iGyaan Giveaway: Win a Gionee Elife E7

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iGyaan Giveaway: Win a Gionee Elife E7

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Okay we know what you were thinking. We celebrated our 4 year anniversary but no giveaways for you guys. Well we are not the ones to miss an opportunity to appreciate your love for us.

So we are back with our iGyaan Giveaway and this time it’s rather fun, if we do say so ourselves. All you need for this giveaway use a tiny little app called Instagram (you might have already heard of it!) and you can have a Gionee ELife E7 in your pockets.

iGyaan’s Instagram

[alpine-phototile-for-instagram id=732 user=”igyaan” src=”user_recent” imgl=”instagram” col=”4″ size=”M” num=”4″ shadow=”1″ border=”1″ highlight=”1″ curve=”1″ align=”center” max=”50″ nocredit=”1″]

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1

Click a photo of technology. Make it creative; Make it stand apart, just GO CRAZY. Find your passion and just click the hell out of it. Not just that you can also take instagram videos, yes it does that to.

Step 2

Post it on Instagram and/or Facebok with the following tags: #myigtech,  #myigtag and #iGyaanGiveaway. You may also want to tag iGyaan’s instagram profile, just a sure shot way of getting your entry through to us.

Thats it!

The best Photo or Video of the day will get featured on iGyaan’s instagram as well as the iGyaan’s Facebook page, we’ll make you famous.

Each weeks best entry will get some goodies but the winner of the Giveaway gets to take home the amazing camera prowess of Gionee ELife 7.

We will announce the close of the contest soon, so bookmark this page.

Remember : Put some effort into clicking a picture! the cleaner and more awesome the picture, the better your chances of winning. Nothing comes easy, put your back into it!

So go ahead and get clicking.

P.S: You might want to give these Terms and Conditions a read, Just for fun…

Latest Entries

[alpine-phototile-for-instagram id=265 user=”igyaan” src=”global_tag” tag=”myigtech” imgl=”instagram” col=”4″ size=”M” num=”16″ shadow=”1″ border=”1″ highlight=”1″ curve=”1″ align=”center” max=”100″ nocredit=”1″]

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  • supratimmandal91

    when result is posted

  • PranavPradeep

    Nice click everyone

  • Nibin Babu

    This is a give away that i found out .Play to win an amazing complete PC UPGRADE

  • Shane Dwayne Albuquerque

    this is making fun of religion how can you guys always find christian religion to fool with

  • Chinmay Herwadkar

    I totally love the iGyaan reviews, for this photo I did not even find this funny.

  • Dharma Tej

    Though its a great work..
    Igyaan asked us to post something crazy and even funny..
    He said click something but didn’t mention u should only capture something and sent it
    Cheers for all..
    Igyaan is the best..

  • Amit Saxena

    Igyaan giveaway is a joke. .. dont be sad.. They won’t give it to any one. ..

  • Ali Abbas Bachooally

    I guess it was a drawing competition…LOLChinmay Herwadkar

  • Antonio Ruben Jack

    omg.. but it’s lucky winnner or best photo? also this contest is a bit confusing

  • Chinmay Herwadkar

    I thought the theme of this competition was to photograph technology which drives you. The thought behind selecting picture of the day is quite confusing.

  • Rahul Pandey

    How to play

  • Hitendra Chakravarthy

    i am using this mobile is tha phone….best iam in america p

  • Hitendra Chakravarthy

    i think u r mad also

  • Santu Reddy

    When is the deadline???

  • Sagar RAo

    i want these please .. i am big fan of ur channel nd bharat too.. i am mad for gadgets…..

  • Saima Athar


  • Dheeraj Thakwani

    Meanwhile mkbhd giving away 75 lg g3.

  • Lambha Khongphai

    done and wish everyone good luck

  • Anish Kumar

    I am supporting igyaan from last 3 years and always praised the design and collection of website. And also inspired in some of my designs. Also followed a lot of giveaways but no body cares who is a true supporter.

  • AmOgh Gupta


  • Khwaja Faraz


  • Prateek Dang

    gionee e7

  • Amit T Kripa

    Gionee Elife E7 great!!

  • Anil Kumar

    Gionee Elife E7

  • PrathameshPandhare

    igyaan introduced this amazing phone to me………igyaan helped me through all the research for the phone…… that i want this phone……igyaan came up with this contest……..entry already submitted……waiting anxiously… u igyaan….!! U rock……!

  • Vaibhav Umare

    Superb click buddy

  • atulkhatri

    Whats the last date for this contest?

  • Arpit Verma

    I want to buy a phone in price btween 25k best in the price range rplyy plzz…

  • Reeju Rk

    if u observe..only that moto(drawing- which was well deserved) pic is sent from android phone while all others were selected from something fishy is going on..

