Samsung Dealers Unhappy About E-Pricing, Threaten Boycott

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Samsung Dealers Unhappy About E-Pricing, Threaten Boycott

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As if Samsung wasn’t facing enough heat from the market and the users, the dealers of Samsung are taking them on the retail and e-tail price gap. The representatives of Samsung Retail dealers have told Samsung if the massive discrepancies in prices are not stabilized, they may have to boycott the brand.

Samsung has not had a good time against the competition in the past couple years. The phones are seen as identical replicas of each other and their features are unable to compete with the likes of Motorola, LG and the latest entrants, Xiaomi and Asus. In fact, Samsung, which boasted of holding the throne of the biggest smartphone company in the top two populous countries in the world saw itself dip to 2nd spot. Micromax toppled Samsung’s majority in India and Xiaomi stole its spot in China.

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The center issue is that Samsung offers its dealers a margin of 5.5% while the phones can be bought online for 20-25% discounts. The dealers say that they are not able to meet their sales targets as consumers are scared the prices might keep dropping. Times of India reports that some of the dealers have been selling the phones in wholesale markets to achieve their sales goals. These phones too make their way on the internet and are sold at discounted rates.

The dealers have threatened the company with a boycott that includes blacking out Samsung’s branding. Samsung executives have asked the dealers to not take any drastic steps as of yet. The dealer body has given the South Korean electronics giant time till the 15th of August to resolve the pricing issue. Samsung needs a strategy reanalysis if it wants to prevent a certain dip in sales numbers which includes focus on mobile innovation. Or else it won’t be long before they follow Nokia’s path.

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  • ArindamChoudhury

    I wanted to buy a smartphone but Samsung is never on my list, it’s the same model every other phone of Samsung and highly priced. Other companies are offering many useful things which is needed in a mobile handset.

  • Well said. WAR going to be tough

  • Joy Deb

    Actually COPY-PASTE doesn’t long last! Where Apple and HTC has brightest future indeed! :)

  • Mayank Saraswat

    Get free talktime by simply clicking on the link and downloading the app. I have got 400 Rs till now.

  • Sanam Sritam Jena

    Samsung Sucks….. Overpriced crap..

  • Karan Deep TechnoSingh

    Lte s5 is available offline in local stores? Or onljne somewhere?

  • Yash Agarwal

    What do they expect after releasing phones who are of similar kinds, features?

  • AbHi ShEk

    SaMsUng Go bAcK………..

  • Shah Haq

    Samsung gone and Mi3 in

  • Vijay Pathak

    Black background is quite uncomfortable to read the above text…

  • Siddhesh Dalvi

    I want Samsung free India!

  • Sheikh Mubashir

    i want to ask samsung why dnt they use super amoled screen in mid range phones ????are u guys remember wave 8500 screen and samsung galaxy s screen??they both was super amoled with non hd resoultion ….but in current time why are they using cheap tfts???

  • PrathameshPandhare

    A classic example of the start of the end of a story…… started cool…..reached its peak…..but now times have changed……now i wonder what world samsung is in…….i remember kodak as such an example…..reached the peak and then became bankrupt…….no innovations…no customer-oriented mentality….then no response from people……come on samsung…….u have a very very good infrastructure…..if small companies can deliver……y can’t you….???
    You’re doomed if poeple don’t see a fresh breeze in your products….!
    For sure….!
    Mind it…!!!

  • Abhishek Rana

    Oh you poor Samsung….

  • Tahir Khan
  • Vignesh Jayabal


  • Aritra Sarkar

    We now have is releasing nexus devices in india..xiaomi is here..oneplus one is coming..we have zenphone..motorola..many other companies are gonna take xiaomiz route to gain market share..we dont have to rely on samsung blindly anymore..think before buying a samsung device..bcz if you buy a note 4 this time by spending 50k plus then you will have to spend 70k for note 5..and this is nothing but idiocy. .

  • Ankush Patil

    samsung is already loosing their customers because their mobiles with low end features like processors, ram, display quality etc but high prices. if you compare with other company mobiles which provide more and more features at low prices…. most of all samsung uses only one design for all mobiles…it really su*%s….I hate that design….even micromax, lava, xolo. gionee etc shows many design innovations….they really need to work on their design and give value for money mobiles :P :P :P

  • Rajeev Ranjan

    Samsung…Gone with the wind..very soon.

  • Kushal Jain

    Samsung is thinking Indians r mad they ll bring the same phone s and india ll keep on buying samsung u have to do some think to be in no 1 ….

  • Aritra Sarkar

    Moreover they launched note 3 here in india without 4g and 4k..we should teach them a lesson..dont buy any samsung for a year

  • Aritra Sarkar

    Launch prices….Note 1 @32.5k note 2 @38.5k note 3 @47k galaxy s5 lte (53k)..s5 normal version launched at 50k and now its available at unique and useful features yet they are increasing the prices of their devices like anything..

  • Tumesh Kakkar

    they import note3 for 17 k and sell at 35k+, mi3 is imported at 13 k to sold at 14k..

  • Aritra Sarkar

    Samsung is going to lose market share in india just because of their ridiculous pricing strategy

  • Karan Deep TechnoSingh

    and prices of s5 are up by almost 3k on flipkart.