Google Gesture Patents Will Allow Users to Do More With Glass

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Google Gesture Patents Will Allow Users to Do More With Glass

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We have seen many updates for Google Glass in some time now, and even we have seen the Glass used for medical education. There could be many benefits for the wearable device from Google, this time Google have its patents for the Gesture Control.

The patent is said to be for a wearable device which can supposedly be the Google Glass. Gestures basically means hand gestures that can be used to provide user input to a wearable computing device, and in particular to identify, signify, or otherwise indicate what may be considered or classified as important or worthy of attention or notice. 

Particular hand gestures could be used for selecting portions of a field of view of the Head Mounted Display, and generating images from the selected portions. The HMD could then transmit the generated images to one or more applications in a network server communicatively connected with the HMD, including a server or server system hosting a social networking service. For example: Make a heart shape and you’ll “like” what’s front of you; frame something with your fingers and you’ll select it.


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