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Motorola Defy – Full Review – Video + Tests

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A long time ago, Nokia came out with the 5210 and later the 5500, both these phones were extremely rugged and water resistant. But, they were no smart phones, in fact the devices were poor built versions of Nokia’s existing line.

From then till now no one thought that, post the smartphone era, we would see a Smartphone which would defy the elements and prove to be a valuable competitor in the Market.

Enter the MOTOROLA DEFY, lets take an in-depth look at the interior and exterior of the device.

Build Quality

This device exceeds many others by leaps and bounds and does exactly what everyone wants, resists water and dust, the screen is tough and scratch proof, the construction is super rigid and environment proof, Drops on concrete and mis-pocket events wont deter the DEFY from doing what it promises to do, Stay with you till the absolute end.

Rubber backing, Rigid metal frame and outer body, along with gorilla glass and masculine rivets, which man would not want a defy?

The device delivers as promised and can live up to harsh expectations, dip it in water , throw it around even go through a wash cycle. check out our quick test video below


Buying a smartphone today leaves you expecting more for less. Lets see what we like about the device:

  • Stunning 3.7″ touchscreen
  • 480×854 px Resolution
  • Gorilla Glass
  • Rubber back seal
  • Water resistance
  • Dust resistance
  • Wifi

  • 5 Megapixel Camera
  • 1500mah Battery
  • impact resistant design
  • Accelerometer
  • Proximity Sensor
  • 800MHz Cortex-A8 processor
  • TI OMAP3610 chipset


The device has all the fancy stuff you can get at the price + it has the rugged construction. We still miss HD video.


Camera & Multimedia

The Defy packs a 5 MP shooter which has auto focus, but, lacks tap to focus. Hopefully, an upgrade from motorola can add that feature to the device. I

mages come out sharp from the device and extremely quickly. Video on the other hand is just VGA and could have been HD video at 720p. That would make the camera on the defy, a complete package. The fact that you can shoot images and video underwater is what makes the camera an extremely fun instrument to use. Video at pool parties anyone?

As far as media playback goes, since the device runs Android, it is capable of a vast variety of formats and supported codecs. Everything is available either free or at a premium from the marketplace. The device packs enough power to play all sorts of videos and stream movies from the internet. The loudspeaker on the device is simply “superb” packs a punch has great sound coming from a sealed speaker.


Call Quality and Battery Life

Here at iGyaan we stress on Call quality a lot. Especially since the DEFY is priced slightly higher than other phones, we wanted that the device perform well. We got exceptionally clear sound from the earpiece, even as the device was dipped into water several times it continued to sound clearer than ever. the microphone is also exceptionally good at doing its job. Motorola made sure that the earpeice issue was resolved before launching the device.

We got zero dropped calls in our 4 hours of testing and no signal issues what so ever. The device is just plain a good phone.

Battery life was also pretty impressive we got on an average 5 hours of talk time on the device. About 8-9 hours on media playback, 6 hours of internet browsing and about 20-24hours of music playback. All of this with the WIFI on. The battery is a 1500mah battery, the large capacity plays a huge role in such battery performance.



The Defy runs Android 2.1 with MOTO BLUR- (yes MOTO BLUR works perfectly in INDIA). The performance of the device is great with a few hiccups here and there. The upgrade to ANdroid 2.2 should be rolled out soon, and should remove the lagging in the processor. Since this device has a 800 mhz cortex A8 processor , flash would work perfectly in the browser. We would also definitely love the move to sd card option.

Currently in its state the Moto Blur and customized UI from Motorola add to the experience of the OS. The OS is color-ful and has a lot of unique customizations that make life that much easier while using the DEFY.



An extremely well built phone / device with somewhat all the latest features. It does lack a few things (HD video, Android 2.2) but atleast a software upgrade would bring one of them. Water resistant and dust proof had us from the get go. The device is an absolute must for the outgoing individual, an outdoor person or even a clumsy fellow.

Priced at 18,000/- INR

This device gets a 4.5/5.0 from iGyaan


Check out the full Review Video and the remaining images below.


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About The Author
Bharat Nagpal
Founder and Chief Editor of iGyaan. Bharat likes to keep on top of technology ! Follow Him on Google Plus : Google+
  • Ashishcasanova

    hey plss tell me about its vedio quality……???  
    is motorola defy records vedio in VGA quality or in HD 720P ……..??
    and pls tell me which is better one motorola defy or samsung galaxy ace..

