Xiaomi Mi3 Sells Out for the Second Time Within Minutes on Flipkart

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Xiaomi Mi3 Sells Out for the Second Time Within Minutes on Flipkart

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Xiaomi has created a huge wave in the Indian smartphone market by bringing in a high-end handset at a low-end price. Xiaomi is the top smartphone manufacturer in China which went from zero to the fifth position in just four years. After creating a success story back home, they have launched their devices in the Indian market, which have stirred up a storm, even before the users could get a unit in their hands.

The first time, when Mi3 went on sale last week, it was sold out within 40 minutes of its availability.  A reported 100,000 people registered for the phone before the day of sale on July 22. On the day of sale, Flipkart ran out of their entire inventory within a record 39 minutes and also managed to get the website to its knees.


The Xiaomi Mi 3 went on sale again via the website today at 2PM IST. However, same as the last time it sold reported 10,000 units within half an hour, 23 mins to be exact. The Flipkart page of the Xaiomi Mi3 thanked buyers for ‘tremendous response’ and also notified that next date for sale will be on 5 August while the registration for the next sale will start at 6PM IST today.

The Xiaomi Mi 3 runs a highly tweaked version of Android 4.4 KitKat, with MIUI version 5 on top. It comes with a 5-inch full-HD LCD display (1080×1920 pixels) offering a pixel density of 441ppi; a 2.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (MSM8274AB) processor; 2GB of RAM; Adreno 330 GPU; 16GB of inbuilt storage; 13-megapixel rear camera; 2-megapixel camera, and 3050mAh battery.

Xiaomi also launched its latest flagship smartphone, called the Mi 4, at the company’s “The Journey of a Piece of Steel” launch event along with the Mi Band, a budget fitness tracker priced at just $13 (roughly Rs. 790).

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  • VDi.ROW

    Not.within,minutes>>>in 5sec.>>> Flash.Sales
    Probably 1000-10000 units. Come with Huge Stock Atleast 2nd World’ Biggest Mobile Market!

  • yasers

    Xiaomi Stood In Top 5 Smartphone Manufacturer’s List After Replacing LG This Month
    Check Full News –

  • Chandan Kumar Mahato
  • Techfreak
  • Techfreak
  • Deepanshu Gupta

    Chirag Jain this one :)

  • Aman Rajay

    please read articles about it on digit.. suspicious activities found on the device mi3 #Chinaremainschina

  • ShashwatSingh

    Hmm , get you’re Hands on that product once , you’ll be amazed as i was … i found it far more better than my nexus and i got one plus one too ….. one plus one has high specs BUT the Mod has a Hell Lot of BUGS .. So MI3 beats each and every phone i have including 5s

  • Vinay Kumar

    Xiaomi better get its act together to capture Indian market. Just selling few units in every 15 days won’t do. Else others like Oppo and Asus will capture the segment.

  • androidapk

    Xiaomi is Awesome

  • Abhishek Das
  • Akash Chauhan

    Hahahah Chinese, Enough Said

  • AmOgh Gupta

    its just a marketing tricks to sell more and more and fast products so that consumer thinks that its good and we should buy. (y)

  • ShashwatSingh

    I booked mine right after the clock went 3 , 2 , 1 * BUY NOW * , i clicked it but it said , something went wrong try again … so i kept on clicking it quite a few times and after that it loaded for 2 minutes and said your MI3 is booked come back after 15 minutes , i refreshed the page after 4 minutes and there was a button saying ” Go to Cart ” then normal process .. its was quite easy … though very confusing.

  • Akshay Maini

    Its just a trick to create unnecessarily hype about mi3..

  • Akshay Maini

    Its a joke.. They unnecessarily creating a hype

  • Devashish Saikia

    well i got lucky this time around..booked one right away ..order got confirmed @2:06..

  • Bokson Marwein


  • Ishan Taneja

    Last time I registered frm 3 devices but cud nt get thru ..luckily ths time again I logged in frm 3 devices n got 2 confirmations..will get 1 set tmrw..will share reviews aftr using. .though one of my frnd got it in previous sale n hes really happy wid it..its definitely hot selling cake right nw…

  • SaurabhYaduvanshi

    Just for those who thinks flipkart cheats you!!!

