5 Reasons to buy the Moto E

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5 Reasons to buy the Moto E

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Motorola broke the Indian mobile market yesterday when they launched a dual sim smartphone that runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat out the box for a competition mind numbing price of Rs 6999. But a lot of people are still struggling with why and if they should but the newly launched Moto E.

While reasons can be many, iGyaan Breaks it down to the top 5.

Moto E 17

Reason Number 1 : It’s Cheap

The most logical explanation is the fact that the Moto E is super cheap. Everyone was hoping for a price under the Rs. 10000 mark, but we got something that is way lower. For Rs. 6999, roughly US $ 120 and Euro 89 you get an impressive device that is carrier unlocked and has excellent build quality and display.

Moto E 34

Reason Number 2 : Specs and Front Speakers

The Moto E has the best specifications in this price bracket, A dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 chipset, 1 GB of RAM, 4 GB Storage and 32 GB expandability, a 4.3 inch display with qhd resolution and a 5 MP camera at back, it has all the makings of a powerful budget device including a 1980 mAh battery. The Moto E also has front facing speakers a first after the HTC Boomsound and Xperia Z2, a first for any budget phone. It makes sense doesn’t it?

Moto E 25

Reason Number 3: Build

Possible the best built phone you can get for this price (smartphone at least), the Moto E has super rugged shells and Gorilla Glass 3 in the front, it also has a IP coating that makes it splash proof and sort of water resistant. The front also has a smudge free coating on the gorilla glass, and the back panels just like the Moto X and G are soft to touch, very durable and scratch and fingerprint resistant.

Moto E 29

Reason Number 4 : Dual Sim

Sure you get lots of dual sim devices in this price, well in India and other such markets, the Moto E is the best in this price to offer the said feature. Comparing it to similar phones from companies like the Galaxy Trend, the Moto E just stands out on top in various occasions.

Moto E 15

Reason Number 5 : Kitkat and More

The Moto E runs Android 4.4.2 out of the box and Motorola is promising updates, heck they are guaranteeing updates to the next version of Android, the next supported version at least.

Moto E 1

Bonus reason : Did we mention its cheap?

The Moto E is horrendously cheap, not to touch, not to look at but in price. You should get one even if you don’t need it. Its a great carry along phone and will work wonders as a spare device. Will work as a backup phone incase your battery runs out, and for the outdoorsy people, its just a phone that will withstand the elements incase you are worried about damaging your fancy flagship. The Moto E also offers a replaceable “shell” back so change the colours and match your style. If you are using a feature phone, this might be the easiest phone to switch to, and you should switch if you are on a feature phone. (Some Blackberry phones included)

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  • imran panwala

    I ‘m going to bug moto e , plz tell me how to move apps or games to sd card and how its showing file explorer on sd card . You have shown that game is moveable to sd card via “move to sd card ” option .
    but provide some more info about moveable apps and how file explorer looks.

  • listicemagzine

    Camera is Good nit the best. But overall score is 9/10. Here are some more reasons:

  • JesterJester

    Click the Flipkart link to buy now

  • PiyushKamble

    can moto e support  “USB OTG’ ?
    plz ans me my  decision is pending about purchasing the moto e !

  • PiyushKamble

    and one more thing does moto e have auto focus camera ?

  • GadgetsGossip

    best budget phone ever

  • amitverma38

    DhruvSinha Moto E is really a considerable phone but if you compare specs and price with Xperia S it will not stand anywhere. However if you really want to switch you may think about  Moto X.

  • TarakAbimani

    Asi_Tarak evaru evariki anna :O SeshaSai9999

  • Asi_Tarak

    SeshaSai9999 ok anna

  • ShreenitShahapurkar

    NiveditMajumdar ShreenitShahapurkar  True that! I agree with you! Motto has used a very aggressive strategy that balances pricing and features and makes even the best contenders sweat for the value of money Motto offers in the current market in India!

  • NiveditMajumdar

    ShreenitShahapurkar Maybe it’s just me, but IMHO, I think that, atleast in India, Moto G and E were introduced to bring a tough fight to all the phones already in the respective price segments. They were never meant to replace flagship phones, or even pose a threat to them!

  • ShreenitShahapurkar

    NiveditMajumdar DhruvSinha  I second that. If upgrades are an issue and you can experiment a little, I suggest you root your device and flash your phone with a custom rom, The Xperia S is still a very able phone and matches any mid range phone even in 2014. 
    Everything else has always been a plus from the ex-flagship, may it be the camera or the music. A top notch phone indeed.

  • NiveditMajumdar

    DhruvSinha If the latest Android version is a must have, then go for the Moto G. Else, Xperia S is better than Moto G in pretty much all aspects.

  • ShreenitShahapurkar

    DhruvSinha ShreenitShahapurkar  It depends on your usage. Do you want a media consumption device or power house. For normal usage and basic media use, the Moto G will suffice. But if you’re expecting a little more from your money, like a bigger screen, better camera or more focus on perfomance intensive usage, the Moto X would suffice better.
    For a believe the Sony Xperia S was a brilliant device and still stands its fort among many other phone, a brilliant successor or your next phone could be something like Xperia Z1 or the Moto X. I don’t like Samsung, So I won’t recommend any.
    But it all boils down to your budget, your usage and your demand.

  • DhruvSinha

    ShreenitShahapurkar DhruvSinha Thanks for the input . What about moto G?

  • ShreenitShahapurkar

    DhruvSinha  Naah. Its a huge compromise, S was an ex-flagship. S would still be technically better than the E..

  • SamratChatterjee

    DhruvSinha no not unless a moto x

  • DhruvSinha

    Will it be worth switching from xperis s o moto e?