  • Yamahayockers

    how much does it cost in delhi now????

  • vivek

    above mentioned that it does not support HD video… what does it mean???? it has  480x854px 
    we cannot play even any 720px video songs too???

  • ketan desai

    is defy worth buyinf for 15,000 pls rp;ly

  • ajit

    I gyan is a cheat there is no MOTOblur in INDIA….and this site claims it is there….that means they have not tested the device here in india

    • romil

      ya true ajit… these punk don’t have answer to u post!!!

  • Effects Ht

    i think xperia active is a good opponent for defy…
    -hd video recoding.
    -android 2.3 gingerbread
    -1ghz processor
    -hifi accessorizes and head set.
    but it also few drawbacks
    – prize
    – display size (3 inch display)

    any how always better than defy …

  • Vik

    news around is,an upgrade phone to defy is on it’s way called motorola defy plus which has a one gigahertz processor and android 2.3 gingerbread..

  • Ajit

    I feel Defy lacks in Battery Lifee…Else  ALL’s FINE….Wht say?

    • Sachin

      Battery is pretty nice after changing the settings in Data Manager and selecting only 2G as the network, it runs 24hrs with moderate usage of wifi, games and other application, GPS and 3G network eats up the battery like anything… So avoid using for better battery performance

  • tushar

    does the upgrade to froyo is available for the defy in the market.

    • Vik

      yes,that’s the news on internet .Update to froyo is available in India .you can update via motorola service center or using phone’s software updating tool.It needs atleast 50% battery  life.Defy users
      can upgrade their phone to Froyo over the air but do note that the
      update is over 100MB (122MB to be exact). Alternate way is by using Motorola software update
      tool on your PC. Some have reported loss of contacts on upgrading to
      Froyo so please have a backup of your contacts and all other important

      Key Changes:-
      –>Minor UI changes.–>Faster UI due to better optimization.–>Better gaming performance.–>Applications can be moved to MicroSD.–>full adobe flash 10.1 support for faster net surfing.

  • Vik

    also please review new changes brought by froyo on motorola defy!!!

  • Vik

    some user reviews on other websites says that after upgrading their defy to froyo ,they are experiencing some sluggishness in the phone.please check it out ,

  • SameerNandan

    Can someone tell me hows the battery life? How long is it lasting?

  • Ashutosh Shirke

    thank you for the review!! it helped a lot!!! :)

  • Akshay Bhavsar

    Well there are two famous ROMS CM7 and MIUI which is better and stable fast !!
    Please help me out !!

  • Giri

    Hi Guys, I’m not able to decide which phone to buy Defy or Galaxy S i9003? Please suggest … Did anyone update Defy to 2.2? 

    • Yes I did and its pretty neat. Having installed Froyo I did not get major notable improvements on speed. However, app on sd, flash & some android 2.2 apps are a boon.

      • Gurpreet saini

        hello mandeep sir , i am thinking to buy this phone. i want to know whether  your defy  with froyo 2.2 is with motoblur on it or not.

  • Guest

    Thanks Bharat, really nice review.

  • hey plzz i have many doubts related to d defy,1st of all when will d froyo update come 4 india,and will it get gingerbread later???, and in ur review u’ve stated dat it has motoblur, but d motorola website says dat dere’s no motoblur in india,and is d motorola custom ui gud as compared to htc sense or samsung touchwiz???plzz reply soon as i’m abt to buy dis fone


  • S Sarabjeet

    hy i m thinkin to buy this Defy !
    so should i go for it or is their any better option ?

  • anyone who is having defy pls tell me how is the ear piee is the problem is solved

    • Sacdoi

      hi ear piee quality nice

  • Nitin Jain

    Is it possible to upgrade the Android 2.1 Defy with 2.2 version when it is officially available?? Your review was really helpful. Thanks…

  • i guess motorola defy is not launched with Motoblur in India.
    What extra advantages does Motoblur provides? I m planning to buy DEFY but my friends are suggesting me Samsung Galaxy S. Which one should i buy?

