Nokia Releases the New ‘Z Launcher’ App

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Nokia Releases the New ‘Z Launcher’ App

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These are hard days for Nokia. Once the largest phone vendor by a staggering margin, Nokia has sold its devices and services business to Microsoft and will now try different sectors as it looks toward the future. The company tried something similar by launching an app called Z launcher, a truly novel home screen replacement for Android phones.

Launched on Thursday, this screen app is able to accomplish this by dynamically changing the most frequently used apps throughout the day. Z Launcher is also able to include your contacts and frequently visited websites into the mix and making it a more complete experience.

At the top of the screen are the time, date and the upcoming calendar event. Tapping the time will open Android’s clock app and tapping the calendar event will open the phone’s Calendar app. The remainder of the screen is dedicated to just a few apps, contacts and web pages.


Five static shortcuts appear at the bottom of the screen, while the majority of the launcher screen is occupied by six additional shortcuts. These items lead to a combination of apps, contacts and web pages that you open most often.

If Z Launcher does not offer the apps you are looking for, you can easily bring them up by accessing a feature called Scribble. Scribble works by just drawing the first letter or two of the app or contact you want to access. It then instantly brings you to the proper selection. This virtually eliminates the need to tap, scroll, and hunt for the application or contact you are searching for. 

The Z launcher is a very nifty offering from Nokia and it has the potential to completely change the way you use your phone. Smartphones are all about apps, plain and simple. With the Z Launcher, your most used apps take center stage and everything else is a few short swipes away.

It’s currently available only to a limited number of users in a rough alpha release. And while the alpha should run on many Android phones, Nokia has only tested it on the Nexus 5 and the recent Galaxy S models.

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  • Manoj Kumar

    dosent make sense for android

  • Ronit Bhar
  • ncaffery
  • ShantanuGharat

    Not compatible with rooted phones….? Come on nokia….this is not lame windows…come on…its android….!

  • Rohit Rodrigues

    using it.. Simplicity

  • Hitesh Bhatia

    Link please

  • Vishnu K Suresh

    Not bad..

  • DrChirag Parmar

    Nothing special

  • Niteesh S. Kanungo

    Nothing to brag about. :/

  • Farhan Kay

    bad launcher :

  • Shailender Bhatia

    Rooted devices not supported..what a shame

  • Yashas Shanbhogue

    It works for rooted phones.. Install this xposed module->root cloak..

  • Antonio Ruben Jack

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    Please check out our community :D

  • Raman Chahal

    It is actually good !!

  • Ksavai

    Not if your phone is rooted.. Duhhh

  • Chauhan Ghanshyam

    Awesome launcher…. I just installed on Micromax canvas HD

  • MiTesh Koli

    tried for 5 min and uninstalled right away lol

  • Tanishq Jain

    Nokia people. We are Android users. So that means you should make this fcuking launcher compatible with rooted phones. Get that. Faggots. -_-

  • Rhydam Dargarh

    First launcher to give privileges to non rooted devices.. Wtf

  • Raghav Adhithya

    And it’s the worst launcher I’ve tried so far.

  • Tanmay Vij

    You’re writing Nokia and showing Samsung!!

  • Deep Infernoz

    already using on my moto moto

  • Ram Sudhir Karthik

    Saiprasanna Ashwin

  • Karan Das

    Isn’t compatible with rooted phones, just fyi.