Danish Researchers Create World’s Fastest Internet Running at 43 Terabits per Second

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Danish Researchers Create World’s Fastest Internet Running at 43 Terabits per Second

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What is the fastest speed with which you have ever downloaded an entire movie? An hour, half an hour or 15 minutes or if you are one of the lucky few with access to Google Fibre, it might take you about 2 minutes. But how does 0.2 milliseconds sound to you? Yeah, it’s not impossible anymore. Researchers at the Technical University of Denmark have been able to send 43 terabits per second using one multicore optical fiber and one laser transmitter. This makes it about a 1000 times faster than Google Fiber which tops at a speed of 1000mbits/second.

In terms of bytes the connection tops at a speed of 5.4 terabytes per second. Now look at your 1TB hard drive, you can send five of those full hard drives over this connection in a second. Amazed yet? if not, then here’s a stand out point, this data transfer took place over a single fiber using a single laser beam.

As this is a single optical fiber technology it is a practical solution to providing high speed data transfer. It can be replicated out of laboratory settings and into the real world. The hitch in the story: the cables which managed to create this phenomenal network are really difficult and expensive to produce. So don’t anticipate a lighting speed connection anytime soon. The cables used by the researchers were manufactured by Japanese telecom company NTT.

There have been many research teams working on making the internet faster and more efficient. Currently the internet providers have immense investment in cables that they have laid and even if a faster internet is available, the deployment of such technology will only happen once the companies have recovered their costs. So it will surely be long wait before we get access to Terabyte Internet connections.

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