  • Rohit Tumram

    For all those people who failed to book one today! The device was first reserved in cart and the payment method was allowed to be done at your leisure time! I did payment confirmation later!

  • Nihad Hameed

    do any want i will give my account details.i managed to grab 1

  • Prakash van Klaasen

    yeah they have put 100 units on sale

  • Prithvi Hegde

    Please give me 1

  • Amol Savant

    ?? Free?? Free?? Free??
    Get 50-150 Rupees free recharge or 1 GB 2G data in just 5 minutes.
    Just go to following link and fill some steps.
    ? »Link http://

  • Kunal Jawale

    Hope thia might help u & other buyers while placing order for next slot.btw eid mubarak

  • Dhaksha Sam

    huh!!! Waste of time n excitements!!!

  • Kunal Jawale

    Hello salman,while placing from 2.02pm was continuously getting error that says something went wrong & we will add mi3 to ur cart automatically. So was struggling through this problem & on exact 2.23pm saw an icon in cart and then placed order.

  • Mohammed Salman

    Hi Kunal, what exact time had u placed the order today ?

  • Mohammed Salman

    Flipkart shud better stop fooling people with such comments that Mi3 got sold out again !
    I was literally waiting since 1pm today to get the handset booked but as soon as the timer went 00:00:00, message appeared “Out of stock”.
    I tried refresing website till 3pm & nothing came my way.
    Good going Flipkart !

  • Vyas Vivek Sharma

    I managed to order one too…. Hopefully they won’t cancel it like they did last time

  • Sandeep Samant

    I also Got one now, Succeed to order now.

  • Karan Makharia

    I just love it to c people throwing tantrums, bcz they were not able to buy the phone and starting calling it as Fake Publicity.. Well whatever u guys call it, but its Working.. Instead of crying, go get urself registered!! HAHA

  • Gautam Gogoi

    See 1000 were eagerly waiting , only few got lucky :p so don’t blame the company for fake gimmicks. :p

  • HarshKeswani

    something is burning?

  • Kunal Jawale

    It was like more than dream come true to see mi3 in cart rt ;)

  • Kunal Jawale

    Tomorrow i’ll receive mi3.soon will upload pics on this post anil bhar

  • DazhingShreeram

    yuhuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! i got my xiaomi all ryt! actually it also showed out of stock after 5 miints when i check, it was placed in my cart and i just ordered it!!!!!!!!!

  • Rohit Bandooni

    Artificial hype is being created by xiaomi. This is how they sell their products in other countries also.

  • Nithin Gowda

    some users are complaining about phone and there are issues itseems . i m gonna buy asus

  • RahulSaha2107

    JnanadarshanNayak Same Happened with me Buddy….

  • RahulSaha2107

    Well, I felt its going according to the registration serial numbers. As soon as the timer stopped it showed me “out of stock” n next after refreshing the page,it says register for 5th Aug…. Seriously even after registering the very first day…i have to wait!!!!!

  • Kiran Jj

    It’s how this company has been selling since they started selling their phones, TVs etc. I’m not sure how many paid attention to flipkart mail yesterday….but mi3 are automatically added to cart by 2pm.. That’s how people got to buy it…they even asked to login at least 2-3 hours before the sale… Not sure if that’s how the shortlisted people trying to buy it…. But I’m sure flipkart’s first subscription customers must have got an upper hand. We can’t blame them for that.

  • Anil Bhar

    All of you whom ordered it successfully please share your order screen shot you can hide your order no just screen shots ,Please if you

  • Anil Bhar

    All of you whom ordered it successfully please share your order screen shot you can hide your order no just screen shots ,Please if you can……….

  • Thakur Manvendra Pratap Singh

    Price kitna hai.

  • Sidharth Smruti

    a lot of us could not get to get it ….i was logged in from 3 devices at that the timer hit zero,,bang i clicked,,wth….out of stock within a sec or what !!! this is fraud gimmick biz

  • Kunal Jawale

    Well iam 1 of lucky customers who placed order successfully :D

  • Chandan Kumar Mahato

    Not even minutes it was just instead of becoming available @ 2PM it started showing out of stock. Flipkart is making everyone fool. M not buying it. Its become a waste of time.

