iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C In Fresh Leaks

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iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C In Fresh Leaks

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As we are approaching the event date on September 10 in San Francisco, the all new leaks makes it more prominent. New leaks from Sonny Dickson, has about 70 purported pictures of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C components.

Sonny Dickson, who’s been regularly posting pictures of the new iPhones, including some high resolution ones of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C components including that of ribbon cables and components, the entire intact casings, display assemblies, vibration motor, audio jack, SIM trays, the front and rear cameras, and the mounts to attach all of the components to the casing, among others. The pictures don’t feature the logic board of the phones, though. Some pictures feature the Gold/ Champagne iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C placed side by side.

iphone 5s5c leaks

The Gold iPhone 5S back casing features White coloured strips at the top and bottom, and includes the new pill shaped camera flash module that’s been suggested by a number of rumours. Unlike the iPhone 5’s camera flash the iPhone 5S flash is not round and is rumoured to feature dual-LEDs, which would have white or yellow light depending on the ambient light conditions.

iphone 5C leaks

The low-cost iPhone or iPhone 5C has leaked several times. Alleged pictures of the iPhone 5C have revealed a plastic polycarbonate body back panel in White, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green colours, a round camera lens and LED flash, Apple logo and iPhone branding.

iphone 5C-lens leaks

The Red iPhone 5C variant appears to have a Black coloured display panel. The phones seen in the images are not very different from the ones seen in previous leaks.

We will have to wait till September 10, to see what Apple is going to present with the new launches.

So stay tuned..

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