  • Divya Srivastava

    Aap k mobile me gazab ka pad nikla h

  • Subhranil Bhattacharjee

    Why your all Pic of the day has an IPHONE?

  • Subhankar Sarkar

    its a beast . great pohone

  • Kashish Rajput

    Ankit Kumar

  • Mayank Agarwal

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  • Mintu Nath


  • Farhan Khan

    Amazzzzzzzzzzing igyan

  • SunnySinghChoudhary

    XperiaZ1 & Gionee S5.5

  • Lakshay Behl

    Gionee e7
    Please give me this phone

  • Antony Aldo

    gionee elife e7…

  • Aman Maibangsa

    Hmmm ok bro

  • Raja Vardhan

    i like gionee mobiles

  • Chinmay Jungade

    Gionee offer great specifications at low prices !
    Gionee rocks !
    My next mobile will be of Gionee only !!
    I luv it

  • Hrithik Bopte

    Gionee Elife E7

  • Joy Deb

    I have sent my entry to win this awesome #GioneeE7. Hope will be lucky :)

  • Aman Maibangsa

    Blackberry z3

  • Amit Kr Verma

    Gionee 5.5

  • Mike Dsouza


  • Abhishek Shrivastav

    Micromax windows phone the cheap one don’t know the model no or name though

  • Ankit Singh

    Gionee E7

  • Ankit Singh

    gionee e7

  • Suryam Srivastav

    Competitor of note 3

  • Samrat Rahaman

    i like it’s glossy back finish

  • Suryam Srivastav

    Oh gionee elife e7

  • Antonio Ruben Jack

    Oh of course i want this phone, what do i do?

  • Akshay Razr

    moto x giveaway :D ! :P

  • Samrat Rahaman

    what to do?

  • Aakash Pandey

    I am using it…. Everything is good except the Android version….. It’s not getting KitKat… Bharat Nagpal was right this phone might not get android updates

  • Arpit Goel

    Gionee 5.5?


    Check out this ink:
    We’ve added all the details there. Hope it helps. :)

  • Aniket Soman

    how to participate yar

  • Sanket Maheshwari

    Mohamed Ahmed no its for India only. But u should post the pic. :P No matter what happens. One should participate if he/she can.

  • Harish Umarji

    I see, Bharat’s got a girlfriend

  • Mohamed Ahmed

    Is this giveaway available for Egypt?

  • Madhur Gupta

    Well actually thats height of laziness. And lol your phone

  • Mohammed Siraj

    Girlfriend -_-

  • Utkarsh Singh Chandel

    Its moto e dude..

  • Prajay Basu

    …prize e7, picture iphone -_- no ullu banoing

  • Madhur Gupta

    Last date of submission

  • GopalJoshi

    RahulSahu1 Buddy ….. I recieved Micromax Bling 2 in one of the Giveaways .. So i can say, it isnt fake …

  • Dheeraj Kumar Barik

    As per the terms and conditions… There should not be any editing..!! But!! What’s all this then??

  • Mario Ekka

    Thanks man!

  • Ramneek Singh

    amazing :-*

  • Mario Ekka

    Ohh well I did dat wid d help of my Lappy.. I use HP touchsmart tm2
    Touch screen with a stylus.. Simple

  • Rahul Rana

    How you do date

  • Sushant Sharma

    well man, how u did this? i mean how u drew those things?
    tell me in msg plze :)

  • Mario Ekka

    Vishnu CR Räikkönen u don’t have the cumplsion to draw on ur cellphone… U just have to click technology ..any kind.. Cellphones/laptops anything n b creative n post it

  • Mario Ekka

    Tanishq Malviya thanx man

  • Mario Ekka

    Rubi Joe u can go for moto g 16gb it is really good…

  • Mario Ekka

    Ya man ..they said.. click technology n to b creative about it .. All d besto

  • Mario Ekka

    So so happy to see my work up here!! Thanks a lot igyann team!

  • Mario Ekka

    Thank u all!! I’m also waoaad by the response!!

  • Vishnu CR Räikkönen

    so what should i do

  • Yash Garg


  • Vishnu CR Räikkönen

    i gotta draw stuff on my phone,

  • Vishnu CR Räikkönen

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    Vishnu CR Räikkönen take part

  • Antonio Ruben Jack

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  • Tanishq Malviya

    Rocking :like:

  • What about those who own Nokia ka Dabba? -__-

  • Rubi Joe

    Those who have information plz help me which mobile is best and beter with in the range 15-16000

  • Bibin David

    Nibin Babu

  • Jarlie

    lol what that people do who have poor mobiles or poor camera?

    Out of the league -_-

  • DhirajBarnwal1

    Can I post more than 1 pic ?

  • Awssome i wish i can geT thE Phone …………  :)

  • RahulSahu1

    Great another Fake Giveaway ??