  • Sudeep

    anybody please help me ….i went 2 univercell hyd for buying this phone i came 2 know that there is no moto blur in the device…. can anybody confirm in india its launched with or withour motoblur……

    Thanks in advance


    • hi sudeep ,i want to ask what is the cost of the defy in univercell, including an insurance

  • @bharat nagpal … you are using airtel’s which data plan ??? gprs/edge or 3g … what speed did you get in the defy using that ???

  • Jarain99

    Plz also tell about the problem in defy with its speaker failure..

  • Shriram

    Hello Bharat Sir, please tell me whether motoblur is available on this device, I heard that this has been released without motoblur and please help me choose between this device, Samsung Galaxy ACE and HTC Wildfire

    • Srini

      Yes motoblur is available in DEFY

      • hey did you buy on or local store ??? how is the performance of the gps ???

        • Srini

          i brought from local store for 18,000 in DELHI… the GSP performance is very good

        • Aditya Pandit

          Hey I am going to buy a DEFY this week. But I am worried about its SAR rating.
          Can you please confirm that whether it is meeting the regulatory limits? Though Motorola claims about its safety, I want to know from a real user or someone who knows it well.

  • Srini

    Hi Bharat after seeing your review i brought this phone DEFY… really a awesome phone works really great and amazing phone… just wanted to ask as the screen in scratch resistance but still wanted to ask do i require a scratch guard for this phone…. i just wanted to be safe with the screen that’s why clearing my doubts… i know its Gorilla Glass display but still wanted to have your opinion…please help us on this… thanks in advance…

    • well a screen protector is always good, and also a cheap way of adding insurance to an already tough screen, get it for sure. Consider posting such questions in the forums , so others can benefit from it :D

      • Srini

        Hi Bharat thanks for your advise.. will definitely do the same… thanks once again

      • vivek

        hi,in specs mentioned that it does not support HD video… what does it mean???? it has 480x854px 
        we cannot even play any 720px video songs too???

    • hi srini iam planning to buy defy will you pls tell me is the ear piece problem is solved pls man and tell me abt the phone also pls

  • Faiz sk

    can any 1 tell me when Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 will officially launch in INDIA and its price??? is it worth buying??? plz reply
    THANXXX in advance

  • This is by far my favorite rugged phone on the market. The rugged phone market has come a long way from the bulky yellow Nextel’s out there. I maintain an active life style, and I can see this phone as a great phone for employees out in the field. My favorite feature would have to be the 3.7″ HD screen. I am a DISH Network subscriber/employee, and the first app I installed was their Remote Access app. I can now stream over 200 live HD channels to my DEFY!

  • Pulkit Arora

    hey i’ve heard that motorola defy is available ‘without’ motoblur in india … can you confirm this ???
    and is it better without motoblur or without motoblur ???

  • Manideep751

    bharath tell us abt the sar value pls and abt the earpiece pls i want to buy this phone it will be a greate help for iam buying this frm my pocket money pls

  • Java dev

    Really nice stuff !!! Go indian techies…. seriously !!!! Really appreciate the effort !!! and seems Defy is truly an indian proof phone !!!

  • hey hi,

    i have read so many issues coming for MOTOROLA DEFY ……..

    i liked it very much even if it lacks in some areas ………..

    can any1 tell me ………. is EAR PIECE issue solved by MOTOROLA ???

    or dat STILL exist ??

    can i go for it ???

    or should i wait for sometime ……… ???

    wen SAMSUNG ACE is coming to india ???

    any other phone with HD recording or VGA (atleast) with FLASH and ANDROID ????

    please help me :)


    • ear piece defect is solved!!

      defy is far better than ace ..

      defy has vga

      so go for it!!!!!!!!!

    • GadgetLover

      I was going through the reviewa of this handset and must say that I am quite amazed and planning to buy this one. However, can anyone assure that the Earpiece problem is solved? Did Motorola completely replaced the defective handset? After replacement did the problem occur again?

    • sooghosh


      I purchased Motorola Defy, couple of week back.While, Igot it fashedto 2.2 froyo.

      It develope a Cackling sound in the earpiece within 1 week. It is currently with Service centre and even afte replacement of earpiece, the issue not resolved. :(

      Please do not buy this phone

  • Vishal B1989
  • Praveenbhajanka

    I m a bit confused should i go 4 defy or wait for galaxy s mini/galaxy ace

    • Sam

       Hi, i suggest to go for Defy, its really a good product. i am using it for past 6 month. Till now i dont have any issue with my Defy..  Sound Quality and UI is amazing..

