New Micromax Unite 2 Wants to Trouble The Moto E

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New Micromax Unite 2 Wants to Trouble The Moto E

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Micromax’s new Unite 2 is priced to excite the buyers of the Moto E, however it wasn’t how the company planned it. The Unite 2 was supposed to be priced for a higher price, and since the launch of the Moto E, many companies seem to have revised their pricing schemes and Micromax seems to be one of them.

The Unite 2 does some of the magic of the Motorola Moto E, as Micromax claims that the handset will stay updated with FOTA “Free Over the Air” updates. But Micromax is using a new approach to the handset as it will be one of a few handsets that support Indian Languages.  The Micromax Unite 2 will support 21 Indian languages and will come with Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat out of the box.

Micromax Unite also beats the Moto E on paper, as the new Unite 2 also has a 1.2 Quad Core processor, a 4.7 inch display with 800 x 480px resolution, 2000 mAh battery and a 5 MP main camera.  Micromax Unite 2_Grey

Design wise the Unite 2 is also taking its cues from the Moto E by offering replaceable back panels. and a similar design but build quality details are vary and we couldn’t get confirmation on the use of reinforced plastics or gorilla glass.

The idea is really novel, however will it give people the kind of assurance they have gotten in the past with Motorola and their Moto G and X. Micromax is trying to bring the better specs and pricing to the market with this handset, they have also made it more localized by adding multi language support, but it really comes down to experience. If Micromax can deliver a good package, they might be able to save their most important price market which is currently been highjacked by one of the oldest manufacturers of cellphones. 

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  • Rajasekar Rajarathinam


    anyone know about upgraded micromax unite 2 8gb internal memory phone … is this true… plzz help me…

  • Moto E camera sucks. The phone is not that good. One should not blindly support Moto E just because it was backed by Google. Check out comparison between Lava Iris X1, Micromax Unite 2 and Moto E <a href=””> Lava Irish X1 vs Micromax Unite 2 vs Moto E </a>

  • Rajesh Mukherjee

    Specs are impressive but Micromax lack quality. Most of the budget phones by Micromax use 2 point multitouch. Big Turnoff! Speaking from experience I can say that 2 pointers lack accuracy. Awful to type on!
    Another thing is audio output quality. No matter how much good quality headphones you use, the audio output from these budget phones sucks. Unbearable noise at high volumes.

    Seriously people if it is quality you desire go for Moto E
    This is what you will miss in Moto E:  Front camera, and rear camera flash
    And this is what you will like: 5 point multitouch, decent audio output, scratch resistant gorilla glass 3, waterproof coating on the inside.

  • GadgetsGossip

    Also Lava Iris X1 joins the list

  • 6689

    you cannot fool people by giving false promise of updates and better camera gimmics
    micromax is actually very cheap product except a few with lots of after sales problems

  • Abhinav Karmakar

    Motorola has high build quality.
    But Motorola do not have their own specialised service center. They depend on their partnership with other service center like HTC.
    Motorola made sales record, Motorola should also open thier own service center.

  • Abhinav Karmakar

    It is build quality vs performance.
    * Moto E has high build quality.
    * Performance does not depend on build quality. It depends on the System on chip
    A Quad core mediatek system on chip is any time higher performer than dual core system on chip of Moto E.
    Many big manufactures have already started using mediatek. Lenovo, Sony, HTC, Panasonic, Huawei, Alcatel
    Regarding New Micromax Unite 2, no need to make prediction. Let someone first use it and give feedback.

  • Ankush Menat

    Thank you for PAID post!

  • itmrbharath

    MMX unite 2, A102, A88, A111, A119, A210, A77, A110Q, a120, a121,a200, a20, a116, a114, a117 how many more models are they gonna release? In fact most of them have same specifications and chipset. The pretend to give more options to customers and trying to capture the entire market, but in the process they are failing to give support h/w and s/w cause of the very same reason. It’s too much for them to handle.

