BlackBerry BBM For Android, iPhone Released

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BlackBerry BBM For Android, iPhone Released

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Most users now will be able to install BlackBerry’s iconic BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) app on their Android devices and iOS devices starting today.

It’s been a long wait for the BlackBerry Messenger service to go cross platform, but after months of anticipation BBM for Android and iPhone apps will go live today.

“BBM for Android will be available at 12 pm on Saturday 21,” an official statement from the company confirmed in the run up to the launch. The BBM Android app will be available as a free download and allow users to chat for free with follow BBM users across all platforms. The first time BBM will have been made available to none BlackBerry handset users, the BBM Android app will precede the BBM iOS app by a matter of hours, with the iPhone bound iteration to be rolled out just after midnight. 

It’s features include everything you’ve come to expect from the program: traditional instant messaging, group chat for up to 30 people, and user profiles.

In order to use the app, you will need to signup for a BlackBerry ID, which will only take a few minutes. Signup is done through the app once its installed. For those concerned about privacy, you’ll be happy to hear that BlackBerry will assign you a PIN and you will not need to disclose your phone number or email to anyone in order to begin messaging.

For millions, the app will be a matter of nostalgia. There are a large number of Android and iPhone users who have owned a BlackBerry at one time or another.

If you can’t see the app on your App Stores yet, wait for a few hours!

Note : As many of our followers have notified us, there are a lot of fake apks floating around, so be careful while installing the app. BBM for iOS has already been put up on the Australian App Store, so we expect other stores to follow suit soon!

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  • Ankit

    share the developer info for play store so as to avoid downloading fake apps…

  • Hell rocker

    Can anyone tell when i will be able to download it from Play store ?

  • KP

    BBM for android lost in transit…But available in App store (Apple phones) now.

  • Asifur

    Nope guys ,,,its coming tommorow at 4.30 PM … .

    According to my sources

    • Akshay

      thats for iphone

  • Vidit Jain

    Anyone who says they’re using it, either give links or GTFO!

    • kaush

      Why dont u find it on your own instead of asking for help !

  • sud007

    Good one, something blackberry will have to feed some of her employees.

  • Himanshu Dutt

    Please provide an official link.

  • Ashwin

    Just another rumour…Anyway, thanks…!!!

    • Rutvik Rajagopal

      i already installed it on my grand … it works fine

      • Himanshu Dutt

        Please provide the link.

      • Ankit Taneja

        u cant end or reieve invitation it has a bug

      • Het Nishar

        Link please?

    • kaush

      i installed it and using it from the past 4 hours now…-_- if noobs like you cant find it then dont spread bullsh*t

      • anon

        pls tell us how u installed it ??

      • Varun

        looks like u have installed the leaked version?

        • kaush

          Dumba*s i have installed it thats y i will post da above comment na:/ -_-….using itfrom yday noob

        • kaush

          Lol i thought u wer taunting dat i dint install it :p anyways sorry :p dint read da comment properly… And yes i have

  • Shiv

    There is no app on android . Please check before posting this . There are only fake apps. Android roll out for BBM hasn’t even started anywhere in the world.

  • yash khatri

    just give links there is no real app in respective stores of both OS’s