  • Sameer

    Hey guys,

    I just saw on a website that this phone is in the top ten list of “Worst phone due to high radiation”. The SAR value of this phone is 1.53 where as recommended SAR value when near the ear should be 1.1.
    Just want to know is it’s worth buying as it may be a health hazard?
    here is the link ..

    • MSJ

      Bharat could u throw some light on this..???

    • Fahad Fazil

      The highest SAR value for Defy when tested for use at the ear is 1.19 W/kg .
      Reference “”

  • Rdx

    good stuff, you seem to be improving your presentation skills! keep it up

  • Great review Bharat. I am relieved. I am buying this phone.

    • have u bought the defy ??
      you were so desperate to get this death defying device!!!!

  • Defyfan

    If I buy Defy today with Android 2.1 is it possible to upgrade the same handset to Android 2.2 ?

    • Defy is Officially getting Android 2.2 in Q2 of 2011.

  • sumit

    i hav read on other links that this phone faces earpiece problems after few weeks of usage. n its thot 2 b a manufacturing fault. tho i desperately want this phone, i am still apprehensive if the problem still persists. its reely a gr8 phone. the one which i exactly wanted! anyone who has already purchased(in india) plz post ur experince. thanks in advance.

  • nice review …. this review was worth a wait.. thumps up bharat …

  • meta96

    … for froyo 2.2 UK and 16:9 (848×640) and (maybe 720p) recording you can go to xda-developers … the moto defy is just a good android, maybe not the best but a very good package

  • Prithvi

    Ear-piece + Android 2.2 + Call quality doubts cleared. Thanks Bharat!!

  • MSJ

    Bharat when u dropped the phone in the water,,, doesn’t the water seep through the earphone [mean from were we hear the other person talk] or microphone holes??? daemm thats astonishing that water does not enter the phone.
    Could it be that the water goes through the earphone and microphone but does not do any damage ???
    Please Explain… thnx

  • meta96
  • Fahad Fazil

    Thats Nice ……….. It took a week to review it ???

  • source

    The CPU/GPU is listed on Motorola website as OMAP3610+PowerVR SGX530[3], whereas according to TI’s latest Technical Reference Manual[4], OMAP3610 does not actually exist.
    According to the said Manual, specifically from page 198 to 202, there are OMAP3611/3615/3621/3622/3630 running at various stock speed, and all of the variants have a built-in full speed PowerVR SGX530 GPU.
    And since OMAP3611/3621/3622 only come in “CYN” package, which can’t have bolt-on memory chip (Package on Package), OMAP3615 does not have any video processors (both IVR2.2 and DSP) at all, the only remaining candidates are the OMAP3630 variants. Between this, the stock speed and various report of driver recognizing it as OMAP3630-800[5], it’s quite safe to draw the conclusion that OMAP3630-800 is powering the Defy and Motorola gave the wrong spec as they did with Droid 2.

    imho motorola does have a 3630 chipset but motorola marketed that defy has a 3610 chip
    the main prob is 3610 does not support hd .. so for covering up that secret, motorola wud never give HD recording to defy..
    n for ppl who are really concerned abt HD a small advice — a phone can never be a dslr or a point & shoot..
    moving to the processor
    ti omap’s are very snappy than snapdragons defy(800 mhz) is way ahead than desire n xperia x10(1ghz)
    so guys its the best android out there after SGS …

    • Omkar Sathe

      In the 1st para (2nd line), you are saying “OMAP3610 does not actually exist..”
      Then 1st para (last sentence) you are saying “it’s quite safe to draw the conclusion that OMAP3630-800 is powering the Defy..”
      Then in the 2nd para you say “the main prob is 3610 does not support hd .. so for covering up that secret, motorola wud never give HD recording to defy..”
      I am really sorry if I failed to interpret you, but I just want to know one thing..
      Will Defy ever be able to shoot 720p HD videos..?

      • nope (motorola will never give 720p rec to defy)

  • Milford.

    Quite a tough phone there, should last longer than the flimsy Samsung droids…

    Love the professional video reviews from an Indian tech website :)

    Keep them coming !

  • Vikrambharadwaj

    At last… The review from igyaan.. and a good one too.. I’m all set to go for this device..