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Instagram Direct Launched

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Following the Instagram event which took place on November 12th, Facebook launched a new add-on service to its existing Instagram line up called Instagram Direct. A service which basically allows users to send Photos and Videos privately to friends and peers. So now one can share photos and videos such as family photos or any other media in a controlled environment. This sure seems like a good thing to have, since we all have sometimes wanted to share something with only a select group of people. This feature is though somewhat reminiscent to that found on Google Plus.


The iOS and Android apps have also been updated with the Instagram Direct support alongside the ever present Bug fixes. As of now there is no news of the windows Phone update of the app, keeping in mind it was only last month when the Instagram app actually arrived on Windows Phone.

Here is a video show off the new Instagram Direct.

[vimeo url=”″]

The apps for iOS and Android can be updated from the links below.

[iOS] [Android]

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