XOLO Brings Out its Gaming Phone, The 8x-1200

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XOLO Brings Out its Gaming Phone, The 8x-1200

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Just few days after releasing their propriety user interface, HIVE, Xolo today released the 8x-1200, their gaming phone. The phone will adorn the XOLO Play series. It is Xolo’s priciest phone yet.

The phone gets its processing capabilities from a 2.0 GHz True Octa-Core Processor with Mali 450 GPU clocked at 700MHz. It has 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. The phone runs Android KitKat 4.4 OS. The display is a Full HD 5-inch screen with 441 PPI density. Xolo also included OTG support for expanding storage.

The main camera on the device is a 13 MP shooter with a dual LED flash. The phone is selfie friendly as it has a 5 MP front shooter with LED flash, so those night parties are now going to get better lit Facebook albums. The phone is powered by a 2300 mAh which will primarily service the Octa Core Processor.

The Front LED flash may attract selfie enthusiasts to the device.

The Front LED flash may attract selfie enthusiasts to the device.

The phone is priced at Rs.19,999 which makes it the most expensive phone in Xolo’s lineup. Given its massive processor and game centric marketing, XOLO could have brought in a bigger battery. Xolo has grabbed some attention since its HIVE UI release and it was a good opportunity to launch the phone while the hype is still alive.

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  • Sonu Rawat

    Xaomi Mi3 is the best.

  • Vishant Batra

    Xolo please open tech labs and hire people from samsung motorola htc and sony……..stop using mediatek less efficient chipsets and have a tie up with qualcom or samsung exeynos. Please try to deliever phones having solid hardware specs and record breaking numbers like of motog or motoe…..both handsets deserve 5 on 5…..!!!

  • Manoj Reddy

    FB AUTO LIKER 2014

  • Ebin Kanakaraj

    It could be tegra processor…..that’s y the price is around 20k…looks and feel of all xolo phones are always great(they have separate design section for their smartphones..first time from any Indian manufacturer)…..but the downside of all Indian manufacturers are their poor service and they don’t push OTA updates even for their higher end phones…..

  • DadrianDaedalus

    Better still,install ADblock plus addon on your browser.

  • KunalSen

    its not a gaming phone its a cooking phone or a micro wave oven as mediatek octacore will heat alot.

  • segag

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    If you no longer experience the popup a week from now, you can opt-in to the interest-based ads again.?

  • Mahesh Kumar Matania

    alls well but ur site always forcibly redirects me to download something ‘crap’. I can’t cancel it before it starts downloading. Reading the articel/blog becomes a pain in the a**.

  • deadguyforever

    2.oghz octa with 2300mah, dead in 2 hours

  • Thomas Sumanth

    2 Ghz atom dual core is better!

  • Jesse Walling

    Xaomi Mi3 is the best. Wait for Mi4 or OnePlusONE.
    There might be OnePlusTwo, as well -_-

  • Anshuman Bhasin

    But Xolo at your own risk. My phone has been in service for the past 35 days. Called them atleast 20 times. Mailed customer care. …Can you believe it. …zero response. ..zilch!!! Believe it or not I’m from Delhi, imagine the service in smaller cities. These guys are just xxxxxxxx!!!!

  • Einzbern

    Mediatek junk. ’nuff said!

  • Adithya Gota

    mediatek junk

  • Ayush Kumar

    Good phone but at 20k :( please8 get out from market :p

  • Ayush Kumar

    hahaha 2Ghz for 2×1000 price then Think Xiaomi should be 2.2×1000= …. but getting only at 14k then why Xolo folo ?

  • Samrat Rahaman

    Xolo Worst Brand

  • Suvajit Karmakar

    Gaming phone?? Hahaha