A Simple Trick That Allows You To Access ‘Ok Google’ From Anywhere

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A Simple Trick That Allows You To Access ‘Ok Google’ From Anywhere

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Moto X had a great feature which allowed users to reach Google Now from anywhere, even from the lock screen. It is a particularly useful feature when you are on the move or want to write a reminder instantly. Google announced that it will bring the Moto X like ability to all Android phones but that will take a while. Now a reddit user pr01etar1at has figured out a crack to have the same features on your 4.3 and above phones before Google officially releases it for your phone.

 OK google2Following some simple steps you can have Ok Google hotword detection from anywhere on your device. We would like to warn you though that this might not work on all phones.

All you need to do is search for “Ok Google Everywhere” on your search bar. Now when you go back to the Voice setting menu, you will get new options in the voice detection section. The options will let you set the detection capability according to your discretion.

One suggestion that we’d like to give Google is giving an option for customizing the hotword. Considering the fact that Google’s Android is the World’s most selling operating system, once folks get a hang of this voice assistant, we’ll start listening to “Ok Google” everywhere. A personalisable hotword would come really handy for situation like those.

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  • DhruvChoubey

    Hi igyaan,

    Thanks for sharing this. Great post!, Really like the concept of hotword. More and more customizing capabilities like this which Google is offering with it’s different succeeding OS is overwhelming  for it’s users.

  • Parveen Ballyan

    it’s an update from Google.. just follow the settings in the link and it will work . it works only for English US language as of now.

  • Ratul Gupta

    crack?? really? so you are into illegal stuff? or is it just a setting toggle?

  • Rijin Raj

    How’s it a crack when its there on your settings

  • Aneesh De

    Is this for Kitkat only?

  • Akash Parmar

    Yash Shah , try it ..