Micromax Outsells Samsung to Become India’s No.1 Mobile Vendor

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Micromax Outsells Samsung to Become India’s No.1 Mobile Vendor

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Micromax has overtaken Samsung to become the largest mobile phone supplier in India in Q2 2014, according to independent market research and consulting firm, CounterPoint Research.

As per the report, Micromax’s handset shipments share was 16.6% in the quarter while Samsung’s share was 14.4%.  This is the first time that Samsung has been usurped from the pole position. Nokia was at the third position with a 10.9% shipments share, followed by domestic brands Karbonn and Lava which had a 9.5% and 5.6% share, respectively.

Rank India Handset Shipment Share(%) Q2 2014(%age)
1 Micromax 16.6%
2 Samsung 14.4%
3 Nokia 10.9%
4 Karbonn 9.5%
5 Lava 5.6%
6 Others 43%
Total 100%

Micromax also became the leading feature phone supplier overtaking Nokia for the first time. Micromax became the 10th largest handset brand globally in terms of mobile phone shipment volumes in the quarter and has 2.3% market share. This is the first time Micromax enters into the top 10 rankings.

micromax win 14

After a highly disappointing launch of the Samsung S5, things continue to get from bad to worse for Samsung as  Micromax overtook Samsung to become leading mobile phone supplier brand in India in Q2 2014 . It will be interesting to observe how Samsung will retaliate and what stratergy they will employ  to regain the Number 1 position they have held so proudly in the past.

At the same time Micromax through its rigorous publicity and successful launch of the Canvas Series have taken this throne from Samsung. KUDOS to Micromax!

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jayad uberoi
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  • Utkarsh Gulati

    Well said bro, they are all about, ‘Lets sell all the devices by making good ads and the people are fool so they will buy it, and let us start making 1 device per month and then out date the customer service of the mobile that the customer bought 6 months ago!’

  • Anagh Ceon

    its based on sales . mmx needs to improve customer service for becoming no1 in people’s hearts.

  • Anagh Ceon

    sammy all out . yay india :p

  • pshaikh1kuoni

    If everyone say samsumg is overpriced then 

    OS provide by Samsung is much better than anyone of the local company

    NFC is not aval in any micromax phone / Samsung has

    No multi window / Samsung has

    no Proper Gesture / /Samsung has

    NO Super Amloed / Samsung has

    No Gorilla glass / Samsung has

    No 4G / Samsung has

    so compare hardware and software before buying the phone

  • pshaikh1kuoni

    Sorry say micromax will not this postion for long time

    Lacking of Micromax

    1. No Update(Kitkat for old Phone)
    2. atfer sale service (it feel like Cheated)
    3. Phone Like knight no additional Feature

  • Siddhant Gautam


  • Vijay Sharma

    every Indian should buy Indian mobile handsets, promote swadeshi products, ban Chinese handset

  • Vijay Sharma

    every indian should buy only swadeshi products, swadeshi mobile handset. micromax progress is good. indian mobile co should make union to compete with foreign co.

  • SuLai Popz MAn

    Micromax unite2 ?

  • Shubhraj Kumar

    Still service center is the big issue for micromax..

  • Sunny Dafadar

    But micromax device’s camera and internet not better than samsung

  • Manish Kumar

    but they cannot provide the good services to the customer ,for fixing the little issue they have to take like 30 days and dont know how to talk with the customer

  • Arjunan Achu

    Keep rocking…

  • Johny Thakur

    micromax is best mobile i am use for micromax mobile

  • Vijay Sanjuluse

    Improve customer service …

  • Shivnath Karmakar

    but still micromax dosent give updates!! -.-

  • Sharath Swasthik

    Mmx is better than sammy

  • Sai Ramana Sharma

    samsung lost 1st place in India by micromax……. and lost 1st place in China by xiaomi ……. both are local companies ……

  • Debasish Majumder

    all Samsung phones are overpriced. Micromax can do much better if they increase the support centers across the country.

  • Prabjot Lamba

    Supppppeerrrrrr phone but i am using iphone ………….

  • Ashik Ep

    Micromax super phones good

  • Rohit Malhotra

    Yes I know they are done at gud job keep it up

  • Sonu Chaurasia

    ?????? ??? ?????? ??? ?????

