Microsoft Might Give Out Windows 9 for Free for Previous OS Users

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Microsoft Might Give Out Windows 9 for Free for Previous OS Users

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Now this is surprising coming from Microsoft. The company will try to consolidate all the systems currently running on previous versions of Windows by offering an incredible deal. The next operating system release, Windows 9 might come as a free upgrade for Windows XP, Vista and 7 users.

The thought must have dawned on Windows executives when they saw the WWDC this year when Tim Cook incorrectly stated a low Windows 8 adoption rate (about 14% in comparison to Maverick’s 51%). It did get called out on the internet by Windows enthusiasts who found the figures to be wrong (Windows 8 to Mavericks ratio is about 5 to 1), but the Windows guys must have seen an opportunity here.

Windows 9 leaks present a refreshing new look while keeping the classic Windows look.

Windows 9 leaks present a refreshing new look while keeping the classic Windows appeal.

There is a huge number of corporates and personal systems users who still work on and prefer Windows XP, one of Microsoft’s most profitable products. The biggest hindrance in upgrading to a new Windows system has always been the cost of buying the softwares. But by offering their software as a free upgrade, apart from making it appealing, functional and hence upgrade worthy, Windows can easily win a lot of hearts. Also Windows 9 needs to be compatible with the previous generation machines.

A large number of people are used to the Windows ecosystem and are quite comfortable. Lately folks have started looking for alternatives such as Ubuntu and Google Chrome. By offering a free update, Microsoft might not only be able to keep the old faithful but might also win some folks over from the Google and Linux ecosystems.

Microsoft is releasing a small update for the present OS called the Windows 8.1 update 2 on the 12th of August. They have set the ball rolling for the next major release, currently codenamed Windows Threshold. The new Windows version might release around Spring next year. The new version has been rumored to have an updated start menu that, if the leaked versions are to be trusted, is quite functional.

It is joked that every alternative release of Windows is better than its predecessor. So people who were impressed by Windows 7 and disappointed by Windows 8 are keeping their hopes up for the next one. Come on Microsoft, show us what you got!

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    hope it’s good and is compatible with limited hardware support

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    AmOghGupta If you have genuine windows 7 OS then upgrade it to Windows 8 first. eventually it will be automatically upgraded to Windows 8.1. After that wait for Windows 9 update.

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    Finally microsoft gaining my faith again.

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    Windows 7 best.:

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    I have window 7 so it means that I am able to upgrade it free to window 9 without any cost??? and when it is releasing. Plz  tell… igyaan iGyaan

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    When can I able to upgrade my windows 8 to Windows 9???when will it be available???

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