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Xiaomi Mi Power Banks Review

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They were promised and here they are, the latest offering from the ferocious Chinese brand Xiaomi. The company has brought out their two Mi power banks in India which will make other power bank manufacturers really restless. With massive capacity and modest pricing, the devices, might indeed sell like hot cakes in the world of juice thirsty smartphone batteries.

The device comes with a rubber case and charging cable.

The device comes with a rubber case and charging cable.

Now these devices look sure look impressive. This is what you get when you take inspiration from Apple products. The soap bar sized Mi power banks are quite the convenience to have. We tested out the 10400mAh version for you, and it is available in a 5200 mAh variant. The Mi power bank has a textured anodized aluminum casing that covers the entire battery and has a smooth metallic finish and fits in your hand. It is claimed to be water and corrosion resistant. The surface is a bit slippery but that can be easily addressed by using the rubber case provided with it.

Though it’s a slight bit heavy, about 250 grams, but with its massive capacity, the owners won’t mind lugging around some extra weight. The LED indicators for battery level especially stand out against the unadorned surface.

The LED indicators stand out on the device.

The LED battery level indicators stand out on the device.

The company claims that the Mi power bank is capable of charging the MI3 for about 2.5 times, an iPhone for 4.5 times and an iPad 1.5 times to full capacity which is quite impressive. With these power banks, you can worry free throughout your weekend trip.

The Mi power banks have been designed by the famous Texas instruments. Xiaomi claims that their technology was developed with safety and efficiency in mind. The power banks use chipsets to stabilizes the discharge voltage and make the device safer, durable and efficient. The devices are said to be 93% charging conversion rate for each device, which lets it charge different devices at their output levels.

Its massive capacity can handle all your charging needs for the weekend

Its massive capacity can handle all your charging needs for the weekend

Xiaomi has done extensive testing before bringing the portable chargers to the consumers. The USB port on the Mi power banks have been tested for 1500 removal cycles, and the MicroUSB port have faced 5000 removal cycles. Apart from these tests, the Mi power banks were tested for extreme temperature conditions; 70 degrees, 96 hours for high temperatures, -40 degrees, 96 hours for lower temperatures. These might make them for comfortable use all around India. Though we will not advocate you testing these parameters without proper scientific guidance, this is to prevent you from blowing your face off.

Coming to the issue of the moolah. How much does a chipset based Mi power banks cost? Here’s for your eyebrows to do some work- the 10400 mAh comes at a price of Rs. 999/- and the 5200 mAh comes at 799/-. Yes, that’s how it is, and No we did not miss an extra figure or a zero in the middle. At this price, the whole Xiaomi Mi3 disappearing act will be reenacted with these power banks.

Get it, it sure  has got some style points.

Get it, it sure has got some style points.

Overall we charged a couple of our devices to full charge, and we had two LED’s still asking for more devices to juice up. The only concern with these is the absence of a second USB port which would have let us use its massive capacity to charge two devices at once. We will keep a vigilant eye on the device for now and keep you updated if the power bank fails to perform as it is advised. For now, go ahead and get in line for the Xiaomi Mi power banks.

Tech Specs:

Model NDY-02-AD
Battery Type Lithium-ion rechargeable cell
Power Source DC 5V
Input Voltage DC 5.1V
Input Current 2.0A (TYP)
Output Current 2.1A(TYP)
Rated capacity 3.6V/10400mAh(TYP)
Charging time 5.5 hrs with 5V/2A plug and standard cable12 hrs with 5V/1A plug and standard cable
Size 90.5*77*21.6mm
Load detection Auto-detect the plug-in and plug-out of devices
Safety Input OVP, OCP, Output OCP OVP, short protectioncell protection including OVP OCP, thermal protection during charge and discharge stage
Out of power protection Awake once plugged to the charger
Charging temperature 0°C-45°C (TYP)
Discharging temperature Initial – 10°C~+50°C(TYP)Continous -20°C~+60°C(TYP)
Weight 250g
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  • Vidit Jain

    hi! i just got mine and I didn’t get any rubber sleeve with it.

    • ASCube Infinity

      He has bought it from Xiaomi’s Site not from flipkart!

  • the Indian version of this product doesn’t come with rubber casing. Watch video carefully they said that they have the Chinese version of this charger :)

  • rizwan

    i am charginf the power bank with micromax a120 charger…all led lights are blinking when i press on/off button…bt my mobile is not charging after connecting with battery charging indicator…can any one help..i charged it for 6 hours.please help me igyaan techies

  • TarunKumar1

    hi Salil, yes it is available online… you can purchase it from the following link:

  • SirRohitB

    SarthakKrishna The listing you saw was of a third party seller.Flipkart does sell them at low prices but only through flash sales like Xiaomi Mi3.Hopefully the demand for the power bank won’t be high like the Mi3

  • vijayshimla

    ordered 2 –of 10400 mAh @ 999 ea on flip..way to go Xiaomi.

  • SalilKopal

    TarunKumar1 good to hear that, is it available online????

  • TarunKumar1

    SalilKopal TarunKumar1

  • SalilKopal

    TarunKumar1 how many devices can it charge at one go??

  • TarunKumar1

    Had samurai power bank for
    about a week now, and love it so far

  • SarthakKrishna

    The price of Mi 10400 power bank is Rs 2,390 as listed on flipkart. Is this product also flipkart exclusive ??

  • Anantdeep Singh Samra

    Now are they going to send user data to CHINA too?

  • Deepak Taneja

    Please make sure comment about availability

  • bLacK_bEEreD



  • PardhaSaradhiB

    How much time it takes to Charge these power banks?

  • Panday Sumit Roy

    Its available in ebay for 1200…best in class… Very impressed with xiaomi products..

  • Piyush Chitkara

    They were going to sell it for 1000 rupees ?!! Right?

  • Jaimin Panchal

    Is it available on flipkart?