Samsung has finally let out their most awaited update for the Samsung Galaxy 3. Android 2.2 aka Froyo is now available for all those with samsung Galaxy 3s in India and Europe.

To Update your Device

Make sure your device is fully charged!

BE sure to backup all your data!


Step one

Download the latest version of Kies

Step two

Fully charge your Galaxy 3

Step three

Connect via the USB cable to your computer

Step four

Fire up kies and let it search for update

if it does not give you an update, check for update manually by clicking the update button in the bottom row.

Step Five

Follow the steps on the screen and your device will begin the new update.

Few features that are in the 2.2 update –

  • A very colorful menu interface
  • The ability to Install apps to the SD CARD
  • Apart from general Performance boost in processor, better battery and ram management.
  • The 2.2 update also adds a lot of bug fixes and tweaks.

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