Whatspp Adds Voice Messaging Feature, Hits 300 Million Users

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Whatspp Adds Voice Messaging Feature, Hits 300 Million Users

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Just like many messaging apps which have a voice messaging feature, WhatsApp has now started to offer this feature. The company has started rolling out the voice messaging feature for its app on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. Also while announcing that, the company claimed to achieve the 300 million monthly active users mark.

The co-founder and CEO of WhatsApp, Jan Koum detailed the new feature. WhatsApp will not work like a phone call, infact will work like push-to-talk voice messaging.

“Today, we’re proud to announce that WhatsApp has surpassed 300 million monthly active users worldwide, a milestone on the road to WhatsApp becoming the communication network of the 21st century,” a company spokesperson told CNET.

“On this occasion, we are also excited to introduce Voice Messaging, a new feature that will allow our customers to quickly and easily communicate in real time using voice messages with friends and family, whether they’re across the room or thousands of miles away.”

According to Koum, WhatsApp’s voice messaging is distinguished by its simplicity – rather than having to tap tap tap through a variety of settings or menus or what have you, WhatsApp voice messaging works by pressing and holding while recording the message. Releasing the push then fires the voice message off to the designated recipient, and swiping to the left deletes the message.

The process of listening and monitoring the messages has also been simplified. As far as listening goes, the app automatically determines which speaker to play the message through based on whether the handset is being held at arm’s length or up to the ear. And for monitoring purposes, an icon is used to demonstrate when a voice message has been played by the receiving party. Also there is no limitation on how long a voice message can be, so users can prattle away for however long they feel is necessary.

For those who aren’t yet seeing the voice messaging feature, hang tight – Koum says all users across all the platforms on which WhatsApp is available should be seeing it “within 24 hours.”

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Hitesh Arora
  • Sanjay

    It’s buggy…though i want to type , whatsapp shows voice icon at end cause of which not able to send text massage :(