Google ‘Accidentally’ Leaks Their Next Android Phone

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Google ‘Accidentally’ Leaks Their Next Android Phone

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Google Nexus 5 was one of the best phones in the market in 2013. Recently, there has been quite a few of rumors regarding Google’s plans of discarding the Nexus for a new Silver program. But a tweet by Android’s official account shows an unknown smartphone, which looks almost like the Nexus 5 with minute changes.

This promotional tweet was intended to endorse a new feature in Google Now (the ability to see recipe checklists while shopping), exposed a new-looking phone. The photo shows that the alleged Nexus 6 doesn’t have the speaker grill or the camera on the front. The screen also appears to be larger and the bezels are slightly smaller.

This is not the first time Google has “accidentally” leaked a photo of a yet impromptu device either. Back in November last year, Google posted a promotional photo of a new Nexus tablet and it created a lot of talk about the Nexus 8 tablet. More recently, a header on Google’s micro website revealed an unknown tablet, which subsequently sparked Nexus 8 rumors. Infact, the first look of the Nexus 5 was accidentally revealed when Google posted and subsequently deleted a video on YouTube.

Seems like we have enough reasons to believe that this may be the Google’s next Android phone. We’re just not sure if this was an intentional move or just a goof-up.

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  • Deepak Patel

    yes you r right…!! world #1 company in IT never do mistake ‘Accidentally’..!!

  • HimanshuSethi

    It would be a promotional one from Google as earlier.
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  • HimanshuSethi


  • Sandip Soni

    Cheap way by #Igyann to increase traffic on their Site…. does it look like a REAL phone from any side ??

  • Yaassh Dhamani

    This is no accident, they never are. This was a well planned leak to get media

  • Adeel Khanna

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  • Prince Verma

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  • Abhishek Verma

    You guys are idiots. It’s just a fu°°ing mock up.

  • VritantBhardwaj

    isn’t the nexus line dead? android silver is going to replace it

  • Sumedh Chaphekar

    Yash Naik. Nice!

  • Abhilash Atmaram

    It’s LG g3s replica I believe

  • Kunal More

    caption it right :D n btw d info is usefull #igyaan ;)

  • Bhaskar Behera

    Totally look like hct one??

  • Srikanth Jamadagni

    I hope its based on LG g3

  • Aritra Sarkar

    Actually this is not a nexus device..Google merged two different pictures to create this one..

  • Chinmay Herwadkar

    Cheapest way to get message reached to a large audience – Google cant make such mistakes.

  • Shailender Bhatia

    Google dont do these mistakes….its just they want to give public a sneak peak or not

  • Anshul Tewari

    Sadho Ram

  • Mayukh Chakraborty

    Prashant Hublikar

  • Saurav Verma

    cummon iGyan don’t behave like internet explorer, it’s an old news now !