LG G3: Beginning of the 2K Run?

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LG G3: Beginning of the 2K Run?

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The Flagships are engaged in some real battles now. LG G3 dropped in and made it a lot more interesting. Packed in with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.46 GHz, expandable memory upto 128 GB and a laser focus support for the camera, the phone sure has some unique features to look forward to.

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The G3 brings the First 2K Display

The phone’s display is its champion. The G3 has a best in class 5.5 inch Quad HD display with 538 pixel density that gives a resolution of  2560 x 1440 px(2K). With this release LG brought in the first 2K phone in the market.

Quad HD displays have been promised to the market by several manufacturers. Oppo’s Find 7 and Lenovo’s Vibe Z2 are some of the example. But why haven’t the rest of the manufacturers jumped on board with a 2K display market, we try to see the issues with running a Quad HD screen.

The screen on the LG G3 is substantially better than most of the screens this article is being read on. It is been said that the human eye cannot distinguish pixel density after 300ppi which Apple terms as its Retina display at 326 ppi in the iPhone 5S. But the images are just so mesmerizing on a Quad HD screen that you  loose the reasons for the debate in the first place.

One of the major reasons why manufacturers are not encouraged to adopt a Quad HD display is because of the massive power required to run the display. It especially puts a heavy strain on the processor. But on a processor like the one G3 has, this might not be a major issue. A massive battery like the 3000 MaH on the G3 will take care of the excessive resource drain.


There isn’t enough content for the 2K and 4K displays.

There also aren’t a lot of apps that are ready for the 2K display. There is a serious shortage of content at the moment, as it is resource intensive to create the content in the first place. As the technology is still young, the content producers will wait for a while before investing in a heavy process like creating videos or games for such screens. They will wait for the device market to get populated with more products with such high definition displays.

Since HD is now the norm across many platforms, it is rather easy to create content for it. To create HD content you just need a computer system with decent specifications. The investment for making an HD content is comparatively lower than that for 2K or 4K productions.

So the question we really need to ask is that, are Quad HD phones worth buying at the moment or maybe we should just shut up, wait for the content to show up and enjoy the insane crispness of a handheld 2K screen.

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Any idea when LG G2 will be launched in India?


I think LG has taken this to a whole new level…with the phones LG has been coming up with nowadays…i dnt think there’s much time before it comes out as a market leader…dnt have an LG device yet…but m seriously planning to buy this G3!!!

Naim Khan

Quad Hd display drain more battery?

Risheeraj Jain

Hahaha sabb fones le lete hai :P n it has more than 1080p display android 3rd party apps support hi nhi karte abhi tak dey r stuck to 1080p soo no use :P n plus 5.5″ :(

PraNav PaNdey

PraNav PaNdey lg nahin nahin nahin :P

Dev Germanotta

PraNav PaNdey lele
Risheeraj Jain lele
Feras Rehman lele

SriTeja Chilakamarri

LG G3 is decent upgrade in all terms. Screen , battery , camera ,all have been updated . It has a new graphical UI and has some advanced features like kncok code , smart security , smart notice etc . All in all its a good smartphone . But it can be skipped if you are a G2 user as it is not that big upgrade over the G2
Get the full list of specifications of the LG G3 here…ung-and-htc/

Junaid Shaikh

phones with big screen but less productivity