  • Sai Kumar

    if any one wants to waest there money they can buy micromax phones because they just done care about the after sale

  • Samir More

    India is a country more of middle class & poor people were all go for budget phones which been manufacture mainly by Micromax also over the years they have brought improvements in their products @ low cost so they have become a market leader
    So Congrauts Micromax ……

  • Bablu Gopichand

    Its nothing like any thing…..
    mmx batter than samsung…

  • Kamal Sarwara

    gionne is best

  • Ramesh Chandra Semwal

    Be Indian. Buy Indian

  • Arron Son

    all i can say, they are not manufacturers

  • Aryan Sharma

    Kya hal h ji

  • Sushant Rajput

    Capactive button touch ke vajaye press krne pe wrk kr re the nd,
    touch screen kbe bhe kaam krna band kr re the, thn lock krke unlock krne pe chal re the

  • Himanshu Sharma

    Ohh BC :P

  • Shubham Mittal

    Himanshu Sharma

  • Anat Ananya

    tere phone mein kya ho gya?

  • Samar Mohapatra

    beautiful canvas

  • Dheraj Kumar

    Micromax is good & best .. from _ carbon, lava, xolo, & spice – bad company

  • Rajesh Nughwal

    Nice ..
    Congrats indian compny beat others its proud moment for evry indian

  • Sakthi AS

    micromax good and im using #samrty_a25

  • Soumik Sarker

    Yet… These phones don’t attract me much

  • Armaan Bilung

    I knew that one day this would surely happen.

  • Utkarsh Gulati

    I once bought a mmx mobile onmy birthday, it had the bluetooth bug, everytime you turn on the bluetooth it went to deepsleep!
    Then when I told them they said that I will have to wipe my data then it will recover itself, but it didn’t happen and later I came to know that all the deivces had this problem. Then later I deposited it to Service Centre so that they can get it right, they kept it for about 3 months, and then said we are sorry we can not do anything about your mobile, and charged me 2500 more and gave me another model which was at that time around 4000, and when I had bought my device it was 5500!
    Then my dad purchased the Music, and few months later it lagged like hell!
    So I advised my brother to buy Gionee E3 and he bought it the very next day and it is running beautifully!
    MMX is just looting the people legally!

  • Ravi Rajput

    xiaomi will acquire huge portion of indian mobile market if they keep on providin those specs with this rate.

  • PrasanthDhoni

    micromax is my best

  • Sánjöý Dás

    Canvas serise is awesome guedzzzzz

  • Prasanth Dhoni


  • Shekar Raj

    That’smicro”magication”at National level. congrats folks!!

  • Sanjay Verma

    Xiaomi mi 3 Out of Stock

  • Utkarsh Gulati

    At last, some people who know stuff are commenting :)
    You are right, Many people don’t go on the net and compare the devices or their harwares, they see an Advertisement and head straight away to the market and buy one!
    The only thing that makes them know internet exist is Facebook, because them people don’t even use the net instead of FB!

  • Rajat Kaushal

    Not many people are aware of the quality of hardware.
    They hear of a mmx phone having an octacore and 13mp camera they be like it’s better than most of the phone priced at 40 50k. What they don’t understand is the difference b/w mediatek and qualcomm chips.

  • Ayyapparaj Raj

    I love micromax

  • Sayan Saha

    Each n every phone of micromax leaving unite 2 hangs very much
    So Micromax is bad Samsung is the best

  • Dipak Barman

    Micromax is best company.i love micromax.’

  • ShaRang Paul


  • Aojasvi Raj

    I too read newspapers ;) Iske just neeche wala cmmnt padh !!

  • Kapil Dev

    ????? micromax ?? ??? ???? ???? ???? ??
    ???? ????? quality

  • Utkarsh Gulati

    Because they make phones that are cheap so that everyone can buy!
    But people forget that with cheap price comes cheap hardware and software performance!
    The same follows for Samsung, and samsung has even lost it’s grip in China as Xioami has taken over and made it’s No.1 spot there!
    Kitkat lags on Samsung S4, whereas it runs so smooth in Moto G!

  • Prithvi Raj

    Dude, this is a survey, not one’s opinion. Micromax beats Samsung as well as Motorola. Enough said.

  • Prithvi Raj

    Nope, they only make smartphones whereas Micromax sells Smart phones and cell phones (the basic ones). Most of the Indians have cell phones because India is a price sensitive market, many of them can’t afford Smartphones. And i am happy that an Indian company starting from nowhere beats a company like Samsung.

  • Yashesh Bhansali

    100% saahi bola .. aapne

  • ??? ?????

    I knew dt

  • Yashesh Bhansali

    Micromax rocks….!!!

