Apple iTunes Radio Service To Launch On September 18

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Apple iTunes Radio Service To Launch On September 18

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Today at the launch event, Apple announced its iTunes Radio Service to be a part of the iOS7. So the radio service will be on iOS7 update when the software is rolled out on September 18. The service is offered free of charge and iTunes Match subscribers don’t have to see any ads.

The radio feature will also simplify the buying process. Users that hear a song can click the buy button as the song plays or later can check their history for a list of all the music they’ve heard.

Apple’s new radio service can breath life into download sales in the music sector. The top music recording and publishing companies have eagerly awaited a new competitor to Pandora.

iTunes Radio can be accessed via a “radio” tab in the iTunes mobile app and desktop client. It will also be available via Apple TV. The integration with iTunes Match, Apple’s cloud-based music storage service, gives iTunes Radio an added dimension competitors like Pandora.

One feature not found in Pandora is fine-tuning the amount of discovery on a particular station. iTunes Radio will allow a listener to choose between “Top Hits,” “Discovery” and a mix of the two using a horizontal slider.

With Apple striking direct deals with the three major music labels to kickstart iTunes Radio, the service holds the promise of a greater degree of user control over what is played. Apple said users can adjust by tapping “Play More Like This” or “Never Play This Song.”

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iTunes Radio will initially be available only in the United States. Countries in Western Europe are expected to follow. There is certainly potential for a much wider release. After all, iTunes Music Store is available in 119 countries.

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    Is this itunes radio services will be available for all desktop PC’s from september 18 ?