Clash OF the Titans : HTC Sensation vs Galaxy S II vs Motorola Atrix vs LG Optimus 2X vs HTC Evo 3D vs LG Optimus 3D Vs Droid Bionic

Single Core cpu on a mobile phone is so passe’, its the break of the new world of technology and we are hitting it with the new dual core processors. Folks over at Engadget assembled the specs to all the dual core goodness available yet. We have it here for you in a tabulated form comparing spec for spec and detail for detail. Which one will you choose?

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  • Chris

    Bharat… your on your way in making the engadget of india and i’m not joking…

    Ur tech reviews are unique and once people get hold of it they stick to it…. so don’t stop…

    But for god sake do not copy the posts from other website… it spoils your public image….

    This same post was posted on android central… please don’t copy the posts… :)

    • Bharat Nagpal

      thanks for the compliment, As mentioned in the post. The spec sheet was taken from Engadget, but the text is my own. please give me a link to the article mentioned by you.