu !!!!! just can’ t wait….. back to back bang..