  • Shubham Tripathi

    Get 100 Rs Free Recharge Only in 5- 10 Minutes Please Give Us 10 Minute

  • Mayukh Chakraborty

    Tanveer Kapoor this phone

  • Lalu Rajeev

    this is what exactly happened to me………

  • VimalRockin

    Xiaomi come with Huge Stock!
    flipkart STOP your shocking marketing tips!!!
    Hate to Wait…

  • Lalu Rajeev

    Within seconds of : pm Mi3 were outr of stocks , I think Hunders of people wre made fools by Flipcart,just to gain Cheap publicity, would request You to investigate,pleae try to know how many MI3,s were on sale today

  • VimalRockin

    JnanadarshanNayak Pre-fixed, after all everything is Business!!!

  • JnanadarshanNayak

    Is this even possible ?

  • JnanadarshanNayak

    Seconds ? This also happened with me.

  • Quamar Jamal

    This is not gimmick and not a stupid marketing , This is their way to advertise as they don’t use media. Jinhe nahi milega wo to kahega hi ki Angoor Khatte hai. they are selling it weekly so you should get in next chance. bhai nahi ro doosra mobile kharid lo traffic kam ho jayega. Kyonki yeh company aise hi bechagi nd you will see sold out sign with in ten minute.

  • Tashi Phuntsog Lachungpa

    HOAX i guess..

  • Ankit Singh

    same here as soon as countdown timer went to 00 i clicked to reserve and it showed out of stock…i dont think they even sold or it was presold by flipkart….or may be cheap marketing tricks to create a hype..

  • Karan Makharia

    Well got a chance to reserve one for me… Haters keep hating..

  • Roshan Fernandes

    what else you can expect from cheap chinese company..shame on flipkart

  • AdnanTaiyeb

    hard luck man i got it though

  • AdnanTaiyeb

    dude i got it how can u say it fake

  • AdnanTaiyeb

    I m one among those 10,000 and bought it for unboxing

  • Ranjith Vj

    Kaushik Narayan Next year sure Xiaomi only (y)

  • Kaushik Narayan

    Ranjith Vj within seconds aama. No one can say made in China is bad anymore

  • Mithun Pandya

    Its nothing but dirty Chinese phone with little brand value…..stupids compare it with Motorola well known phone brand

  • Shridhar Wakhare

    #FAKE #SALE by #XIAOMI and #Flipkart Went out of stock in 5 secs, Can you believe this? tried to book but out of stock in 5-10 secs. #impossible

  • TusharDShinde

    all i see is lots of  butt hurt people !

  • Amit Singh

    Xiaomi and Flipkart… The motherFu**r… i tried to buy at sharp 02:00:01 and hit buy now page refreshed and says, out of stock… watch this…

  • Manas Gupta

    Yeah, now public this story the next time it goes on sale too. Seriously, what have we got to do with this?

  • Akash Jatav

    Friends i don’t how it can be done but surprisingly i placed my order..before placed the order i m using flipkart by opera mini but nw i installed flipkart and after login ,i seen my cart mi 3 ..nw hpyli ordered..

  • Gautam Grover

    How will be the customer service response???

  • Harsh Parikh

    Fake selling …..within 1 second it says out of stock….

  • Senthil Kumar

    i got one

  • Syed Muazzam

    i got one :D

  • TechierTech

    you are saying sold out in 23 minutes but flipkart claiming that it sold out in 5 sec..???

  • Inderjeet Dang

    just a stupid marketing gimmick nothing else.. we bloggers should not promote such activities from these companies..

  • Saurav Sahu

    That phone has a pretty high SAR rating.

  • Royal Prabhat

    Wirhin seconds

  • Ishan Taneja

    In 1 minute.. lucky me got 2..yipeee

  • Abir Sinha

    In 1 minute.. :
    It displayed out of stock to me at 2:01.. :O