Customize And Upgrade Your Phone With PhoneBloks Concept : The Future Of Smartphones

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Customize And Upgrade Your Phone With PhoneBloks Concept : The Future Of Smartphones

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Your Smartphone is old because the new launch iteration has a better camera or just the new processor. But you don’t want a new one. Wish you could just replace its camera or processor or the screen. Then this can be the future of a Smartphone.

Basically you’d be happy if you could just upgrade one part, but to get the RAM/storage/processor you want, you have to pay for everything, or just imagine being able to completely customize your smartphone. This is why people still build desktop PCs.

A concept called Phonebloks takes that modular PC goodness and applies it to smartphones. It’s an interesting idea that will probably change the future of Smartphones.

phonebloks concept

The Phonebloks is an upgradeable and modular smartphone design. With each part of a smartphone being built into its own blocks, then attached to a central piece or motherboard. Now replacing the camera or a broken screen is just a few screws away with a new block. It’s that simple.

It’s not that everyone buys whatever manufacturers offer. There are still some people who refuses to buy phones without a MicroSD card slot or a removable battery. Creating an upgradeable system for flash storage or just getting a fully customized phone for you, is not an impossible dream.

Though it’s a great idea, but we don’t think it’s entirely compatible with the way that mobile hardware works at the moment. But the idea of swappable, upgradeable modules definitely has its merits and can change the entire business of the smartphone market. Atleast this is what PhoneBloks is trying to do.

To give this idea a shape, the Phonebloks project is organizing a mass social media push on October 29th to give the idea a ton of exposure and hopefully get some hardware and software vendors on board.

And yes if they can manage that, then be ready for the Future of Smartphones.

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Hitesh Arora
Hitesh Arora
  • Sagar

    True it is the future for our daily needs

  • Sanchit SaNy Sharma

    Awesome Concept .
    hoping this turns out true some day.

  • NRK99

    Good One But Companies Only Interested in making there own profit

  • pankaj

    great concept just loved it

  • Raju Bajaj