Samsung Galaxy S4 Explodes, Sets House On Fire In Hong Kong

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Explodes, Sets House On Fire In Hong Kong

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According to a recent report from Hong Kong, a Samsung Galaxy S4 is the suspect in a house arson fire. According to the house and device’s owner, the Galaxy S4 was acting normally, when suddenly it just blew up in his hands.  Mr. Du (Owner) describes, that he was playing a game of ‘Love Machine’ on his Samsung Galaxy S4 when the device exploded. As the device exploded Mr. Du threw the device at his couch which caused the sofa to catch fire, which then burnt down his apartment. The blazing flames spread to his mercedes too, claims Mr. Du.


Thankfully, Mr. Du and his wife managed to escape from their apartment with minor injuries, managing to save their pet dogs as well. When the Firefighters arrived, it took them approximately half an hour to put out the fire. in case anyone is wondering whether a non-genuine accessory was used, Mr. Du maintains that his Galaxy S4 had a genuine Samsung battery pack underneath the hood and he always used the original Samsung Galaxy S4 charger to juice up his smartphone.


The incident is not the first involving Samsung Galaxy S-class. Two reports of Samsung Galaxy S3 exploding or catching fire had previously surfaced, one earlier this month in Switzerland and one in Ireland last year.

Samsung Hong Kong has announced that it will be looking into the matter and a chemical analysis of the charred remains should establish if it really came from a Samsung factory, as per the report.

Recently, Apple was in news as two similar incidents surfaced that took one life and injured another. Claimed by the relatives of Ma Ailun, a 23-year-old woman from northwest China, that Ma Ailun passed away after being electrocuted while using her iPhone.

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