Apple Plans to Announce The iPhone 6 on 15th September

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Apple Plans to Announce The iPhone 6 on 15th September

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The blurred lines surrounding the release date of the iPhone 6 are finally sharpening up. Industry sources have reported that various media outlets in the region that Apple is planning to launch the device on 15th September and it plans to start sales September 25th onwards. China is expected to be in the first group of countries to get the device.

Mass shipments of the iPhone 6 from China to the United States are said to be starting during the last two weeks of August, and it is likely that Apple will announce the iPhone 6 during the first or second week of September. The first deliveries of the device will come later in the month on a corresponding Friday. Apple historically starts sales of new iPhone models on Fridays, roughly a week and a half after the event.


Regarding the pricing, Apple typically releases its new models at the same price as the old ones. If that stays the case for this new phone as well then we’d expect the 16GB model to cost  Rs 53,500, 32GB model to cost Rs 62,500, the 64GB model Rs 72,500. Though with a larger screen we might see prices go up.

Also, a new render of Apple’s much talked about iPhone 6 created by graphic designer Mark Pelin is also making rounds on the internet. It is marked the first leaked iPhone 6 designs imagined, in a way, that might accurately represent an actual Apple device. Pelin’s work shows a completely redesigned handset that looks like it sticks to the leaked schematics quite closely. It also shows a device that is on par with the refinement and quality that Apple hardware always manages to achieve.


Apple’s iPhone 6 is expected to include a larger display size along with a thinner iPod-touch style design, A8 processor, and camera improvements. The 5.5-inch iPhone has, thus far, been positioned as a premium version and may include upgrades like optical image stabilization and a larger storage capacity.

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  • Hitesh Makol

    Heyyy koi keh rha hai 25 september but koi keh rha hai 15 ??? What is going onn before these rumours ..?

  • Shashank Reddy

    Looks hot

  • Vijay Khanna


  • Rish Saluja

    :-D bro these are mere concepts

  • Nishant Varun

    don’t forget the hawt ray-teena display. with abilities to enable the blind to see. and it comes coated with apple magic dust. we must start saving from now on! omg iam so psyched! #fbonafidefanboymoment

  • Utkarsh K. Xavier

    The Price… don’t forget the increased price :v

  • Utkarsh K. Xavier

    lol Apple’s gone mad… or rather, Tim’s gone mad! xD But before Tim, his marketing department has gone mad :v

  • Govind Kumar

    Would b interesting to see wat Tim’s gonna “Cook” ;)

  • riznwiz

    iOS 8*

  • Bit’z Ap’urv

    o.O O.o o.O

  • Rish Saluja

    okay i will tell you how it goes. some new additional useless feature+slimmer+with ios 7+bigger screen = iphone 6 and then the story will repeat for iphone 6s :-)

  • amannankani1996

    Advancement in IT never meant new technology in less price.
    You will only get in less price when the “new” technology gets old and some other overcomes it.

  • Shubhneet Singh

    Shashank Reddy

  • Nishant Kumar

    Advancement in IT means new technology in less price. I don’t understand the Apple’s policy.

  • Nishant Varun

    Price ~1 Lac for the 64 GB version.