  • Sam Sarkar

    hey guys. gionee is over prized than micromax….. mi3 is just a jock

  • Sam Sarkar

    I love micromax ………. plz realese a new version of canvas knight with 128 gb SD card support …… plz plz

  • Samyak Jain


  • Time Pass

    Micromax have a bad after service

  • Atul Singh


  • Pawan Bhat

    areee it took more than 30 days to change ma phones display soooo it doesn’t provide proper service

  • Utkarsh Gulati

    Finally a person who understands me/Victim of MMX! They are all fake talks, I have used a lot of their devices and they were buggy, always!

  • Suman Suman


  • prtk





  • Ankur Raikwar

    But bad time for samsung.

  • Udayaditya Majumder

    poor service

  • Ankur Raikwar

    same from me :poop: , they (mmx )made many Indians fools.

  • Aditya Mahulikar

    Micromax is best….

  • Puneet Kakkar

    Wait micromax… Xiaomi is coming…

  • Shashi Kant

    m bech rha hu dosto mmx canvas2 A110

  • Lenka Šteflová


  • Harish Umarji

    They’ll lose this position very soon because of their World Class After sales service

  • Tanmay Bahl

    Dat was expected from Micromax

  • Siddharth Joshi

    ?? ????????????? ??

  • Chetan Kakhandki

    Mmx buy phone from chinese manufacturers, rebrand the phones and then they sell these phone in India

  • Satish Bhagat

    Ab micromax ko v chahiye k aapne consumer ko achhe products deta rahe… Pahle se behter quality me :-):-):-) good wishes to micro max.

  • Thakur Nickx Chauhan

    Being #Micromax
    nthing like any thing

  • Arunbs Kzr

    Micromax super

  • Rk Vishnoi

    Love #Micromax
    Love india

  • Innoxent Boy Sunny

    Add me

  • Sarthak Shah

    Manish Sir…:)

  • ????????? ????

    Mmx ka sirf level hota hai upar……ander maal china ka hi hota hai…
    .smartphone to sirf 2 hi company banati bhai….appke & samsung

  • Tanveer K.

    Aojasvi Raj

  • Utkarsh Gulati


  • Utkarsh Gulati

    No Offence, but you look like a person who uses a Karbonn/Lava and is happy about MMX taking over!
    P.S. You look like a poop!

  • Deep Jani

    they’ve messed with qualities in recent models. Xiaomi and one+ will be leading soon!

  • Palash Himanshu Rathore

    Better prices than samsung

  • Sanjay Negi

    Jake america basja

  • Balveer Singh Nathawat

    Awesome company

  • Samrat Rahaman

    Micromax Rock..No Xo Chi Cha Chn Chung. Go Back To China

  • Saiprasad Patil

    proud feeling for Indians but Micromax Mobile needs lots of quality control and Customer support.

  • Gautam Patil

    amezing due best mobile in india
    ye hamara india hai

  • Akash Kanodia

    Best company..

  • Rajib Pal

    Nokia im my trust and nokia is the best.

  • Divtesh Singh Guleria

    Pta h micromax phadu h.

  • Vipul Patel

    If they improve their after sale service, than no one had any chance to overtake them..

  • Prem Rajurkar

    Cheap hardware…..bogus quality…canvas sold out in loss

  • Sagar Deshpande

    Arre!! Pura boggus kam ahhe.. Moto asus xaomi gioni acha haiii Taresh

  • Taresh Khandekar

    Sagar Deshpande

  • Aditya Saluja

    sbss third class company micromax

  • Ujjwal Gupta


  • Ujjwal Gupta

    Only microMax baaki saari ghatiya mehenge m chutiya bana ti h aur company but micromax is awesome company i love it

  • Utkarsh Gulati

    ‘ :/ ‘ is for the guy above me who has the worst dp! *BROFIST*

  • Thomas Sumanth

    this ” :/ ” is awesome ???

  • Piyush Kumar


  • Prince Dawson

    Pradhesh Naidu see this :D :P

  • Rishabh Chandel

    micromax should be at top go go

  • Utkarsh Gulati

    I don’t have a Moto, So I am not crying, and when I feel sad, I stop being sad and I start being Awesome! :/

  • Shamir Dudekula

    lol haters keep hating they keep growing #mmx

  • Shamir Dudekula

    Lol stop crying if it deserves it would have been in the top :3

  • Anirban Chatterjee


  • Rajat Purkayastha

    It feels great to learn that an Indian company has done it. All the best Micromax. Keep up the good work.

