A Six Inch Windows Phone ‘Nokia Bandit’ Coming Soon

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A Six Inch Windows Phone ‘Nokia Bandit’ Coming Soon

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Nokia is said to be planning a big-screen Windows Phone for release later this year. As per The Verge, sources familiar with Nokia’s plans have revealed that the company is currently testing a 6-inch device with the latest version of Windows Phone. The device is Code named ‘Nokia Bandit’ and is said to include a 1080p display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor. If this information is true this device will be the first one to get a 1080p display on a Windows based phone.

The source further says that the Bandit will ship with a rear camera that is at least 20-megapixels, and with a  slight hump at the rear of the device to accommodate the camera. Keeping the device thin and lightweight is said to be a priority and it will be built with a polycarbonate body. Microsoft is currently improving Windows Phone to support devices like the Bandit, with extra changes for 1080p displays, and an additional column of Live Tiles on the Start screen. The latest Windows Phone update includes rotation lock, a Driving Mode option, and some minor UI changes.

If all of this information comes out to be true this device might be a good competitor to the other Phablets available. Pricing will be the most important part, specially in a market like India. What do you think ? 


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IMO, Nokia releases the higher end Lumia phones at a very steep price point. Lumia 920 was launched at around 38K at a time when the Galaxy S3 was available for 33-34K. Nokia should understand that if they plan to attract more customers to the WP platform in India, where the consumers have to pay full price of the phone instead of carrier-subsidized prices, they have to launch their phones at an exceptionally competitive price point which is nowhere close (let alone exceed) the price of some android flagships. WP8 lacks some features which even mid-range android devices offer and… Read more »