BMW i3 Concept Comes To Reality On July 29, Three Continent Launch

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BMW i3 Concept Comes To Reality On July 29, Three Continent Launch

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At 14.30 Central European Time on Monday, July 29, the concept comes to reality. BMW i3, which was first displayed as a concept at the Frankfurt International Motor Show exactly two years ago, will be launched for 3 continents -US, Europe and Asia.

The BMW i3 electric hatchback will be unveiled in a series of glitzy events in London, New York and Beijing. In each of the three metropolises, BMW Group board members will present the BMW i3 in a live transmission, explaining the development history and technology of this innovative model and showing what form a global solution to the challenges of personal mobility could take. It is a promotion that underscores the seriousness of BMW’s long-term ambitions. The unveiling will be streamed live on the internet.

“We’re at the dawn of this electric era,” sales chief Ian Robertson said during a test drive outside Munich on July 15.

Coming after an estimated $2.7 billion investment programme, the BMW i3 launch is a milestone for the world’s biggest luxury carmaker as well as the electric car fraternity.

“This is a significant move for BMW,” said Lincoln Merrihew, vice president of transportation at market researchers Millward Brown Digital. “They’re launching a new brand in a new segment with new vehicles … And they’re going all in.”

The 125 kW/170 hp electric motor of the BMW i3 enables locally emission-free driving to a range of between 130 and 160 kilometers (approx. 80 to 100 miles). BMW insists that the i3’s 160-kilometer range is enough for drivers based in urban or suburban areas. The car recharges in less than an hour at special stations and up to eight hours from a wall socket at home.

An optional diesel or petrol range extender kicks in when the battery runs low, allowing the i3 to travel 300 kilometers. Also the BMW i3 accelerates from 0 to 100 km per hour in seven seconds – only 1.5 seconds more than a Porsche Cayman – so has plenty of performance to satisfy core customers.

While many markets worldwide are excited about the new car, it is unlikely to make it to Indian roads anytime in the recent future as electric vehicles are yet to take off in a major way here.

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