Motorola Planning A Low Cost Smartphone, Not Much Of An Upcoming Line-Up Otherwise

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Motorola Planning A Low Cost Smartphone, Not Much Of An Upcoming Line-Up Otherwise

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According to CNET, the next of those “very few” devices that Motorola is reportedly working on is a lower-cost device meant to expand Motorola’s position in cost-conscious global markets.

According to Motorola Corporate VP of product management Lior Ron, the company is going to be trimming down the number of phones it releases so it can better focus on the ones that are really worth it.

“Our mandate from Google, from Larry, is really to innovate and take long-term bets,” Ron said. “When you have that sort of mentality, it’s about quality and not quantity.”

Next on the company’s hit list is a device that is less expensive than the current Moto X. The device will be designed and priced to appeal to international customers in markets where people generally don’t buy subsidized devices, as well as the prepaid wireless market in the U.S., where wireless consumers are also expected to pay full price for devices.

“The flagship Moto X is just one of many new devices coming out under the Moto X brand in the coming months.” said in an interview with CNET, Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside.

Woodside said he wants Motorola to be able to offer cutting edge technology at an affordable price, so that cost-conscious consumers don’t have to choose between spending a lot of money on a device or buying older, outdated technology.

“Buying a new iPhone at full price for a prepaid service costs quite a bit of money, especially families who are buying devices for multiple people,” he said.

We have seen Nokia is trying this same approach with its Lumia line of products. And so far the company is seeing strong demand for its low-end Lumia 520 and Lumia 521. Its also been reported that Apple is building “low-priced plastic iPhones”, which shows the similar strategy implementation by the company. For most people wanting a less expensive version of the iPhone means buying an older version of the device.

We believe that this war of producing Low-Cost devices by the smartphone manufacturers should keep on going like this till the time it is beneficial for the consumers.

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