VLC for Windows 8 and Windows Phone on the Threshold, Expect a Release Very Soon

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VLC for Windows 8 and Windows Phone on the Threshold, Expect a Release Very Soon

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There is no secret in the fact that VLC is one of the most anticipated app releases for any platform. Though both iOS and Android users have received their share of VLC goodness for quite some time now but their Windows Phone and Windows 8 counter parts are still in the waiting queue. The project to port VLC to Windows platform i.e. Windows 8 and Windows phone was taken up a little over an year ago and is being funded by the users at Kickstarter. The company had been dormant in passing any news on the topic for some time now only till yesterday when they issued an update on the status claiming that their team is working on a release for both the versions of WIN RT i.e. ARM and x86.

Here is a complete list of features the team oaths to bring in at launch.

  • Support for all usual VLC formats, including MKV and FLAC
  • Audio
  • Video, (with correct aspect ratios)
  • Basic subtitles support
  • File and network stream support
  • A simple, but working UI
  • Passing the WACK certification
  • Compatibility with Windows 8 and 8.1

As of today the team is getting ready for an imminent release to the Windows Store before which they tend to fix some bugs like audio bug that resulted in a rejection from the Store. Also the team is currently working on the ARM version of VLC for Windows 8 which would translate into the app running on devices such as the Nokia’s colourful 2520 and Microsoft’s Surface 2 i.e. the devices running Windows RT.

windows_8___vlc_metro_concept_by_thedeleteduser-d4uqkakSadly, this means that Windows Phone version might be the last piece of the puzzle to fall. Although they don’t anticipate a lot of extra API work for the Windows Phone version, but do suspect they’ll need to address file management and adapt the basic UI.

Being this close to the release Windows users can just hope that VLC is made worth their wait. 

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