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DIY : How to Add Employers Facebook Page on your Facebook Profile

It is extremely important to be able to properly link your Facebook business page to your “Employer” field in your Facebook personal profile page, I recently  tried to add my employers page on to my facebook profile, but due to a bug on facebook, it created another facebook page of the organization (it did not link to the actual page of the organization), so while i struggled to fix this, i decided to make this quick tutorial.

Note: First try adding your organization page normally (it works in most scenarios, and you probably wouldn’t be here if it did work!).If you are still facing the problem, follow the tutorial step by step below.




  • Mozilla Firefox (get it HERE)
  • Web Developer Add-on (get it HERE)




  1. Once you have installed “Web Developer add-on” restart your mozilla firefox (you will then notice the web developer on top in mozilla firefox)
  2. Browse to and login to your account
  3. Go to your employers page, (in this tutorial we are using the iGyaan facebook page)
  4. Click on the profile picture of your organization, once the page is loaded, The address bar will have an address like this “!/album.php?profile=1&id=138708732815524
  5. Copy the numbers after “1&id=” in our case  “138708732815524”





  1. On you Facebook Profile, Go to “edit profile” section, click on the “education and work” tab.
  2. Just write anyhing random like “abcd” in the “Employer” box” and hit enter.
  3. (Now comes the tricky part) Click on “Forms” on the we developer add-on, the select “display form details”.
  4. Many codes will appear on your facebook edit page, don’t worry!
  5. Search for “<input name=”employer_id”>” it will be in the yellow box with a red outline (check image).
    Note : don’t select the “<input name=”employer_id”>” which is outside the red box.
  6. Delete the existing number and replace it with the number we got from PART 1 (in your case it will be your employers ID)
  7. Add details about your job, city etc. (add them only in the white box not in the grey box)
  8. Click on “Add Job”
  9. Disable “show form details”
You are done!
Now, go to your profile and check whether  it is working fine or not.
Leave your feedback below to let us know if this worked for you.