Android Device Manager Now Lets You Remotely Lock Your Lost Device

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Android Device Manager Now Lets You Remotely Lock Your Lost Device

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Android device owners can now use a remote lock function for their lost device, using Android Device Manager. Earlier the Android Device Manager used to let users track their lost devices on a map, ring them and remotely erase all the data on the device.

According to Androidpolice, Android’s upcoming remote device lock functionality has quietly gone live in the Android Device Manager. Now even if you have your device locked with a pattern, PIN, or other method, the Device Manger will instantly override it. You’ll be asked to choose a new password when submitting the lock request. This functionality will even turn off the screen if it’s on to get things locked down tight.


Even if the device is in Airplane mode, the lock request will be completed as soon as the device is reconnected to the internet.

Android Device Manager is part of the Google Play services since August. So as long as you are logged into your Google account on your phone or tablet, you can log in to the Device Manager website to locate your missing device on a map. But only if the Google location settings have been enabled on your device and it is connected to internet.


Users can also ring the device at full volume for five minutes and even erase all the data. The Web interface allows tracking of multiple Android devices through a drop-down menu and users can also rename their Android devices through it.

The service is available for all Android 2.2 and above devices.


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