iPhone 6 Release Date Officially Confirmed!

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iPhone 6 Release Date Officially Confirmed!

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Finally we have a number, a date that will put an end to months’ worth of speculations and rumors. The next edition of Apple’s famed iPhone series will be unveiled on the 9th of September this year. The news was shared by John Paczkowski of re/code.

The new phone will see a major departure from Apple’s usual phone design philosophy that has remained constant ever since the first iPhone was released. The next generation iPhone 6 is expected to come in two variants, a 4.7 inch model and a 5.5 inch phablet.

Historically Apple has brought out its flagship phones in the month of September and the phones are released in the market 10 days after the launch. This year is expected to be in line with that, because Apple is all about continuity.

Apart from the iPhone 6 launch, Apple is also expected to bring out its own Smartwatch to enter into a growing market of wearables. Tech industry is impatiently waiting for what could be Apple’s take of a Smartwatch and it is getting a full Apple rumor mill treatment with regular leaks about specs and designs. But nothing is sure of as yet and there has been no official word from the Cupertino based tech giant as yet.

After a long wait, and getting entertained with leaks and rumors, it will be a big relief to finally have a date to set on their calendars. With the smartphone market having radically evolved since the first iPhone release back in 2007, Apple needs to have something phenomenal in store to impress the enthusiast and the market. What is interesting is the Apple’s arch rival Samsung will release its Flagship phablet, the Note 4 at IFA Berlin on September 3. The battle of giants will always be good for the consumers. So Apple, Samsung, Fight !

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    Missed you man! Where were you?

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    Amresh Singh

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    Gonna buy it!!!! Iam waiting

  • Utkarsh Talwar

    Just think about my comment again. And its obvious that they didn’t put up a 6’s image considering the fact that its not even released.

  • Ãbdül Kârèém

    Its not the 6, they just added a random iPhone in the thumbnail.

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    Vs Srivatsav

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    u`l nevr understnd until u use one…

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    Finally Apple iphone 6 is coming…After a long wait apple is ready to rock

    Apple iphone 6 is cheaper than iphone 5s

  • Akshay Maini

    TRAI may put usage fee on WhatsApp, Viber and the likes: report #lickmyachedin

  • Navneet Singh

    Pradhyumn Yogesh

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    how does it looks like ?? O.o any official pics released ?

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    Amazing but just watch out the price

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    Akhil Mahadevan Akhil Nair

  • Utkarsh Talwar

    the iphone in the thumbnail has a 5S colour style but the LED flash is single like in 5 o_O

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  • Himanshu Upadhyay

    It will be Just another attempt by apple to copy android. Now what Are they going to price them at $1000?!

  • Srijit Sen

    hipsters and people with too much money rejoice! your false god is here!

  • Vineet Goyal

    just look at your last iPhone and imagine it 200$ costlier.

  • Omkar Parab


  • Omkar Parab

    great…m gonna buy the 4s or the 5s after the launch…till then it will cheaper buy a grand or so….

  • Zaid Khairdi

    Sept 9