Top 4 Awesome Things Google Android Wear Can Do

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Top 4 Awesome Things Google Android Wear Can Do

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If Google achieves its goal, Android will be not only on the phone in your pocket, but also wrapped around your wrist soon. As Google pointed out that we check our phones 125 time per day on an average, the new wearable gadget, aptly dubbed as Smartwatch, will take on much of that burden from the hand set. 

During an I/O 2014 demo, it showed how smartwatches like LG’s G Watch paired with Android 4.3 or higher phones which will display the most important info to you at any given time. That includes flights, the weather, your commute, appointments, reminders,  notes and messages.  Here are the list of thing Android Wear can do: 

 1. Search

awOne feature that comes handy with Android wear is ‘Google Now’. If you’ve used Google voice search or Google Now on an Android smartphone you’ll know what to expect here. Google Now is built into Google’s search app on both Android and iOS and serves as an answer to Apple’s Siri. A virtual digital assistant, just without the sarcasm and personality that the iPhone’s disembodied voice is known for. Google Now is all about answers—it can answer a wide range of questions, make recommendations and predict what information users need based on what they are doing or where they are at.

You can ask Google Now, what song is playing, for nearby locations, for the latest sports score, and for the weather forecast. Even better Google Now shows search information before users even ask for it—such as flight information popping up when you have to catch the plane. All of this information is presented on white cards that slide up on the watch face and can be tapped or flicked for more info, or swiped away when no longer needed—this too is the familiar Google Now user interface and similar to what Google Glass does, which is also powered by Android.

 2. Voice

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Google Now is dependent on two types of input; speech and text while we use it on the phone. With Android Wear nobody seems to be typing. Rather, all the input seems to be dependent on voice commands for both search and messaging. Though, it seems that using Android wear in noisy places like concerts or stadiums will be a tough task. But on the other hand, Google does have a reputation for best-in-class voice recognition. 

3. Location

Finding location is one of the key features of the Android Wear. Same as Google Now, Android Wear will aim on hands-free and voice navigation. Being a Google product will also send various notification based on the location like possibility of rain, good resturants around, warning about floods in the area etc.

4. Fitnessa w

One more important function is its fitness tracking. Right now, such functions are being handled by devices like the Jawbone’s Up, the Fitbit and the Nike+ FuelBand. With Android Wear, Google clearly wants the only thing on your wrist to be an Android powered watch. One example high at Google I/O is showing the number of steps taken for the day and week. Android Wear devices made with heart rate monitors will also be able to tap into that data for compatible apps.

After showing-off Android Wear, Google announced a number of upcoming devices that will run its new platform. Chief among them was the new Samsung Gear Live, company’s first device to use Google’s wearable platform, along with LG G watch which are now available to preorder from the Google Play store. But those interested in the Moto 360 smartwatch will have to wait, as Google said it won’t be available to pre-order until later this summer.

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