  • danishtamboli123

    it looks lyk karbonn a9+

  • saumyadip

    sometimes i feel like that copy & paste was actually invented for micromax, and their CEO is Anu Malik . :P:P

  • Spandan Sen Gupta

    The side looks a bit like the iPhone 5C :/
    #CopyCats -_-

  • Maannik Singh

    The number of service centers is satisfactory but the number alone doesnt give adequate information :) you need to count only , and only the number of “FUNCTIONAL” service centers :) I am a huge supporter of micromax and have bought many products from them , but the sheer fact that the service centers house bad/unpracticed staff is the fact that upsets me

  • Hitesh Salian

    micromax, the name itself gives second thoughts.

  • Arvind Madan

    Better customer support?
    Compare the number of service centers of Micromax and Moto present in your own city..
    Moto G and X are good phones..But that doesn’t mean every phone they launch is better than everything else..

  • Jatin S Mehta

    Nandan Naik

  • Akshay Razr

    they directly didnt made note 3, xD , lmao ! (e-everyone , just like g was fr google ) :D

  • Pravin Nirmal

    no sign of moto a or moto b directly moto e …lol.. micromax rockss

  • Zaid Khairdi

    Lot of difference in Qualcomm and MediaTek

  • Aravind Dra

    sure don’t……..

  • Nirajan Kumar Sharma

    In dream

  • Vidit Das
  • Akash Roy

    MMX after sales service is pathetic… plus expect a new device in very next week :-P …Gionee P3 better…

  • vaibhavjain5380

    I have also reviews for it :D … Nice phone in this range

  • Antonio Ruben Jack

    checked it up, excellent phone (1GB RAM!!!! (android with 500 MB costs 11K) , excellent price.

  • Rohit R Rahate

    Sanjay Sadanand

  • Himanshu Shukla

    I own a moto g. But if I had to choose between moto e and unite 2. I’d go for moto. Especially when moto guarantees at least one android update. So, android 4.5 or 5.0 whatever it is moto will provide the update.

  • Senthil Kumar

    can compete only in pricing, when it comes device quality. service&support rendered.. MOTO is way ahead

  • Mrinmoy Das

    I feel pity about the phone and the accessories… Specially the charger I wonder sometimes they might explode and be responsible in taking somebody’s life…. Using cheap micromax is really a life threat… XD

  • Dilip Nagaraj

    Amulya Vemulapad

  • Muhammad Ibrahim

    These are just chinese re branded crap. Nothing can beat Moto E.

  • Ateeq Jasim

    moto E is better brand plus it has gorilla glass, micromax has namesake features but doesn’t prove it. :p

  • Dilip Prakash

    Post sales service is too poor in MMX I had exchanged two handsets because of dead pixels in screen . and my brothers Micromax a110 lasted only for 1 year and 4 months . now its with non responsive screen

  • Sandeep Kumar

    Copy karalo baas, micromax kuch apne dimag sa bhi bana liya karo, humase nakal kar ka hi pass hoga

  • Maannik Singh

    I still prefer the MotoE because of the better customer support/ regular and head to date updates. Micromax may want to flourish the low price smartphone world with this build , but we can already see the success of the Moto E cant we? just my opinion :)

  • Kaustav Roy

    What about the FOTA update? Taking same design cues doesn’t mean you have the same build quality and better specs on paper dsnt mean better performance…

  • Shubham Sachdeva

    bakwas. moto e is much better.

  • Antonio Ruben Jack

    wow, looks sooo cool. Hope it doesent overprice itself like all the other androids

  • Kymuel Bautista

    and Satan said ,
    lets make the company of micromax make an device that make people crazy for choosing phone .

  • Akshay Razr

    no, signs of unite or unite 1 , directly unite 2 , lol xD ! motoe still better !

  • Saurabh Saurya

    mmx unite willl bang on……!!!!!