  • Sushant Rajput

    Services kab sudharenge apne ? Ek choti se problem sahi krne me bhe 15-20 ke liye phone lelete h

  • Saurav Verma

    Overrated overhiped & overpriced phones.. Canvas Knight? Call it canvas Hot IRON !! Love Xiaomi,Moto,Huawei & lenovo.all working better than MMX !!

  • Shah Khalid

    Itz nothing like anything

  • Manish Pareek

    Well done keep it up

  • AbhishekBanerjee

    Bhai Parts sabhi ke China ke hote hai……..all depend upon assembling.See your battery its made in China

  • Prathap Swat

    superb mobile…

  • Pâñkåj Gõûrd

    I m using doodle 3 oussmm phone 4 using i m thinking 4 canvos knight

  • AbhishekBanerjee

    Micromax just rocks.I bought Canvas HD A116,one year ago and touch wood no problems till now.Even I have rooted and installed Samsung S5 Rom.Everything is buttery smooth.I have experienced Subway Surfer lagging in Samsung high end phones like S3, S4 but my Canvas HD runs it without a hiccup.Where MMX need to work is Software UI part i.e. develop something like Touchwiz + Customer Support.Hope they wouldn’t like to look down from ladder of success.

  • Pâñkåj Gõûrd

    Indian brand rocks

  • Pâñkåj Gõûrd

    Rank India Handset Shipment Share(%) Q2 2014(%age)
    1 Micromax 16.6%
    2 Samsung 14.4%
    3 Nokia 10.9%
    4 Karbonn 9.5%
    5 Lava 5.6%
    6 Others 43%
    Total 100%

  • Harsha Vardhan

    xiaomi ok, but not gionee

  • Krrish Bagde

    Service kharab hai bhai shudharo

  • Mannan Pathan

    Congratulations Mmx..

  • Bhavin Kothari

    only nokia,apple and samsung make smartphone!!! baaki saale sab china ke rebranded phone beechte hai

  • Aniruddha Pirates Sikdar

    Dont buy chinese cheap set

  • Jn Rule

    Gud wel done.mmx

  • Maharaj Ambu

    Mmx not a quality product and poor customer support

  • A?smãn K?â?

    hmm i think so i just start.

  • Suraj Kumar

    This realy works

  • Ravi Rajput

    yea which is used by Lg , samsung and sony . snapdragon 800 > mediatek snapdragon is way more better than cheap mediatek.

  • Rajat Kaushal

    Biggest diff. b/w xiaomi and mmx is that xiaomi uses qualcomm snapdragon 800 chips in mi3 and mmx uses cheap mediatek chips inside canvas knight.

  • Ravi Rajput

    well for tackling companies like xiaomi and gionne micromax need to undercut their price. Nowadays everyone want a phone with good specs by paying less amount. And gionne and Xiaomi is biggest mobile company in China They gonna expliot indian mobile market .

  • Utkarsh Gulati

    Micromax doesn’t even offers proper updates, Motorola deserves to top the list!

  • Muzaffar Hussain

    but Micromax is an Indian company who’s giving u specs of 40000 in 18000 …n its build quality is supperrb so whom to choose …chinese one or indian

  • Tushar Malhotra

    Pulkit read this…. :p

  • Muzaffar Hussain

    micromax phones r awesome but please just improve ur service senters ….its a humble request

  • Shalu Ýäðâv

    add me

  • Ravi Rajput

    xaiomi tuje 40000 wale specs 14000 mai de rha h bhai ab kya lootega??

  • Vinay Thapliyal

    Xiaomi bhi koi sony nhi hai,…ha bhai tera sach

  • Vishal Sharma

    Xiaomi don’t even give after sale support.. I had some problem with my micromax canvas hd and they replaced my phone without any delay and gave me a new handset.

  • Nihar Sharma

    Sunil Revoo Ankush Sharma Monika Sharma Vinod Sharma Vineet Razdan

  • Ravi Rajput

    micromax ki after sale service worst h…. sach kadva hota h…

  • Ananya Nigam

    Be positive and purchase Micromax yaar kabhi to Indian brand ko promote kro ……….

  • Shiv? ?i

    Nice MM

  • Saurabh Singh Parihar


  • Saurabh Singh Parihar

    nthing like to anthing

  • barundas722

    hey where is motorola………….

  • Vamsee Teja


  • Ravi Rajput

    soon chinese company like xiaomi nd gionne will take over micromax !

  • Umesh Kumar

    Karn Bhutani, Aamir Khan, Raghuram S Godavarthi, Rajesh Ahuja

  • Lloyd Dvaz