The Xiaomi Effect : Moto G Prices Slashed by Rs. 2000

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The Xiaomi Effect : Moto G Prices Slashed by Rs. 2000

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It’s only been a week and a few days since the Xiaomi Mi3 went on sale in India for a impressive price of Rs. 13999/-, and it looks like major brands are taking a major beating. Motorola who basically ruled this price segment from Rs. 12,000 to 15,000 has been feeling the major grunt of the Xiaomi fever.

Motorola hopes to change that by dropping their Moto G prices by a whopping Rs. 2000. If you don’t already know the Moto G sports a 4.5-inch HD display with a 1,280×720-pixel resolution and 329ppi. Powering its insides is a quad-core, 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor, Adreno 305 graphics, and 1GB of RAM.

There is a 2070 mAH battery inside, but unfortunately there is no expandable storage. At the back of the Moto G there is a 5 MP camera and a 1.3 MP camera at the front.

Incase you are sick of the Xiaomi selling out before you click the buy button, you can find the new dropped prices of the Moto G below.

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  • Animesh Singh

    That’s cute….
    But what will Motorola do when redmi 1s will get launched, even 1s is much better than moto g, at a price of 7k…
    Only brand freaks will go for moto

  • Omkar Parab

    another china maker,one plus will be a game changer in the next couple of months..on paper its even better than xaiomi..specs identical to high end phones,has 3gb ram,snapdragan801..i am going the more eligant way..the 4s..:)

  • Vineeth S Vinnyxtreme

    Hope other manufacturers follow the suit

  • Shaurya Jaiswal

    xiaomi… the brand which sells a device in 5 seconds! vs motorola – the innovator which gives preference to user experience over raw specs.. and yeah how can i forget updates… thank you, but moto is moto…

  • Bit’z Ap’urv


  • Akshay Mhatre

    thats becoz MOTO G 2 is coming :3

  • Simon David Philip


  • Sachin Bhatt

    Kanishq Reddy Simon David Philip

  • Akshay Maini

    And people prefer CM over MiUi

  • Akshay Maini

    Fan following of one plus one is bigger than xiaomi.. The decision to launch one plus one in India was based on India’s response to the invitation thing And crazy trick of bringin 1+ from USA.. This response compelled them to even consider its launch in India.. Bec 1+ is the phone which is not even easy to buy in countries it have been launched already.. So yes xiaomi gonna priced mi4 less than 1+.. Which i call pre -slashing,, lol.

  • Umesh Kumar

    @Ajay Garg: I agree with you.

  • Umesh Kumar

    Aamir Khan, Karn Bhutani, Rajesh Ahuja, Raghuram S Godavarthi

  • GadgetInsider1

    Xiaomi Phones Are Made For Spying Indians: Report

  • Abhishek Sharma

    hahahahha :P

  • Param Euphony

    Just in time.. :D

  • Akshay Maini

    Some.people are actually getting faulty mi3 handsets defects like auto boot up etc, and flipkart isn’t doing much to help them… I’m not against mi3, me too exited to have one budget snappy800 ,I sold my nexus5 bec of xiaomi but it’s too very early to buy a handset just bec of high en and specs..

  • Omkar Parab

    irrespective of the link above….i wud trust moto as well…and yes every phone is made in china…but later approved…like CE…etc..etc…its too early to trust xiaomi…service centre ?….what if u get a faulty phone…we have lenovo for moto which is well established atleast for laptops,not sure for mobiles only….xiaomi cannot keep up to their demands in china itself…anyway i dnt like any of the two…

  • Piyush Kumar Dhal

    one plus will be priced around 20000 probably over

  • Subhashis Chowdhury

    After the Xiaomi Mi4 Launch in India 1+1 will be sold in 8k . :P

  • Sujit Chakraborty

    Debdulal Das

  • Subhajit Das

    Xiaomi mi3 good phone.but its too big man.thats why i still recommend moto g over mi3. If & only if this would be his/her primary phone.

  • Lakhan Dewangan

    Sevak Singh Rajput chk this out

  • Paula Fernandes

    Ashok Vaghela

  • Sahil Bhandari

    Rahul Tomar: Sir, one more reason to buy Moto G.

  • Nikunj Porwal

    Shreyasi Gupta

  • Anupam Varshney

    Nikunj Ashish Rohit Gurkirat

  • Deepak Kumar

    seems xiomi paid u…4 its support

  • Harsh Raj Agrawal

    hey… I wanna ask u about dell venue 8 pro…

  • Ajay Garg

    Sorry Akshay I think you don’t know the strategy Motorola slashed its price because they don’t have smartphone with similar specs as mi3 has but after one plus one released price of mi3 never slashes because Xiaomi has mi4 which has same specs as in one plus one

  • Akshay Maini

    @devajit My concern is not of where assembling is done.. I said ,what xiaomi is capable of

  • Prangan Banerjee

    ^ he is right u know!

  • Samuel Roy

    but maan le 12000 mein Moto G se sahi tujhe aur kuch bhi aur koi bhi nahi dega!!! :D

  • Samuel Roy

    bhai main yeh share karne hi wala tha ki tera notification dekha….dukh ho raha hai yaar….bohot dukh!!! :(

  • Jay H. Jalali

    Ujwal Puri

  • Mohit Anil Garde

    Samuel Roy Caleb Sardar :D

  • Devajit Asem

    Most of the brands are made or assembled in china… U knw dat ryte..

  • Siddharth Gupta


  • Akshay Maini

    And guys before selling ur phone ,make sure u encrypt ur data after u done with ur back up process.,bec even u erase ur data it still can be recovered, encrypting it before erasing makes it tough to recover.. #justsaying add me on twitter @gangstakki

  • Saurabh Ahuja


  • Akshay Maini

    Xiaomi wait for one.launch u gonna sell mi3 for 10k haha

  • Amit Parashar

    waiting for mi4 & it’s effect ;-)

  • Arup


  • Sayan Daniel Brahma

    “” Yeh toh hona hi tha…”” Lol
    It’s time for #Samsung & #Lg slashed down the market price!!

  • Deepak Taneja

    Motorola ….offensive and smart step…i consider motorola india is better than xiomi india….mmx lost new cwnvas no hype

  • Nitant Shrivastava

    Abhishek Sharma

  • Tumul Singh

    Still Xiomi is better for those extra 2000 rs spent!