Microsoft Sets Windows 8 And 8.1 App Roaming Limit To 81

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Microsoft Sets Windows 8 And 8.1 App Roaming Limit To 81

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Microsoft announces that it is dramatically increasing the number of devices users are able to install apps on. At the moment there is a limit of five devices, enabling customers to install the apps they have bought on multiple devices with the same user account. While you might think that five devices is enough for most people, some developers and customers wanted more. Microsoft listened and has increased the app roaming limit. Massively.

Microsoft is upping your Windows app roaming limits to not 8, 10, or 20 devices, but instead you’ll be able to use up to 81 devices.

That’s insane. Your single Microsoft account can install apps from the Windows Store on up to 81 different devices starting October 9th. 

“We believe this change will be beneficial to the app developers. On one hand, the ability to run on more devices may mean more revenue from the apps that are ad-based. On the other hand, if limiting the service that can be accessed simultaneously on devices is critical for the business model of the app, we provide a set of APIs to build a service-side verification to set that limit,” the company explained.

For free Windows apps that don’t have any revenue streams, this change will have no effect. For apps that have ads, the new policy may end up being beneficial to their developers, as users may access them on more devices.

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Advait Panchal

81! Developers will still not fasten their way to Windows Phone Development