GTA 5 Gets a Visual Upgrade For The PC

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GTA 5 Gets a Visual Upgrade For The PC

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PC gamers have had it bad over the past one year. The most ambitious version of the Grand Theft Auto came out about a year ago and they still haven’t had the opportunity to try out the three menacing protagonists. The game released for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 last year. Rockstar games are now going to release the much awaited game on PC, PS4 and Xbox in the Fall of this year.

The Game itself is extremely enticing. A gamer can control three protagonists and navigate around the maps on foot or on vehicle, a cause a lot of damage. They have a massive open world to explore and conquer.

This GTA release will include the Grand Theft Auto Online. Apart from that, all content released after the launch will be included in the purchase. It will also carry on game data from previous versions and progresses can be carried forward to the new system.

Get Ready for some enhanced kickass experience

Get Ready for some enhanced kickass experience

GTA 5 will be enhanced for the PC users. The makers say they want to utilize the full potential of the PC. The new version will have higher resolution and graphical detail, denser traffic, greater draw distances, upgraded AI, and advanced weather and damage effects. These will definitely add to the pleasures of the pernicious protagonists and the players alike.

The PC release is also touted to have new wildlife. Guess the open world exploration of the GTA world just got a lot more interesting. The release last year was a phenomenal success, the game earned a Billion dollars in just the first three days after its release. It also took home most of the “Game of the Year” awards. And with heavy demand on the new consoles and the PC, it is expected to recreate the success of last year.

It’s time that PC gamers stop damping up the floor with their saliva looking at the GTA gameplays. It’s time for them to take care of some serious business.

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  • Dinesh Sawdekar

    it will realse in september or mayb in october…:)

  • MayankKumar

    Likely to get release on 28 October but no official word yet.

  • MayankKumar

    Core 2 Duo E8200 2.66GHz


    Phenom II X2 545

    GeForce GT 530


    Radeon HD 6570 1GB DDR3


  • MayankKumar

    SathishKanna You will be able to play at ultra settings. I play watch dogs on ultra settings and it runs smoothly.
    My config is ADM FX 8350, 8GIG, R9 270X 2GB DUAL X EDITION

  • MayankKumar

    Not only graphics but there will be new cars, apartments, more animals like cats with more dense, hammerhead fish, new jobs etc. 

    Basically console gamer did a beta test of GTA V :)

  • MDJamaluddin

    time to get some action on our pc’s

  • SanJú ÐaNge

    release date please…

  • Akshay Mehra

    Its rockstar strategy to earn well from all the platforms….first consoles then pc….otherwise they themselves know its pc gaming which gave gta such a limelight…..and for a fact crazy gamers too…..waiting for it now…..

  • AyushChand

    SathishKanna I think you could play in medium low graphics at the resolution of your screen

  • Turlapati Chaitanya

    What are the minimum requirements?

  • SathishKanna

    I hav a lenovo Z580
    8 gb ram, 1 Tb hard disk, i7 processor, nVidia 630 M ( 2 gb) 
    Does it subbort GTA V

  • Mubeen Ahmed

    eagerly waiting